Do You Think Your Lawyer Works For You?  You May Need To Think Again!

Do You Think Your Lawyer Works For You? You May Need To Think Again!

In Howard County, Md., when you think you have hired an attorney, think again, because that may not be the truth. You may have hired “the team”, that pulls the strings, pushes the buttons, on the pre-recorded messages,  that will be emitted from the mouth of your newly hired so-called expert to protect your rights, your counselor, your attorney.

Have you hired the “connected” attorney? The head of the pack, the attorney who all the judges “trust”, defer to, the attorney who comes complete with the winning posse, who levels the field and defines the winning narrative.

You think you hired an attorney. You think you are engaged in a litigation process. You think that you have hired an expert to protect your rights and to present the facts and merits of your case, think again.

You, in fact, may have hired part of a team, a team that is tasked with carrying out litigation that has a predetermined outcome. Your attorney or the person you think is your attorney, may in fact be part of the charade that passes for litigation in the Family Court of Howard County where the connected lawyer connects the client with the team player fixers; the so-called Psychologist / Expert / Evaluator, the Best Interest Attorney (BIA ) for the children, the so-called Reunification therapist and then the so-called therapists for everyone in your family. All privacy rights are waived, as you sign HIPPA releases to allow discussions by members of the team with your so-called therapist and medical providers. The so-called team can discuss, evaluate and decide upon the most relevant, diagnosis to assign to you, to suppress evidence or to assign the most toxic, eviscerating diagnosis available to seal the pre-fixe outcome.

No matter how compelling the case, whatever pre-litigation agreements or contracts have been signed between parties, no matter how clear and convincing, well documented the facts, power, and money can determine litigation outcomes. Protective Parents in a corrupt court can see their evidence suppressed, altered, manipulated, reports tailored, by unqualified expert providers, to fit the narrative of the pre-fixe trial outcome, in which your attorney is just another actor playing a part in a script written before you stepped foot in the door. The connected lawyer with the client who has the most money, or is willing to spend the most money to exert their will, either by whimsy or to cover crimes, there is a path to victory that does not depend on litigation skill, but instead depends on the coordination of the moving parts, the court actors engaged in the litigation process. You have the facts, you have an attorney, they have the ear of the judge.  Let the games begin.


Clients of the FCVFC in Howard County, Md.  come to court with complaints, evidence, and witnesses, lawyers to advance their clear-cut, compelling claims, seeking protection for victims of family violence in the multiple forms in which intimate crimes within families exist. A fair and simple hearing on the facts, the merits of the case should lead to a reasonable, simple parenting plan and division of marital assets, but it is clear from the beginning that this is not going to happen.

In Howard County family court where nothing is as it seems, the perpetrator becomes the victim, the victim becomes the cause for the perpetrator of crimes to have engaged in whatever behavior is questionable and crimes committed by the accused are denied as never having occurred, even if acknowledged. Children have no voices, no claim to protection, safety, or articulation of events as witnesses to or subjects of crimes. They may even be blamed for the problems in the home, accused as liars, manipulators, incapable of independent thought or reason., subject to persuasion and influence.

The so-called attorneys for children most often work to forfeit children’s rights by suppressing evidence. They work as the spokesperson or filter by which testimony is suppressed or distorted.  Such maneuvers as using the psychiatric exception to admitting children’s testimony, which allows for the suppression of children’s statements against an abuser, can derail evidence and support of key testimony of other defendants or witnesses.

Instead of allowing, supporting, empowering children’s testimony, attorneys for children are more likely to work for the highest bidder, supporting suppression of testimony and isolation of the child so that a true and accurate statement of facts never comes to testimony. Attorneys for children who do not protect the rights of children, who betray their fiduciary duty to those children and the Protective Parents who fight for them are a critical part of the so-called team. Their significant function is reflected in the exceptional billing and the penchant for courts to freeze the funds/bank accounts of Protective Parents.

Obedience is the word to watch. Children must obey or be forced into relationships that will cause unconscionable short-term trauma and long-term incalculable harm. If children do not submit, if they resist, threats and intimidation against them, threats against their loved ones are implemented. Failing to secure cooperation by threats, the courts can call in physical, lethal force via physical removal by police or sheriff’s officers. Removal of children to so-called reunification programs are the latest form of lethal force being implemented by the courts on behalf of the pay to play the highest bidder seeking a pre-fixe outcome to custody litigation.


The process actually begins with your case information statement, your financials, the court’s budget for how many court actors they are going to appoint to begin the process of redirecting your assets and your life.

The second step is the appointment of the “independent evaluator” the “neutral forensic” to examine and validate whose claims in dispute are true, to offer reasons to validate such claims and then to offer the recommendations to resolve the dispute. The function of the judge is supposed to be to evaluate the evaluator’s credibility, assisted by the representation of your attorney. The attorney is supposed to be vetting the credentials of the evaluator, the quality of the information presented by the independent neutral. A failure in this process leads to the inevitable conclusion of garbage in, garbage out. The resulting so-called evaluation under such circumstances is garbage, and unless challenged at all phases of the introduction of such a report, the subject litigants will be ruled by directives of incompetent, ignorant, arrogant pay to play court-appointed hacks.

The third step involves placement of what the FCVFC names “parenting police”, Guardian Ad Litem, or Best Interest Attorney, attorney for the child (or children) and as many therapists populating your life as your budget permits before total exsanguination. Accompanying the demand for all parties to engage in court coercive so-called treatment, the litigants are expected to sign HIPPA releases to allow all members of the team access to therapists so-called treatment notes.

The process described is punctuated by temporary orders outlining custody and visiting arrangements as well as a date for a so-called settlement conference, which never results in settlement. Under the incriminating weight of hired gun reports, some parents cave to the threats and coercion of the court. Some parents seek to appease the authorities threatening total loss of their children by engaging in more of whatever expensive, unethical measures are ordered to undermine the integrity of free speech, though, not acting against one’s own best interests. They do not recognize the damned if you do the effect of their actions, which undermines the integrity of whatever were the initial complaints. Any suggestion as to the authenticity of initial true complaints in custody litigation, any attempt to conform to the coercion, threats, intimidation of the court actors, casts doubts on the integrity of the author of those complaints and strengthens the hands of the perpetrator.

When your attorney submits that you must comply so that you reserve some morsel of contact with your child (children) you might begin to allow yourself to become aware that all is not well with the proceedings. When Your attorney states you must go along with the defects of the report and the reports of the court actors who band together to blame and vilify (you;  the Protective parent, yet they support a false report and the reports submitted by the so-called therapist you were forced to engage and forced to sign HIPPA releases to disclose information about you to the team, you might begin to understand that all is not well with the proceedings in which you are now engulfed.

If you have not already given into the weight of the pressure to withdraw any complaint, as per your attorneys advice; if you have not already  complied with transfer of all rights and authority into the hands of the abuser of your child; if you have not already apologized to those you confronted, begged for forgiveness from the Best Interest Attorney who has ravaged your reputation and is about to transfer your child into the hands of that child’s sexual, emotional, physical, educational abuser, with total impunity, you might want to think about how to work on getting yourself out of this mess.


Once you have understood that none of what you have been experiencing makes sense, or follows any logical, reasonable, lawful sequence, you can begin to seek help to understand and unravel what has been progressing.

You begin to understand that you are rapidly progressing toward loss of custody, loss of child contact, loss of any and all ability to protect and parent. You must begin to evaluate at what point in the litigation process you find yourself and then you seek advice from experts who confront court corruption which preys on the ignorance of litigants to the


One must begin to understand that the normal propensity of those in critical situations to seek the advice and services of experts, of lawyers, must be resisted in favor of not only seeking the attorney who will protect your mission, but also the oversight to that attorney. Those who are supposed to navigate the course between Scylla and Charybdis, who is vested with rights and authority to serve and protect clients may, in fact, be limited by their roles as court officers, first responsible to the court and subsequently to the client. Team court is not your ally. Your adversary is not part of your team. The goal of defining truthful, accurate complaints, causes of action to define those complaints and techniques to advance your truthful narrative, to preserve evidence and witness testimony to achieve your mission to protect self and children should be the role and goal of your attorney and all aids supporting your case.


In Howard County, Md, Family Courts, we find a pattern of undue influence on the part of certain lawyers, the panel of judges in Elicot City and the affiliation of experts and court actors that act more like a pack, than an actual team. They are in fact engaged in racketeering and the true element of that term, crossing state lines has now been confirmed as Md. reaches out to Ca. Reunification programs described as more Guantanamo than St. Judes, to transfer children away from Protective Parents and into hands of those who have a malevolent agenda and the funds to enforce that outcome.

The appearance of the plan and the scope of interaction among complaisant court actors, participating judges, and naive litigants is highly evident to the staff of the FCVFC who has over years seen the malevolent acts, the coordination of tactics and techniques develop and expand into now what has become a clear and convincing pattern of racketeering which can be seen, identified, traced, documented and reported to relevant disciplinary authorities.



RICO Reigns in Howard County Md. and staff of the FCVFC knows who are the actors, how they get away with crimes destroying the lives of children and those who love them. Howard County is one little bastion of corruption, but the model is rapidly developing nationwide as one jurisdiction learns from the other, Md, to Ca., Fla. to Utah, the FCVFC is following all of them, documenting their crimes, seeking to raise consciousness and intervention toward the ultimate goal of child protection.

The FCVFC identifies effects of fear, denial, overconfidence in the knowledge of the law, or their lawyer as the greatest threat to overcoming corrupt court processes in the course of dealing with high conflict custody litigation. Litigants must be cautious, thoughtful, well informed and as in control over every aspect and detail of who is doing what, or not doing, must be a concern at every moment of litigation proceedings. Litigants must be educated in all aspects of the custody proceedings facing them, prepared to rapidly make decisions and intercede in their case.

The FCVFC seeks to support and empower Protective Parents in the course of educating them about all aspects of their cases and the processes and strategies by which one engages the legal process, strategies, and laws that protect against the type of malevolence we are seeing sweep the nation. Consciousness and the ability to consistently confront wrongful acts. Defying the sheep to slaughter directives of obedience and silence in the face of tyranny and child/family destruction as is the order of the court is precisely the opposing mission of the FCVFC as we rise to the occasions of defense of vulnerable Protective Parents.

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