Melody Bannister ran for the lives of her children

Melody Bannister ran for the lives of her children


Melody Bannister, who is alleged of having “kidnapped” her children, is wanted by law enforcement. But her own version of the story, which she appears to be blogging while in hiding, is very different. 

Melody is blogging from her hiding place, at Millstones of Justice.

She says that she is simply trying to keep her children safe from sexual abuse.

Read her posts to date, here:

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Part 2: Listen to Your Gut; Listen to Your Children

Part 3: Sadism in a Red Barn

Thank You

Is Melody Bannister Missing?

Meet the Men Who Should Have Helped My Children

Sexual abuse really does happen trans-generationally in families. Sexual abuse in the context of custody litigation is real.

But family courts across the country are pressing for reunification with abusers, using the false narrative of parental alienation to cover crimes and blame the victim.

What is the result? The destruction of children’s lives.

The FCVFC stands with Melody Bannister and her children and with all protective parents and all children subject to abuse.

Today we must help support Melody Bannister’s fight for truth in the courts that are currently supporting her abusers. 

The work of the FCVFC has kept her out of the hands of those who would destroy Melody and her children. Now we must exonerate her and help her case speak for all others in her situation.

We have been successful to date! We must continue to expand our work, with litigation, prosecution of perpetrators of crimes, and clinical support for children and all who love them and are deeply affected by having to stand by and watch their injury.

To continue, we need your donations to fight for Melody and her children and for all protective parents facing the same crisis.

You can donate to the FCVFC using the Donate button on this page.

You can call us at our 24/7 phone line: 866-553-6931.

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