Here's how the FCVFC can help you:

Whether or not you have your own attorney, we will confidentially

  • Analyze and protect evidence, legal documents, and testimony of your case.
  • Provide a clear definition of your case as to the law, policy, and causes of action.
  • Provide a family dynamic assessment.
  • Assess the roles and functioning of various court actors.
  • Provide support, oversight, consultation, and interventions.

We help you clarify and define the narrative.

 No matter where you live in the 50 United States, we will

  • Evaluate any current legal strategy.
  • Confront issues of income disparity and unequal access to the courts.
  • Assist in the preparation of legal testimony.
  • Prepare witness affidavits and reports to the correct authorities.
  • Provide expert witness testimony that will be most beneficial for your case.
  • Evaluate the experts already on the case.

We help you navigate the process and protect yourself and your children through it.

Because we have no need to maintain business relationships in any particular family court and are beholden to no judge, we will

  • Call for the removal of experts that speak contrary to facts.
  • Identify alleged crimes committed by dependency, juvenile, and family court judges, lawyers, experts, and evaluators.
  • File criminal charges and protective orders when necessary.
  • Confront through litigation.
  • Hold perpetrators of crimes accountable.

We fearlessly expose and litigate against corrupt members of the family court system.

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