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Your Children Deserve a Safe & Happy Childhood.

You Want to Give it to Them.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts helps protective parents navigate the family court system.

  • To Defend Yourself And Your Children Against The System.
  • To Maintain Your Credibility And Reputation.
  • To Be Able To Provide Your Children The Safe And Happy Childhood They Deserve.

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Your goal is to protect your children. 

That’s our goal too.

At The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, you’ll find that our top priority is helping our clients protect their children. Like you, we want to protect the children and give them the safe and happy childhood they deserve.

But unlike you, we’ve been helping protective parents navigate the ins and outs of the corrupt and broken family court system for over a dozen years.

You can have a team who understands the family court system but is beholden to no one in that system. You know that a fearless tamis willing to litigate against the court system that is transferring vulnerable children from the custody of the protective parents that are documented abusers.

You’ve found that the family court system is broken

  • Accusations of “parental alienation” at the mention of abuse.
  • Beliefs that children should be “reunified” with abusers.
  • Judges, attorneys, and guardians ad litem who do not understand abuse and do not want to understand it.
  • A good-old-boy under-the-table system.
  • Lawyers and “best interest attorneys” who work the system instead of caring about their clients.
  • Corrupt judges who answer to no one.


Here’s how we protect your children

Partner with us

Reunification Therapy

Reunification therapy, also known as family reunification therapy, is a form of therapy designed to help families who have experienced separation or estrangement reconcile and rebuild their relationships. The goal of reunification therapy is to facilitate communication, understanding, and ultimately, the re-establishment of healthy relationships between family members. The process typically involves individual therapy sessions for each family member, as well as joint sessions where the family can work together with the guidance of a trained therapist.

Family Court Corruption

Child trafficking and sexual abuse have become prominent across the country and are infiltrating the family court system. The most depraved among us have bought their way into power, and the control of criminal prosecution against incest.

Those who are trying to protect children from their abusers are accused of parental alienation. Every afflicted victim is so overwhelmed with the horrors of their situation that there is no energy to move beyond their tragedy.

This book sheds light on these issues, and shares resources from those who are working against corruption in this field.

Frequently asked questions

We’re here to help answer your questions

When you’re navigating the bewildering, broken, and corrupt family court system for the sake of your children, you need a guide who’s been there and knows what it’s like.

You need someone who understands how the game is played but is willing to reject the all-purpose one-size-fits-all solutions. You need someone who knows how to find the better path.

You need someone who thinks outside the box of “this is the way we always do things here.”

You will be securing the attorney that we recommend separately from the FCVFC. He will then advise you or your attorney (or another attorney we find for you in your state) as to the best course of action in your state.

The FCVFC has connections with lawyers who have the same desires, to protect children and prosecute crimes committed by actors in family and probate courts. 

We ask that you be straightforward and honest with us. 

We ask that you trust the FCVFC as we take over the oversight and decisions of your case. 

We ask that you trust the FCVFC to find the best way forward to deal with the challenges of the family court system.

We ask that you hire the experts we tell you to hire and make and keep appointments with them.

We ask that you bring with you a willingness to sustain hope and energy during this challenging process.

Engaging the FCVFC requires a nonrefundable fee to conduct the thorough assessment and evaluation that we agree on in our initial consultation. It also involves hiring other professionals as we deem necessary.

Neither we nor the other professionals you will hire will charge you on an hourly basis. Each of us charges a flat fee. (We regret to say that we do not offer pro bono services at this time.)

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Fcvfc Testimonials

Words from Grateful Clients

“Dear Ms Soderman, There are so many of us who are in awe of your bravery and rely upon your leadership to fight for the rights of all children. The ruling in favor of Powell is a disgrace; a verdict to silence our children. We are not attorneys, we are a small group of moms destroyed by court corruption and “actors” as you say. Thank you for being the warrior our children need.”
- Massachusetts Mama Bears
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