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We are experts in advocating for protective parents and children.

What We Do

We litigate against corruption and civil rights violations.

How We Can Help You

We will fight for your family reunification and a safe future.

Some Ways We Can Help
Let's Work Together

Evaluate Legal Strategy

Evaluation, Litigation support, Financial Planning, Dispute resolution

Intervene in Custody Crises

Child abuse, Kidnapping, Custodial interference, Parental alienation

Intervene in Domestic Abuse Cases

Gaslighting, False arrest, False accusations, Reputation dismantling

Evaluate Abuse Allegations

Examine behavior, Explore background facts, Protect evidence

Defend Against Toxic Diagnoses

Munchausen by proxy, Psychopathic personality disorder, Borderline personality disorder

Evaluate and Provide Experts

Critique of the critics, Calculation of damages, Financial forensics

Recent Articles

So-called “reunification therapy” leaves a trail of broken children and betrayed protective parents who have fought for them

It is a public health crisis.  In family courts, this scene plays out regularly: abused children are forced into custodial relationships with their abusers by professionals who have betrayed their...

Before Melody Bannister Went Into Hiding There Was Planning

From the desk of Jill Jones Soderman, executive director Once the four Bannister children disclosed material that made sense of years of behavior that was puzzling to inexplicable to their...

Interview with forensic psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman about the Bannister case

Jill Jones-Soderman, executive director of The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts was interviewed yesterday by Dr. Carole Lieberman, the highly-respected forensic psychiatrist who conducted forensic...

Melody Bannister ran for the lives of her children

Melody Bannister, who is alleged of having “kidnapped” her children, is wanted by law enforcement. But her own version of the story, which she appears to be blogging while...

When family courts don’t believe the children

Just a little over a year ago, two six-year-old twin boys were sent to sole custody of their father. Besides the bruises, lacerations, black eyes, abrasions, and genital injuries the...

The mystery of “vulnerability”

Brené Brown, through her now virally-popular Ted talk, her interviews, and her books, has encouraged us to see vulnerability as a characteristic to be admired and sought after. “Vulnerability is...

Complaint against Judge Julie H. O’Kane

INTRODUCTION The above noted case has been brought to the attention of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts (FCVFC), The focus of the work of the FCVFC...