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Untangling a Corrupted Court System in Connecticut

Evaluators across the country too often are engaged in high profile, contentious custody litigations for reasons other than their professional expertise for the project. The fact that the case before them requires opinions and examination beyond the scope of their competence and credentials appears not to phase the attorneys on the case or the judge. When this incongruence appears, a red flag of caution should be raised, questioning why was this improbable alliance agreed upon.

Eric Frazer Ph.D. has a history of setting up false narratives in the storyline of psychological evaluations, suppressing malignant facts and/or elaborating on a fiction he has created based on useful facts which can be patched into a fabricated diagnostic profile stitched together by hearsay. The innocent are framed with false findings. Testimony of subjects confidentially interviewed often find their testimony excluded from the evaluation when the evidence proffered does not follow the preferred script of the evaluator.  Subjects targeted for transfer into the hands of their abuser are intimidated and silenced by being kept from being able to speak. Their records are often concealed because the abuser has full custody and control.

The Case of Two Sisters with an Abusive Parent

Eric Frazer is ultimately accountable for having needlessly caused unconscionable suffering to helpless, trapped innocents and the numerous members of their friends and family who loved and love them.

Two young sisters, ages 8 and 11 years old, met with  Dr. Frazer as part of a court-ordered Custody Evaluation in Juvenile Court When they tried to speak to Frazer of their father’s physical and sexual abuse, they reported, at the time and years later, that  Frazer yelled at them and ridiculed them. Dr. Frazer defended their father and then ripped them out of the arms of their protective parent, into the hands of their abuser via his recommendations, and listened to by the court. The girls’ mother, an RN, was subject to a chilling, incomprehensible mess of an evaluation which falsely charged her with the malignant diagnosis of Munchausen by Proxy.

Years later, the girls escaped a father who had been able to terrorize and abuse them while in his custody. The Protective Order created by the girl’s attorney, in consultation with them, detailed heinous acts. The Protective Order was filed to support the Motion to transfer the girls into the custody of family who sought to rescue them from the abuse to which Eric Frazer consigned them. The girls experienced a life-saving respite before Eric Frazer was called to court by the abuser, their father. Frazer was allowed to testify against children he had not seen in years and adults to whom he had never had any contact at all. He had never seen, nor spoken with the girl’s maternal grandparents, yet scurrilous testimony was admitted into a court record. The girls were again kept from testifying, despite their wishes to do so. Written accounts from years earlier of their testament to their brief encounter with Eric Frazer were suppressed.

Eric Frazer is ultimately accountable for having needlessly caused unconscionable suffering to helpless, trapped innocents and the numerous members of their friends and family who loved and love them. Frazer is a key actor and cause of the suffering and life-altering events which he made possible. Years of lost time with their mother and extended family, isolation with their abuser, trauma compounded by the loss of their beloved older sister, who died before they could see her again, turned the girls into fearful, apologetic for their existence, plagued by phobias, shadows of who they were before they were transferred by the Juvenile Court. Frazer will be held accountable for the compounded damages because while the statute of limitations of one generation may have slipped away, the rights of another generation are coming into view.

The Case of an Unfortunate and Untimely Death

In the case of another unfortunate family whose life course was changed by Frazer, a young woman with three young children was suffering from a rapidly deteriorating genetic brain disease. The family knew that the illness was present because her mother had recently died of the same disease. The mother’s death was a slow, agonizing, painful descent into an inexplicable bizarre personality change.

The brain disease known as Frontal Lobe Dementia cost her, her marriage before the disease was diagnosed. The patient was never able to be held harmless, before her death, for the inexplicable acts which harmed her and her family.

The client who became a subject of the false narrative advanced by Dr. Frazer in the divorce blame game took a path of disease denial while in the grip of progressive neurological deterioration. Her acute personality change was related to the illness, not to interpersonal dynamics. The thought that comforted her while she could experience her own loss of control and physical pain was to see her husband as the one “doing something” to her. He was causing her to not be able to function.

A series of clinically deranged thoughts increasingly gripped her consciousness to explain the troubles she was encountering related to her illness. This woman sought a divorce. Her attorney retained the services of Eric Frazer Ph.D. who capitalized on the client’s paranoid suspicions to create the false narrative that the husband was “gaslighting” his wife and causing her to think that she was subject to the same disease as her mother.

The daughter, progressively in the grip of the same disorder that took her mother’s life, lived in terror of facing the same fate as her mother. In the early stages of the disease, while her mind was not bereft of reason, she sought medical care. The neurological workup indicated the coming ravages of the dread disease. Neurological examination and  MRI testing revealed early stages of a rapidly deteriorating form of Dementia which occurs in young adults, for which there is no cure and only symptomatic amelioration. Symptoms include the full array of paranoid, psychotic mental states accompanied by encroaching deafness and blindness, often accompanied by an inability to speak before the patient dies.

Understanding the Corruption and the Results of Abuse of Trust in the Court System

The Case transcript was logged into the Court File and then scrubbed from the official website.

Eric Frazer is associated with Gary Cohen of Greenwich Ct., an attorney well known for nefarious practices such as cash payoffs to local judges and guardian ad litem. Sued and settled, Cohen settled a lawsuit with a cash payout. The court stated that Cohen was so valuable to the court, that they allowed a member of his legal staff to deal with his Community Service penalty. The Case transcript was logged into the Court File and then scrubbed from the official website, but not before such transcript was printed, saved and published by the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts.

The afflicted mother of three young children developed the fixed delusion that her husband, father of her children, partner in life was a bad person in numerous ways, too many to count, but not enough to prove. Accusations flung were never able to be corroborated. He did not want a separation or a divorce. He wanted to maintain his home and family. Seeking counseling, mediation, and parenting coordinators. He agreed to an evaluation by Eric Frazer Ph.D.

In Frazer’s psychological report, he passingly acknowledges the malignant family history of Frontal Lobe Dementia. Frazer. goes on to state that, really, the cause of the client’s distress, her dysfunction was caused by her husband. Frazer ignored family medical history, personality changes, habit changes that were out of character. Frazer ignored acute episodes of neglect, brought on by bizarre judgment lapses, not typical of this mother’s lifelong functioning.  The behaviors engaged in by the mother were adequately serious to merit notice and intervention by the local Police and the Ct. Dept. of Children and Families.

The husband is causing her to fear the onset of Frontal Lobe Dementia and thus inducing the bizarre symptoms, the cognitive dysfunction, the excessive drinking, bizarre admissions against self-interest, bizarre behavior in court, both as a spectator and on the witness stand are all reactive symptoms that abound in deteriorating, dramatic personality change. Over the past two years following a long marriage and years of dating and engagement, the young wife experienced personality changes that transformed the wife into an unrecognizable spouse, and the husband into a stranger to the wife.

The Cohen firm, aided and abetted by a false narrative of no substance, no clinical framework, and contrary to medical hypotheses that needed exploration, led a medically sick, mentally incompetent woman down the garden path of estrangement from her only family, her husband’s family.  She essentially had no living family as her mother and aunt both died in recent years of Frontal Lobe Dementia, a genetically inherited disease. She was an only child, estranged from her husband and his family, alienated from them by her lawyers in the Cohen firm with the specious suggestion by Eric Frazer Ph.D. that the husband was “gaslighting” the wife, playing with her reality testing, fueling her fears. The campaign to bankrupt the husband, bleed the wife of the estate she inherited from her mother, supplemented by court-ordered support from her husband to the tune of more than $12,000 per month.

Why Does This All Matter?

Frazer had no concern for the children.

Frazer had no concern for the children whom he had to know were facing losing their mother to a hideous death. The children had no idea as to what their mother was going through as a result of her medical condition and therefore could not understand why she was acting in such “weird” ways. The children had no idea that she was suffering from an acute illness which would soon be inescapable to her and all others.

Frazer knew that the wife’s insanity and her fixed delusions were destroying the relationship between husband and wife, because of her sickness, not because of her character. The cruelty of the manipulated circumstances brought about by the rapacious legal team of Cohen and hired gun Frazer caused cherished relationships to disintegrate, beloved memories to evaporate. The husband was being forced into bankruptcy and the loss of his business. The Cohen firm was about to leave the entire family in a nuclear wasteland with the wife dying alone among medical caretakers in an institution. Her personal fortune would largely be consumed by the legal fees mounting from the Cohen firm. Apart from financial devastation, the children would be left a legacy of painful memories, failure to ever say a loving goodbye and terrible ambivalence toward their father for the role he played in all of it, whether or not it was his fault.

These two cases are emblematic of an epidemic of racketeering in the State of Ct. We have not described in detail the role of the court, the State’s Attorney, DCF, all concatenated in a conspiracy to commit fraud through legal and psychological malpractice. Frazer outlines the narrative of the script developed in the playbill (Forensic Psychological Evaluation) as the attorneys are the enforcers, the judge, the executioner, and the GAL, Parenting Coordinator are the Lysistrata chorus. Ct. is a small state, therefore there is a certain ease to identify the culpable parts and their interaction with each other, namely, as one lies, the other swears support.

What Can We Do To Fight For Justice?

How to Fight for JusticeEric Frazer Ph.D. is being promoted by institutions like Yale University and the Children’s Law Center. Each of these institutions has their own questionable motivations and agendas. This results in the poisoning of the communal well in the wink and a nod deal with the devil as children are being transferred away from Protective Parents.

The first mode of intervention is to make sure that all complaints against professionals are taken seriously and reviewed. Too often complaints are discounted. Licensing Boards must have complete freedom of access to all medical, legal, psychological records. These Boards must not be barred from review by the need to have the permission of the guardian. We too often see the fox guarding the hen house while feasting on the hens. When one party has total control, there is no access and therefore, potentially no rescue for children who are virtually in solitary confinement.

Further, and most critical is the admonition that children must be seen, heard and believed. Clinical symptoms of abuse must be given equal weight to the spoken word. Finally, the thought that children are too young to bear witness to their abuse must be discarded as we are prolonging suffering among the most vulnerable subjects of abuse, creating a safe haven for abusers.

The second mode of intervention is to remove the evaluator from the case. Causes of action for removal of an expert include issues of bias, conflict of interest, taking on areas of testimony beyond the scope of their training and demonstrable fraud and collusion. Motions to include and exclude experts are time sensitive and must be attended to as part of a trial schedule, or addressed in cross-examination of the subject expert. Complaints to licensing boards, direction to the expert to place the malpractice carrier on notice indicate a notice to sue for malpractice.  These interventions assist in preserving a record for appeal, along with ensuring that the trial lawyer preserves evidence on the record for appeal.

The third mode of intervention is to invalidate the work product of an evaluator where there is clear evidence that:

  1. The expert is working beyond the scope of their expertise
  2. The expert is pursuing a pre-packaged argument on the part of one party and trashing the other party
  3. There is a pattern of coercion to get one party or another to comply with actions that are clearly not in the best interest of the subject child

It is critical to confront and remove a court actor who is driving a false narrative of the case. One must always protect the integrity of evidence, the chain of evidence and the protection of children.

If these steps are taken, the world will be a better place for many innocent children and you will save the lives of many more people. The failure to address, confront, take action on critical issues, allows a  false narrative to invade the case, create conflicting information that may derail the course of the case. Thorough case preparation, evidence preparation as support for all claims protects the subject case and addresses many issues of fraud and incompetence present in the courts related to custody.

Thank you for your reading this and thank you for your support.

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