“Reunification Therapy”: Codified Corruption

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Reunification, the coming together after a separation, once thought of as a joyful event, now known by all too many children and their protective parents as the process by which child abusers, perverts, sadists, pedophiles once jailed for their crimes, tried in courts of law are now absolved for their heinous acts, provided with subjects with whom they can do as they wish.

The Growing Industry

So-called evaluators, often psychologists, cloaked in academic camouflage, blend clinical acumen with technical jargon to create a haze of confusion for those willing to be lured into trading cash for kids through the now familiar maze of Family Court Custody Proceedings.

The charade parading as court proceedings is known to the staff of the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts (FCVFC) as the process of betrayal by “officers of the court.” Court authorities protected by qualified immunity, judges, and/or lawyers for Plaintiffs and Defendants, or lawyers for children, comprise the team who coerce desperate parents into engaging in a process of so-called therapy.  

Desperate parents in fear of being held into contempt of court are forced to compel children into brutal interviews with callous and obtuse interviewers. Children are forced to articulate repressed experiences, to justify and explain their fears, only to be told to ‘ignore” their feeling”, push them down, work around them – as if these words had meaning beyond the press to insanity as madness becomes the psyche’s only nurse.

There are countless horror stories such as the story of a mother who sought to protect her young daughter from the polypharmacy drug addict, drug dealer father who withheld food from his child until she engaged in perverted sex acts with him in order to be fed. He drugged her in her early years, filled her with the terror of the mother from whom he stated he rescued her, stating that her mother abused her and then abandoned her.

So-called evaluators, often psychologists, cloaked in academic camouflage, blend clinical acumen with technical jargon to create a haze of confusion for those willing to be lured into trading cash for kids through the now familiar maze of Family Court Custody Proceedings.

This story was not true.

When the mother finally wrestled the California courts to a police-escorted rescue, the child ran from her in terror, wearing multiple layers of clothes to hide her appearance as her current drug haze memory prevailed over the memories of her life with her adoring mother and their early life together.

The father’s endless cash flow was infused by a combination of his pornographic artistry and his drug dealing. The father, an artist, whose work was greatly in demand, largely for dealing with Betty Boop babies and creative, colorful pornography, allowed him to hire legal talent more than willing to defend, to even promote the Father’s Rights, fairy tale forged to defend his petition.

The retained attorney herself, brazenly bragged that she had defended more than six hundred fifty such cases and had prevailed in all of them. She was able to be held accountable by the Bar Asc. and separated from her law license.  When the pedophile parent realized the loss of his lawyer, he forwarded massive amounts of pornography into the computers of FCVFC staff, forwarding hundreds of subscriptions to pornographic magazines and snuff films from the Dark web. The private phone lines and cell phone lines of staff were disseminated to john’s ordering prostitutes, calling at all hours of the day and night, in multiple languages, from multiple locations.

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Police questioned, how did we know the source of such material. The simple, direct answers to local police were dismissed and no relief was to be found in local authorities. The FBI was more helpful in that the material accumulated was removed as evidence of greater, additional crimes, but still no immediate relief.   

Junk Concept Confrontation

The process of investigation leading to well developed, articulated complaints against judges, attorneys, complicit in, with, around suppression of evidence, witness tampering, facilitation of crimes requires a meticulous process. Gathering evidence relating to the exposure of each type of crime to be brought to licensing boards and criminal authorities requires a process of forensic rigor and coordinated teams of experts.

The process of confronting the implementation of forcing children into the hands of their abusers – call them what they are – pedophiles, sadists, revenge seekers is mobilized by the availability of wealth and power offered to those willing to justify engagement in the cash for kids trade.

Another area of culpability lies with those professionals who play the game and deal with the false narratives of junk concepts. Professionals who deal respectfully with concepts that advance false narratives feed the deception. Those professionals who use victim populations assembled at conferences, victims called for research, victims seeking to confront crimes with concepts, aiding in the writing of books that they cannot afford to buy, or to hire experts who ply their wares in search of public admiration, facilitate the rise of the cottage industry of Reunification therapy thus creating and growing the symbiosis of victim-perpetrator culture.

Pandering to dangerous false narratives, where the purveyors of such narratives are themselves lawless, conscienceless criminals, places the victim population at grave risk as the one-eyed man in the land of the blind is about to lose sight,

Solutions By Resolutions

The process of confronting the implementation of forcing children into the hands of their abusers is mobilized by the availability of wealth and power offered to those willing to justify engagement in the cash for kids trade.

The staff of the FCVFC understands the problem at hand, that of autocratic “Reunification Programs,” as a move towards weaponizing psychological services, using the junk concept of parental alienation.

Deployment of techniques out of the books of MK Ultra military brainwashing, with goals of monetizing children as commodities/chattel serve to transfer children into the hands of psychopathic parenting figures. The suppression of evidence of family violence and fraud is accomplished via subliminal mind management where children are directed to reinterpret the abuse and exploitation experienced as something other, driving sanity to madness at the hands of some combination of clinicians and courts. Predetermined outcomes  to cases driven by power and money, defined by the attorney with the wealthiest client, with culpability to hide, turns the normally adversarial litigation team into the ‘treatment team.” Your lawyer becomes your adversaries collegial teammate, supporting the agenda of the adversary from whom you were trying to separate and protect your children. Suddenly, the goal is to bring your children together with the person they have become estranged from or from whom they were seeking protection. Your lawyer urges cooperation, drop charges, sign information releases, approve the experts the other side wishes to hire – to report on, and testify against you – cooperate, cooperate, cooperate until they have built their case against you.

The script from the “team” becomes – the gun pointed at you – was not loaded – I thought it was loaded – but – x said it wasn’t loaded; he said he was sorry – and it only happened once; what else did he do? ; You can’t control someone else’s behavior, you can control your feelings – so – just don’t be afraid!

Suddenly, the Protective Parent is placed in the circumstance of having to force themselves and their children into a position of believing and behaving in a manner in which they must engage in a positive manner with a person who caused harm and trauma, and those events are redefined and re-imagined,” normalized”, the depth of depravity diminished or denied. In one such instance, siblings could not escape the screams of their toddler sister brought into a room by their father. Behind closed doors, there would be 4 – 5 seconds of a blood-curdling scream. It would stop, there was no sound. They thought she might be dead and then the scream, to blood-curdling sound began again, several times. Eventually, their father would come from the room, leaving the child alone and they would scatter.

Children are warned not to report, or if reports are made, to say they lied or exaggerated the event, or they were forced by a parent to falsely report. This child walked with a distinct limp, diagnosed by a physician who understood and described exactly how the inflicted damage occurred. Her functioning, her physical appearance, and demeanor were clear that suffering was occurring, yet no intervention took place and the word of the seemingly affable, colorful local “preacher” was accepted without a second thought. Later in many rounds of court hearings, the testimony of siblings and the protective parent, the abuse experienced by children and the spouse of the abuser was discredited by well known hired guns. It took years to procure the freedom from suffering that never should have been sustained over years.

The new Sanity to Madness forum of the Family Courts,  seen as the place where hell for children begins is the forensic territory investigated, litigated and wrestled to the ground by the staff of the FCVFC where every case we take on must speak for others and every parent must think of all children as their own.

The Path To Solutions

To Protective Parents who find themselves in the double bind of compromising rights in trying to comply with court orders in which the end of compliance is a loss of the child and every bit of property and equity once in your possession, contact the FCVFC.  

We understand the double bind and the process of confrontation and resistance required to confront the breach of fiduciary responsibility and overreach of judicial authority that occurs in the unique court culture of Family Courts across the country. A well-coordinated team of experts defines the issues, the problems faced, specifically, in each case and offers the experts to respond to issues defined, We suggest you call our office to discuss your case, defend yourself and work for a greater good.


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