Spring Newsletter and Podcast Announcement

Spring Newsletter and Podcast Announcement

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts was born of blood and tears over the wasted lives of innocents and innocence lost.

The specter of the term “Parental Alienation” and all it has come to mean is now a neon-lit sign flashing in corrupt family courts across the country It spells out crushing control, power over thought and speech, criminalization of parenting. The spawning of the hydra-headed cottage industry of predator professionals is threatening a scorched earth policy of custody litigation in family courts.

As per the perspective of the FCVFC, Family Courts across the country are now where organized crime, mob figures, bottom feeder lawyers have joined with incompetent hacks, hired guns with licenses from diploma mills. Hired gun hacks, working with bottom feeder attorneys rarely know the law, much less bother to implement relevant law by statute or procedure, charge astronomical fees to terrified litigants who proceed silently and obediently like lambs to the slaughter.

The process enacted by those who betray their fiduciary responsibility to their clients by spinning false narratives create themes of fake dualities. The “good” and “bad parent is portrayed by predator “professionals” as the vile “alienator parent” versus the “victim” alienated parent. The team you never knew you hired (the combination of your attorney and your adversaries’ attorney gang up against you) to run Protective Parents through the gauntlet of an orchestrated series of fake hearings and fake trials. Events that never occurred and words you never spoke, exchanged or heard are trotted out, as unfolding events now being used against you, as you wonder how could this be happening.

The sense of spinning out of control, your life racing before you, your children slipping from your protective grip, becomes a daily waking nightmare. Objections to testimony as hearsay, upon hearsay, leading the witness, either evaporate in mid-air or are never stated for the record. The judge who in one breath states a position that makes sense, seems to indicate a reasonable perspective, then doubles back, dismisses that which was just stated and rules in a manner that destroys the lives of your children and yourself – just because they are unrestrained. This is today’s Family court litigation reality.

Our Mission and Pledge To You

The FCVFC thrives on love, hope and lessons learned from before we knew what we now know. Before the FCVFC was born as an homage to a brave little boy who died by his own hand at age 12, pushed to take control where others robbed him of such control, we learned for the first time of events unimaginable and inconceivable. Our Founder learned of corrupt judges Margaret Mary McVeigh who went from the savagery of Family Court in Paterson, New Jersey to the richer killing fields of Probate Court. We saw though we could not believe our eyes and ears. We saw the cash payoffs to lawyers. We heard the lawyers threats to witnesses and the evil machinations of hired gun crooks like evaluator Paul Dasher, who sealed the death warrant for a seven-year-old with false charges of Parental Alienation. The “alienated parent was a brutal child abuser/torturer who beat his wife beyond recognition and won custody of his children.  

What Can We Do Together?

The FCVFC has been dedicated to raising the voices of children and Protective Parents beyond the surface chatter, penetrating the layers that block effective law and litigation strategy. We seek to support, engage and empower Protective Parents and children. We connect and direct relevant resources to combat junk concepts of false profits, to expose fraudulent and malicious court actors and practices by engaging effective litigation preparation and strategy.

Life Is Good And We Are Growing And Expanding

The FCVFC is growing and expanding with plans for a Podcast called “Voices of Children and Protective Parents”. In each episode, we will discuss law, public policy, case management and litigation strategy with experts, lawyers, and clinical staff.  We seek to elucidate, educate and give meaning to the experiences of our clients and value to our listeners by sharing the reasons for our successes. We continue to go where others fear to tread, speak loudly, clearly and publish prodigiously.

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