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What Is The Impact Of The Junk Concept of Parental Alienation On Generating A Culture Of Racketeering In Custody Litigation Across The U.S.A.?

No client faced with circumstances that compel them to retain the services of a Custody or Divorce attorney has any idea of the perilous gauntlet they are about to face. Clients in such circumstances make good faith choices, predicated on recommendations of friends, family, whatever best information is available.

One’s position in the litigation process, whether innocent spouse with a legitimate grievance, or spouse with an appetite for vengeance and/or secrets to hide, requires attorneys with distinctly different skills and character.

The client with (guilty) secrets to hide already knows he needs a “criminal” attorney, an attorney who is innately a criminal, one willing to bend, stretch, manipulate the law and the litigation process.

The FCVFC has watched the progression and growth of an autocratic, criminal process laying waste to a vast section of the population.

Further, the “criminal” attorney, the attorney who is by penchant and character, a criminal, is able to maintain a level of oblivion when it comes to consciousness to the harm enacted on innocents, with laser focus and energy to pursue a strategy that will indelibly and interminably massively harm multiple actors associated with the litigation strategy about to be unleashed.

Most often, the divorce process is set off by the partner in control of marital assets and most able to take independent, unrestrained action. The naive spouse, compelled to take action, does not begin to be prepared for attorney search process and takes on a seemingly logical, reasonable expert.

Knowing exactly who is the “connected lawyer, with the connected “team” contact  with the connected judge (judges) begins the high conflict custody” Racketeering Game” that has begun to characterize the nature of custody litigation across the country.

The litigant with knowledge of secrets to hide and a history of hiding secrets, that litigant knows exactly who to hire, without concern for cost.

Like a team of dogs in the Alaskan Iditarod, the connected lawyer, with the connections to judge and “experts.” predator professionals who set the narrative, line up and engage in an orchestrated process that the naive litigant comes to recognize as is illegal, illogical, counterintuitive and lethal.

We are seeing this process repeated, with precision in Howard County* and beyond, driven by the success of the methods used and the fact that litigation costs are driven by the success of these orchestrated methods.

While Family Court litigation is majorly driven by judicial discretion, the arcane innards of the laws of constitutional rights, Due Process, good and bad faith, procedure, respect for evidence and scientific rigor, for example, rule, when litigating against truly illegal acts, except, when there is an agreement not to engage the law. While some may argue the skill, training, judgment of varying legal strategy, the repetitive nature in ever growing jurisdictions of the same junk “science “ theories and strategies, unrestrained, for custody transfers cannot be ignored or denied as the unscientific, debunked, garbage concept of PA is embraced by a category of custody evaluators, referred to by the staff of the FCVFC as “Predator Professionals.”

Such individuals, including judges and entire court systems are being seen to embrace a perverted, destructive cult organized to usurp and reorganize judicial authority from fact to fiction, from court to non judicial authorities, empowering them to make fundamental credibility and evidentiary determinations.

The cult that has replaced science and reason, “Parental Alienation” (PA), is and has never been accepted by qualified professionals in the relevant social-science community. PA has been and continues to be rejected by the premiere authority on mental health evaluation, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM 5). PA is not even considered in the section on disorders needing further research. Despite this fact, courts across the country have embraced the PA protocol  and are increasingly following the directives of false profits. We are seeing marketing campaigns on behalf of PA practitioners who publicize and market each custody “win” to audiences of attorneys, advocating attorneys engagement of PA practitioners to teach litigation techniques to support the arguments of PA. When legitimate attorneys do not employ aggressive, credible tactics to discredit junk science manipulations of the legal process sanity and madness become interchangeable.

The Innocent Spouse – Case Example

The innocent spouse is a person of some personal wealth, education, and sophistication who accidentally gained custody of  three young children. The Howard County attorney infamous for representing the parent with secrets to hide and money to pay, referred to by the fFCVFC as  the “connected” attorney, represented the parent with an alternate reality to advance. This attorney, who did not know, or did not care, that you cannot “scare sober” an alcoholic drug abuser created a “stipulation” that if the addicted spouse “slipped” again, custody would be transferred and a separation would be initiated.  The parent who who suffered from multiple forms of addiction, and the associated destructive and self destructive behaviors associated with addiction, was advanced as the victim of the partner struggling with the emotional and behavioral consequences of the partner’s addictions. The addictive behaviors of the parent that impacted the children with grave trauma and residual memories were discounted as to the impact resolving in child estrangement, hostility and avoidance of a parent who never sought to make amends or take any form of responsibility for the impact of behavior that caused intense distress.

The cult that has replaced science and reason, “Parental Alienation” (PA), is and has never been accepted by qualified professionals in the relevant social-science community.

The partner with no psychiatrically discernible personality or character disorder, no history of interpersonal or social stigmata of mal -function was targeted by the team with a false narrative of a history that did not exist and could not be realistically created. Reality was  not a problem to the connected lawyer. The evaluator(s) (facilitated by the Sua Sponte directives of the judge), utilized the fake precepts of PA theory and the surrounding protocols which allow for the assertion of facts not in evidence, because they do not exist. They also allow for the ‘creation “ of facts by manipulation of events and circumstances that are then asserted and supported by members of the team, which includes the client’s own attorney who becomes a witness within court proceedings against their own client, for the benefit of proving the case for the opposing litigant.

The facts presented are ignored. An alternate reality is presented, evidence to support such an alternate reality is spun in the midst of proceedings. The court is asked to believe the svengali who spun a false narrative and develop orders transferring children into the hands of the disabled, addicted partner, from whom the children have been estranged. The FCVFC is seeing such transfers made spontaneously by judges,  on a “let’s see what happens basis”. Pronouncements made by non judicial court actors driven by motives to be discussed in articles to follow, have become increasingly frequent. Consequences of such orders by judges are manipulated by the false narratives of the same team of actors who prompted the pre fixe, highly disturbing outcome that never shoin the first place.

The Howard County lawyer, normally paired with a male counterpart and an infamous evaluator known to write evaluations that are works of fiction, all engage to create a false narrative, which revolves around a toxic diagnosis. The “team”, composed of a “Best Interest Attorney”,  (separate from a Child Advocate Attorney,), psychological evaluator and hand picked, coordinated “therapists. The list of therapists include – the “Reunification therapist” ( a category not licensed by any state), the therapist for the children, the therapist for each marital partner.

All therapists and the “Best Interest Attorney”  (BIA) have access to all of your medical and psychiatric records, unless you have been treated for addiction, and then all of your records are federally protected under strict privacy laws enacted for Rehabilitation Centers. The release of normally, legally protected HIPPA Rights are forced by court order demanding such signatures as directed by the “team” you never knew you hired.

Delay, requests for clarification, normally within rights are dealt with by a strident Contempt Order, outlining the  vilification of your character, suggesting that you are hiding the disclosure of condemning information the team has already predicted, and suggests that you are, consistent with a “paranoid personality disorder”, you are hiding.

The “team”’ is engaged in setting the the stage and writing the script ending in a malicious, reputation smearing divorce, separation from children and all assets, not dischargeable  by bankruptcy. As the client is thoroughly perplexed as to why lawyer one, two and three not only offers no defense for multiple Due Process and Civil Rights violations, much less reversible error mistakes, procedural mistakes, evident from the transcripts, but the client is further dismayed by being besieged with demands for compliance with over reaching, criminalizing court orders and directives which will have

repercussions and consequences far beyond what threatens to be an endless, emotionally and financially draining divorce.

The innocent spouse has no idea as to what is planned and what is instore as the innocent spouse, with no secrets to hide and an overwhelming desire to protect children, is suddenly faced with a coordinated,  well rehearsed litigation strategy which is being promoted through spokes persons being “trained by the promoters of the junk science” concept authored by Richard Gardner. Civil Acts punishable by fines become criminalized as imposition of jail time for obedience infractions have made litigants in Family Courts into fodder for debtors prison.

The Parental Alienation Concept Weaponized For Racketeering

Richard Gardner MD and subscribers to the junk concept of PA suggest that a child’s antipathy to a rejected parent stems from the “programming” manipulation / ”brainwashing” of a child by the parent designated as preferred by the child. Gardner rejects the concept that children have their own distinct, unique thoughts, feelings and perceptions, formed by their own experiences, interpretations and or legitimate grounds for their feelings. The fact that feelings may be shared between the child and the preferred parent, for Gardner, de-legitimizes the credibility of the child.

The empathic parent, instead of being an individual who understands what the child is feeling, or simply lives or experiences a shared reality, for Gardner any breach in forcing the child to  a position of adherence to the authority of the rejected parent, as per compliance is an act of supporting alienation.

The child who reacts with rejection and or a host of other reactions to an abusing, destructive, rejecting or abandoning parent, instead of being viewed as exhibiting a normal, healthy, appropriate reaction to a situation of personal harm and danger is treated as an empty vessel to be directed by an opposing force. If the child asserts an independent will, in opposition to the authority demanding association with the rejected party, that child may find themselves demeaned, ridiculed, and subject to  harsh punishment.That punishment, meant to insure a coerced outcome, includes confinement, isolation and interment. That confinement, under court order, may include a Juvenile Detention Program, psychiatric hospital, or the latest permutation of PA, the “Reunification Program”,,an unlicensed, undefined program promoted as something between summer camp with family values and Bible studies, but more resembling an MK Ultra military brainwashing program run by the Juvenile Justice system., in which the child’s thinking is reprogrammed to the will of the litigation team in charge.

The child who reacts with rejection and or a host of other reactions to an abusing, destructive, rejecting or abandoning parent, instead of being viewed as exhibiting a normal, healthy, appropriate reaction to a situation of personal harm and danger is treated as an empty vessel to be directed by an opposing force.

The madness that comes from the experience of imposed helplessness is exacerbated by the suggestion of insanity and a need for thought correction in the form of treatment imposed by the henchmen of your abuser.  Further, when such validation of the suffocating alternate reality is being imposed, codified, sanctified and enforced by the legal authority from whom you sought relief all hope of rescue begins to fail, expedited by the fact that the so called alienated parent is absolved of all responsibility for contributing or being wholly responsible for the child’s feelings and no investigation of that responsibility is ever contemplated. The “alienated” parent, an architect of their own bad behavior, is responsible for estrangement yet plays no part in the analysis of responsibility but is fully engaged in the blame, shame coercion and punishment of the child and the child’s Protective Parent and Advocate.

The “Parental Alienation” concept  has spawned a cottage industry referred to by staff of the FCVFC as “Predator Professionals” licensed under professions for the soft sciences. The soft sciences of psychology, psychotherapy, once viewed with skepticism, have come to be elevated as the definitive source for evaluating custody assignments. Evaluators, acting in place of law enforcement, forensic science, best interest and best practices are replacing the fact finding functions of the judge as judges fully predicate their decision making function to the evaluation report and associated recommendations.

The junk concept of Parental Alienation, as per author Richard Gardner MD, has dark derivations in nazi, misogynist  philosophy. The concept involves creating a superior race by improving the quality of the gene pool via the father’s right to sexualize their progeny from extremely early ages. Incest was defined as a natural act, though opposed by jealous women for the affections of men. As incest is erased, the problem of child sexual abuse, the most wide spread, under reported crime in our society and among the most troublesome matters in dealing with custody decisions, is redefined in terms of perception.

Perception becomes who defines the narrative – who is credible in the court;s eyes to define the narrative, and so begins the power grab. When truth, facts and science become malleable factors, subject to conjecture, argument, hearsay and speculation, the vacuum created in the space where facts and reality are up for grabs is a space filled by power, money and criminal activity, able to be organized, coordinated and systematized  such as we are seeing in the activities of the Howard County Maryland Family Court System.

The Custody Evaluator As Usurper Of Judicial Authority

The same soft science, hearsay filled, unverified, speculative non evidence based ruminations of psychological evaluators once viewed with skepticism, are now elevated to judge and parole enforcers for years extending beyond the term of the divorce and custody decision.

The introduction of the junk concept/custody cure all of PA, clinical assessments, far-reaching custody and treatment recommendations for litigant parties and children usurp the judicial role.

Evaluators are non judicial personnel, often of questionable academic rigor and qualification for the tasks assigned, yet they are handed the keys to the kingdom of making fundamental credibility and evidentiary determinations. These reports are not fact or evidenced based, include the authors subjective impressions, judgments and comments about a wide range of subjects including home and lifestyle. The author is allowed to roam and graze on the internal and external components of  their subject’s lives.

The author/evaluator has had access to intimate personal medical, educational, psychiatric, court records . The Financial Case Information Statement for litigants becomes  the budget for the extended evaluation and litigation process, involving the team you have been tasked with having to hire and support. The process about to unfold will then absorb every waking moment of the party’s and children’s lives, under court order and threat of contempt hearings. The team, court appointed to review, share, comment upon and discuss your past, present and future becomes your court ordered new regimen with scripts for how, or if you speak to your children.  

In many courts, subjects of these questionable evaluations are not even able to read their own reports. The reports authored by judicial authority, granted qualified immunity from accountability with regard to law suits, and any form of accountability make the authors of these life altering reports , above and beyond the law.

The Constitutional validity of the use and abuse of these reports that are in violation of multiple forms of Due Process, Privacy, Federal Rules Of Evidence remains to be tested. What we know is that the privacy invasions, abuse of power and authority under color of law is destroying the lives of millions of families and disabling the capacity of citizens to function in a Democratic Society.

Racketeering Addressed

We refer to this process as one of racketeering because of the conscious, coordinated efforts of a team of professionals, working together toward a conscious, malicious goal  to promote a false narrative that exclusively benefits one side of a litigation proceeding, by stacking the evidence in favor of that side. The narrative promoted is unsubstantiated, not supported by fact or submission of proper evidence. The elements of coercion, control, confabulation manipulation exist  to the point that clients find that their own attorneys are contributing to their demise by providing information and evidence against them in a court of law, to benefit and support the case of their adversary.

The elements of Racketeering are confirmed by looking at the collateral contacts and interlocking associations of actors as to business and professional connections. Racketeering partners  support, validate and insulate each other. They provide their own reputation repair services as they refer clients to each other and support each other’s work and opinions as one lies and the other swear to the lies.

Local jurisdictional interests have grown beyond state lines as another criteria for Racketeering is established when we see referrals to resources that one could not have dreamed of requiring at a stage in the case where such a referral could not have been anticipated, We know that the Racketeering is in progress when we see the lines of communication established for children to be sent to “Reunification” Programs in California, via contact with notorious purveyors of the fake junk concept of PA.  Before a court has whispered the dreaded sentence associated with “parental alienation” and its steps involving forced by spontaneous orders from the court to remove children from Protective Parents into the hands of their abusers, those Predator Professionals have established the links to “Reunification Programs” to continue the pipeline of fees from desperate parents and referral fees to the pipeline feeders.

The Response Of The FCVFC To The Problem Addressed

The FCVFC has watched the progression and growth of an autocratic, criminal process laying waste to a vast section of the population. What devastation so called Child Protective Services has levied against children of the poor, PA will implement in the destruction of the wealthy, in favor of the mega millionaires who function above, beyond and outside of the law.

The integrated team of professionals who deal as a Forensic investigative force understand the collaborative processes of money and power in the Dependency, Juvenile and Family Courts Custody Racketeering Enterprise  that are forming and growing in the American Courts, across the country. This is a Racketeering Enterprise that uses children as collateral for implementing interpersonal vendettas, cover up of crimes and devastation of family legacies.

The FCVFC has been is and continues to be dedicated to raising consciousness of violations of human rights and  enforcing Constitutional rule of law. Our goal is to identify remedies and legal interventions, to enforce the rule of law and democratic values.  Citizens must always remember that if one does not recognize the violations of rights, they cannot fight for what they require to defend themselves from incursions in such rights. Legal remedies and interventions exist and must be executed, for the benefit of litigants.

Beyond the remedy is the prosecution for crimes committed by court actors and other purveyors of illegal acts. The FCVFC is dedicated to holding accountable those who have violated fiduciary responsibilities. We  seek monetary damages, sanctions and retribution for bad acts of perpetrators of harm so that those who have suffered are not tasked with having to pay for the recovery due them.

We live in hope and work toward just resolution.


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