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A Case for Investigation – Rico Reigns in Howard County, MD


The Ellicott City, Maryland Family Court Complex appears to be an incubating unit for developing a protocol for management of custody litigation involving high net worth individuals. The FCVFC has documented a legal process that evolves in a manner that involves the coordinated, cooperative affiliation of court actors, traditionally expected to act in a neutral, independent manner. Instead, we see a ballet production coordinated to deliver a prix fixe custody transfer that bears no resemblance to facts or child welfare. Children are pawns, no more than ciphers in the transfer of wealth and suppression of crimes. The litigation process is geared to extorting maximum fees, through an extended period of illegitimate court proceedings, artificially created to increase court costs, attorneys fees and punish a targeted litigant. The commentary of judges that appear to reflect a reality presented by testimony and evidence presented is then followed by rulings that have no connection to the recent statements. The clear disconnect presents a window into irrational rulings. The disconnect reflects the fact that rulings are impervious, unmoved by testimony and evidence. The FCVFC studies of the Howard County court system evidence that each of the judges are ruling as they have been directed from behind the scenes. Their self satisfying mouthings from the bench are meaningless as to the ultimate orders delivered, disconnected from evidence, testimony and welfare of children and Protective Parents.

The cases in question present with issues of abuse, criminal behavior or mental illness, where the issues of fact are often not contested and resolution should be fairly reasonably handled, yet they become convoluted and completely distorted.

The coordinated pattern of activity is spearheaded by the injection of dubious psychological theories of the case, articulated by multiple non judicial actors, who become empowered to make critical life decisions with decades long consequences.

The liberal use of unauthorized, unscientific, also called “junk science” theories, are extravagantly, callously applied, under cover of “professional expertise.” Naked bias, overreach and unfounded conclusions, based on the unquestioned, unexamined opinions of professionals not qualified to opine on the matters before them are offered with the illusion of fact, deferentially received by the audience responsible for their appointment.

The FCVFC staff have viewed the evolution, systematization, assembly line production litigation of such practices in the Ellicott City Family Court. Good and decent parents, whose life histories, for no fault of their own were not flawless, found the facts of their own pasts, uncovered and used against them. Unbridled manipulation of abstruse psychological theory is routinely used in these cases to make a parent who has themselves been a crime victim into the perpetrator of a next generation crime.

Material uncovered in Forensic Psychological Evaluations become unscrupulously weaponized as court rules are crafted to preclude Due Process, equal access to discovery and evidence production. Material that should be viewed with scientific rigor, neutrality, ethical caution as to interpretation, becomes material to be callously manipulated and crafted into and indictment of the targeted parent. The use of scripted, baseless, false narratives of lives and events become cut and pasted into a false diagnostic assessment to guide a litigation strategy, leading to custody and financial settlements that have no basis in law or the interest of the parties.

The FCVFC has full knowledge and documentation of multiple, high profile custody litigations of the nature described. These cases of which the FCVFC were involved date from 2014 to the present. They were litigated with the same core group of specific lawyers for the litigants, presiding judges in Ellicott City, appointed court evaluators and assorted additional court actors all known to each other via service in high profile government appointment commissions.

However imperfect as to the state of their psyches which led them to engage in seriously imperfect partnerships/marriages, the large numbers of parents seen, fully separated from their children, never deserved the life-changing, indefinite to infinite, life sentences they received. The coordination of non-judicial authority, paired with appointed court actors are given license to impose sentences beyond any statute of limitations for crimes ever envisioned.


The FCVFC confronts judicial malfeasance and attorney failure to represent clients, playing to the bench and eschewing proper client representation. This article lays out the hallmarks that comprise the pattern of unlawful acts defined in terms of two or more parties acting in concert to inflict an injury on a third party, that results in damage. It is critical to note that the nature of litigation malfeasance is of a nature of equal opportunity exploitation, preying on power and wealth. The spoils (children) go to the victor is depicted by the clash of titans. The litigant that has more money to pay to defeat an opponent at all costs may extend useless, worthless litigation that results in mind boggling, irrational judicial decisions, ultimately resolved in Appeals Court overturns that attest to judicial malfeasance and corruption that should have been confronted and interrupted mid-litigation.

In the Custody case presented, the father is the disenfranchised Protective Parent. In the case presented we are suggesting a claim of, at minimum, civil conspiracy. Civil conspiracy, at a minimum, is represented by a broad pattern of actions, reactions and interactions, coordinated among parties, to commit unlawful acts. These acts are implemented through a litigation circus with side shows of ex parte communication, due process violations and violations of equal access to the court.  Further, communications throughout this case has been used to coerce exposure via judicial manipulation imposition of contempt orders and multiple civil rights violations.

Every case in which children are transferred into the hands of abusers, through the imposition of false narratives, suppression of evidence and back alley street fighting tactics, the rule of law is eroded. We are seeing Protective Parents wrongfully removed from the lives of their children by lawless courts such as that presented in the protocol perfected and now functioning on steroids, in the Howard County, Ellicott City court. The cataclysm described represents a personal crisis for the children and Protective Parent at the center of this example and social crisis, now having reached a public health crisis status. 

A link has been provided below to a Howard County Family Court Case as a clear exemplar of judicial malfeasance, improper attorney coordination and affiliation of litigation process. The designation from the onset of the case to a prix fixe “winner” is based on a false narrative, judicial support for experts that are incompetent to the positions held, block experts that confront a false narrative, to support a designated client, specifically the client with the best ability to outspend their opponent.


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