Before Melody Bannister Went Into Hiding There Was Planning

Before Melody Bannister Went Into Hiding There Was Planning

From the desk of Jill Jones Soderman, executive director

Once the four Bannister children disclosed material that made sense of years of behavior that was puzzling to inexplicable to their mother, Melody Bannister, and was causing the children great distress, there was no question they all had to leave and seek help.

Initial, normal, reasonable, reputedly accessible sources of help were approached. Those officials notified the perpetrators of harm to the children and ultimately caused more trouble for mother and children by first, notifying the perpetrators of harm to the children and then disseminated a false narrative – mother Melody was crazy and the children had “vivid imaginations.”

False accusations were embraced by the courts of Alabama and Virginia. The modus operandi of heinous crimes against children – SHUT DOWN THE CASE – SILENCE THE VICTIMS – GET RID OF THE PERSON WHO BRINGS A COMPLAINT.

The FCVFC was formed to litigate on behalf of Protective Parents seeking to keep their children from being transferred into the hands of their abusers by Courts, with the assistance of enablers of perpetrators of heinous crimes against children.

Melody Bannister contacted the FCVFC in July 2019 as she was on the first burst of her journey to save herself and her children. And we pray this will also help many, many others.

Melody Bannister engaged the services of the FCVFC, Jill Jones Soderman, in July 2019. We went to work for our client – doing what we do – evaluating, planning, putting together talent, clinically supporting/strengthening our clients to work in their own behalf as part of a powerful, fierce Forensic team. This team included – Dr. Michael Stone MD, Dr. Carole Lieberman, MD, Sam McLure JD, and others. We who are named are on public record in our work on behalf of Melody and the children.

We went to court, we went to the FBI, and now we are all going to Press – for the Bannister family and all families who are living in terror, a sense of helplessness, hopelessness and despair.

The FCVFC knows what to do and how to do what needs to be done in facing a cruel, sadistic false narrative that makes a mockery of family ties, father’s rights and mother’s characters. We want to do our part to change the world.

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