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So-Called “Reunification Therapy” Leaves a Trail of Broken Children and Betrayed Protective Parents Who Have Fought for Them


It is a public health crisis. 

In family courts, this scene plays out regularly: abused children are forced into custodial relationships with their abusers by professionals who have betrayed their fiduciary responsibility to do no harm. 

Family court judges exercise unconscionable use of force, manipulation, and control, insisting that children who have clearly, visibly been beaten, have broken bones and torn vaginas and bruised penises, be thrust into the hands of those who have abused them. 

Children are called liars, and the protective parent is called an “alienator.” Judges use court orders for “contempt” to separate little ones as young as two and three years old from parents trying to protect children from their abusers. 

Family courts have turned into forums reminiscent of the Torchinadas Courts of the Spanish Inquisition. “Truth” is now declared against all evidence, and terminology is twisted. The child is separated from the protective parent and isolated with the “devalued” or “alienated” parent, or as we know them, the parent who has viciously abused a child.

These broken children often even lose faith in the parents who loved and fought for them as best as they could. They have become the trophies of sadists who force them into surrender and then interpret surrender, hopelessness, and helplessness as success.

In the face of overwhelming odds stacked against them through the affiliation of professionals who pervert their scholarly treatises into psycho babble garbage, these children are taught to deny their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 

They learn that opportunism, materialism, narcissim, and sociopathy are rewarded. 

Here are only two all-too-real examples from Manhattan, of scores or hundreds that we know about: 

One five-year-old told of the man who masturbated beside her in bed each night, moaning and groaning. She said, “ I can’t get the sound of his voice and the noises out of my head.” At five years old she had cut marks on her wrists and said she wanted to kill herself. 

A family court judge forced her into the “care” of this abuser.

A three-year-old exhibits behavior that gives every sign of her having experienced grooming for sexual activity. She is forced into the total custody of her abuser, and her protective mother is forced into seeing her at occasional supervised visitation. The child pleads with her mother, “When can I come home?”

A poison is running through the veins of our courts, metastasizing through the country and gaining strength. This poison enriches those who peddle false narratives and reward sociopaths. This poison is destroying generations of children. 

We are facing an immense public crisis in the name of “justice.”

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