Introducing the Foundation for Moral Advocacy and Litigation

Introducing the Foundation for Moral Advocacy and Litigation

As the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has been reporting for years, the current danger facing children includes more than just their abusers.

The court system should be a safe place for children, but no such safety is guaranteed to them. Some judges, attorneys, and other court actors use their positions to protect the abusive parent and help them gain custody of their victims, even to the exclusion of the protective parent.

Through the years, the Foundation has provided clinical support to these victims and their non-abusive parents, and has focused on the identification, evaluation, and exposure of problems within the court system. We have written extensively on the issues of the false propositions of “parental alienation” (articles here, here, and here) and “reunification therapy” (articles here, here, and here),  and how they are used to strip away the constitutional rights of child victims and their protective parents. 

Now, the Foundation has expanded to create the Foundation for Moral Advocacy and Litigation. Our team of lawyers is dedicated to taking each case to the next level, to expose bad actors within the legal system who seek to injure families and children. 

Each case taken by the Foundation’s Legal Division will serve to develop litigation defense tools as well as models for confronting internal court corruption. The Legal Division uses scholarly legal knowledge, intervention, journalism, documentary film production, and aggressive litigation against those who have caused harm to our clients, the protective parents.

Our ultimate mission is the same: to protect children and expose the predators and professionals who harm them. With our new Foundation for Moral Advocacy and Litigation, we expect to have even more significant constructive impact, as our clients are returned to their rightful places in their children’s lives, with their reputation and wealth restored. 


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