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Who Will Listen to This 16-Year-Old Girl’s Statement to the Family Courts?

Author name withheld


Caution: Sexual abuse


I have been getting sexually assaulted by my father since I was four years old. 

Since I was four, I have made several reports to DSS about my abuse from my father, but every single report turned into me being called a liar by DSS and they then left me in his house to continue to be abused.

My father told DSS that my mother coached me into saying the things that I did when I came forward about the abuse. He also made false allegations against my mother to create a diversion from my abuse case and began claiming she was selling me on the internet.

DSS attempted to press charges on my mother but failed because it was not true.

Following that they still ignored my abuse. Several reports were made after that, and each and every report resulted in CPS and DSS leaving all power to my abuser and giving me less and less visitation with my mother, who was the only one keeping me safe at the time.

The only time some action was taken was when I was placed in another home with my aunt and uncle, but when my father found out that my aunt disagreed with the abuse and tried to help me, my father pulled me out of the house and sent me to another house that was unsafe and easy for him to get contact with me.

Each time DSS left me with my abusive father, I was neglected for at least a week following it, both my father and my step-mother would pretend I did not exist and said they refused to speak to me or take care of me.

I did not report again for many years after that because I knew the social and financial power my father had over DSS. I knew that being a young female, a corrupt and sexist organization like DSS would never help me; they saw all the physical and mental evidence of abuse since I was four, but never brought it up in court and tried to erase it out of the report. They continuously lied to me saying there was confidentiality in what I said and that I could trust them with the things that I said and that they could not legally tell my father what I said. But ten minutes later they reported every single word I said to my father and stepmother and said I was lying and delusional and then left me in my father’s house once again, and I continued to be abused a couple years later.

When I turned fifteen is when the abuse started again and it would just be once in a while, but every few weeks would progress into it happening more and more often the more comfortable my dad got.

I would display the fact that I was uncomfortable, I would say that what he was doing was weird and to stop, but he would not, he would tell me that I need to “not be so stiff” and would become more and more aggressive. He would do things like try to press his genital area against me, and when I pulled away, he would pull tighter, very frequently grabbing my buttocks and doing a rubbing motion.

He tried to spoon me while I slept, put his hand into my shirt and onto my bare cleavage, forced me to sit on his lap, used inappropriate slang terms for my body parts such as “tits,” “pussy,” and “pussy lips.” He said how nice my body is and looked at my breasts saying how big my “tits” have gotten, looked up my shorts, and pulled me into a bedroom alone with the door shut to ask me if I’m wearing underwear and that he could see my “pussy lips”, saying my butt has grown a lot and staring at it and calling me nicknames such as “cheeks.”

Each time an incident has happened, no one was home or he would pull me into a bedroom and shut the door. All of the incidents happened between the time that I was fifteen and sixteen. He told me if I ever reported my abuse again then he would kick me out of the house.

I had a conversation with my dad a couple of weeks ago and told him I did not want to be in the house anymore and that I was going to move out. He did not like that and began to treat me poorly for the next few days. After I left to go to mothers house for visitation on Thursday, I made a report to the police on the following Monday, and while making the report, officer Mathew Anderson called a few of his friends within DSS and when one of them answered he exposed my most of my case to her and asked if I will be staying with my mother during the investigation and she said “yes, most likely.”

The next day a DSS agent named Kianna Capers came to my house and I told her I was home alone and she continued to interview me anyways. She would not come inside because she was “just being safe.” She made me leave my three year old sister inside alone, I could not take my sister outside because it was next to a busy road. She began asking me questions about things that had nothing to do with the case such as things concerning my current discipline situation with my father. I told her that I wasn’t comfortable with speaking on things that had nothing to do with the case and she said if I didn’t tell her that she wasn’t going to be honest with me either.

After interviewing me she said she had to speak with my mom when she got home, when she got in her car and was about to leave, my mother pulled up and said she could talk now. Kianna said that she would be back that she had to go to the store in the middle of an interview. She was gone for over an hour and came back expressing that she had gone to eat chicken wings.

She told me about the placement plan and how it’s my dad’s choice. I explained how I didn’t feel safe going to a location picked by my father, and that he could have access to me and everyone in the house would deny it because they are going to only be interested in supporting my father, not keeping me safe from him.

She told me she agrees but that there is nothing to do because she can’t tell my dad otherwise even though I know that isn’t true.

DSS and CPS continue to lie to me and say I have no rights as a sixteen year old and that it doesn’t matter if I feel safe because I am minor and I have to go where they tell me whether I am safe or not.

I expressed to her that I cannot be charged for leaving my house and not going with someone else that is not safe, because I am doing what is in my best interest and keeping myself from harm. She agreed and said I cannot be charged. She said she was supposed to already have a placement plan by the end of the night.

The next day she never followed up.

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