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Complaint Against Judge Jane Grossman Part 2

FCVFC’s previously reported complaint against Judge Jane Grossman of New Haven, Connecticut, as well as the one we put forth here, alleges an ongoing campaign of collusion and fraud blatantly engaged in by Judge Jane Grossman and all court actors named in the companion post, here.

In the case in question, Case #FBT-FA19-6088163-S, Judge Jane Grossman has allegedly conducted and led a smear campaign of libel, defamation, overt lying, suppression, manipulation of evidence, and abuse of the legal process.

In this case, the adoptive father was credibly alleged to have neglected his adopted children, and then to have verbally humiliated, groomed, and sexually molested them.

Nevertheless, these adopted children have been transferred into his hands.

Judge Grossman does not act as an arbiter of truth, but as an attorney laying the groundwork for the outcome for the pre fixe winner. Hearsay assertions are repeatedly embraced as “fact” as Judge Grossman weighs her options and incorporates them in whatever way suits her fancy.

She clearly admires the sound of her own voice as she repeats “It’s my courtroom and I’ll do what I want to,” echoing a 1960s song, Jane Grossman style. Her repeated assertion that this is her courtroom and she will run it as she pleases most certainly presents an ungainly version of judicial conduct.

In the copy of this Complaint that is being legally filed, the transcripts of every hearing to date are appended, complete with detailed comments noting Judge Jane Grossman’s repeated refrains of “This is my courtroom and I will do as I please.”

Judge Jane Grossman has interfered with critical evidence of the adoptive father’s unfitness as a parent. Not only has she blocked the investigation of this material, but she has also actively engaged in Abuse of Process practices by the Guardian Ad Litem and other court actors, who have committed libel and defamation against the Protective Parent mother, in deference to falsified evidence that supports the father.

Judge Jane Grossman also committed irrational acts such as levying court orders against non-party court actors who allegedly planted burner phones for the children to use to create “false” testimony against the father(?) or whomever (Court Transcript Friday, 9/11/2020). Court orders levied in such a fanciful manner have rivalled anything ever imagined to have taken place in an American court.

These violations of the law and Due Process are waved away with the refrain, “It is my court room and I will run it the way I want to.”

The government policy of removing immigrant children from their protective parents and traumatizing them for the span of their crippled lives is despicable enough. But children who have been processed through the American courts as infants  and adopted for rescue being taken from their protective parent . . . what have we come to?

As the family court proceedings became increasingly unbelievable—children being transferred, sua sponte from the hands of the full-time caretaker Protective Parent mother into the hands of the person the children overtly feared and hated—the Protective Parent understandably has become increasingly aghast.

The extensive information and evidence that has been gathered and continues to be gathered, in order to protect the children from further abuse by this court, is being sent in its entirety to authorities that track and investigate moral turpitude and trafficking of children, so that they can investigate the claims of ongoing sexual abuse of the three children being named in this formal complaint.

The hearing transcripts also present the record of the multiple unfounded, defamatory, and libelous statements made by multiple lawyers and “expert professionals” with no allowance for rebuttal testimony, elaborated on in this article.

The Complaint Overview and the specific complaints against individuals compose the compendium of complaints to be filed as actions of collusion in the court of Judge Jane Grossman.

Jill Jones Soderman

Executive Director -FCVFC

To see the companion complaints filed against the other court actors, click here.

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