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Family Court Corruption in New Haven County, Connecticut

Background of the case

In the case before us, #FBT-FA19-6088163-S, detailed here, for the majority of the children’s lives, the absentee father showed no interest in them.

The mother was naïve, falling for a man who promised her everything and delivered nothing in the ultimate bait and switch. She then opted for a celibate marriage with an absentee husband.

As the children became pre-teens, a libidinal interest seems to have taken hold, and the father engaged in alternate acts of humiliation, sadistic control, and molestation, in spite of the protests of the Protective Parent mother. His preference for “Latin boys” emerged. If evidence had been allowed in the courtroom, it would have shown that the adoptive father tapped into his conscious enjoyment of sadistic control and sought to influence his young sons in the direction of homosexual acts.

Complaints against all court actors

We have registered our complaint against the judge elsewhere, Part 1 and Part 2. What is further disturbing is the behavior of court actors, the lawyer for the Defendant, the lawyer for the Plaintiff, and the Guardian ad Litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz, failing to provide any defense or protection for the children.

Not only has the Guardian ad Litem failed to provide defense, but she has worked to shut down the police investigation that could have brought help for the children.

The Defendant Mother had fired her lawyer who was not helping her, but he still sent her an email instructing her to send him $100,000 in order for him to appear in court for her to complete the hearing (which was denied in april 2020 due to covid-19).

The defendant mother, who has devoted her life to the three children she loves and adores, has been denied due process.

If the GAL, Jocelyn Hurwitz, and the “family therapist” had not blocked the testimony of the children, testimony would have emerged of, for example, the adoptive father “tickling” his youngest son’s penis, refusing to stop, and forcing him to submit to this practice over the boy’s objections. This action is consistent with the adoptive father attempts to force extensive pornographic material on his children.

The pornography

The FCVFC has evidence indicating that the father views graphic pornography, with grooming instruction, on electronics that are accessible to the children.

This child-accessible pornography, specifically about “Young Hot Latinos,” has been forwarded to appropriate authorities, but it has also been referred to the Guardian ad Litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz, and the court.

The court authorities have responded by dismissing and ignoring the pornographic material as not pertinent to the case at hand of who gets custody rights to these children.

Apparently “parental alienation” committed by the parent who wants to keep her children safe from abuse, is the worst crime.

In the status conference of November 1, 2019 (reports by the mother to the GAL, Jocelyn Hurwitz, as well as all of the attorneys and Judge Grossman), no stenographer was present, but subsequent emails memorialize the discussion of the pornography, with words like “sucking,” “f—-ing,” “rimming,” and “Young Hot Latino.”

The adopted children are of Latino origin.

The pleas of the children

These children reported stress, fear, and discomfort when their adopted father would get into bed with them, over their protests. The children reported that the father was leaving his address on gay dating sites. Evidence of this fact was produced.

The children reported to everyone that they were frightened and did not feel safe in the environment with their father.

The pornography and sexual advances were only one element of an environment that included verbal abuse, mocking, and threats that they would never see their mother again if they revealed to police or DCF the information they were sharing with authorities.

But the children’s repeated pleas for protection from their adopted father were mocked. They were mocked by not only the father, but by the lawyers, the evaluator (Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly), and by the guardian ad litem.

The response of the court

Just to be completely clear, this court, consisting of

  • Judge Jane Grossman
  • the GAL, Jocelyn Hurwitz
  • the evaluator, Jessica Biren Caverly PhD
  • the family therapist, Robert Horowitz PhD
  • and all of the attorneys

responded to these pleas by charging the mother with coaching the children and being guilty of “Parental Alienation.”

The “emergency order”

The team that the mother did not know she hired, as they were all representing the interests of the father including her own attorney, all constructed “legal” arguments that led to removing custody under an “emergency order” on April 24, 2020.

The mother was not allowed to speak.

No witnesses, no experts on behalf of the mother were permitted at the hearing.

No defense of the mother was allowed.

Judge Jane Grossman ordered immediate removal of the children from the mother’s home.

The mother was not even allowed to say goodbye to them before they were ordered by Judge Jane Grossman to be in the full legal custody of the father. The father was given full legal and physical custody, all decision-making powers

Further, Judge Jane Grossman ordered that the mother have absolutely no contact with the children.

The children were not only shocked and traumatized, they were beyond terrified because they had no contact with the outside world – their family – grandfather, aunts, cousins, friends, police, all as they were begging for protection from their The children expressed their fear of unknown men coming to their living quarters, as the father was reaching out to random men as dating partners.

The FCVFC’s involvement

When the FCVFC became engaged in the case, we learned that the children were berated as liars. As we called local police in Westport Connecticut to do Well Checks on the children, we faced hostile police officers who stated, “The father should be filing harassment charges against you.”

Demands for FOIA requests were met with fake excuses that the police reports were protected by HIPPA.

Complaints against Judge Jane Grossman, made directly to her, were responded to with threats against the FCVFC, made on the record (transcripts and documents accompany these complaints).

A well check performed by Detective William DeGourcey of the Madison Police Department resulted in the children being removed from the father’s home and brought to Yale New Haven Hospital.

DCF was contacted as was father’s brother, an attorney. The intent of bringing the children to Yale New Haven was to request a full forensic evaluation. But it never took place.

Where the case currently stands

The details as to exactly why the forensic evaluation never took place have not yet been ferreted out. However, the reason presented was that the DCF caseworker stated that the youngest child said his sister told him to make untrue statements and because of that the children’s entire accounts were then discredited. Any further investigation was completely shut down.

Instead of being treated as the victims they are, the children have been threatened, interrogated, and isolated, having their phones confiscated. They were told that they were liars and would go to foster care if they ever revealed the truth again.

The living quarters are filled with electronic surveillance devices.

The GAL, along with Judge Jane Grossman, has engaged in falsifying a record, suggesting that the children are in “therapy” with credible therapists when in fact the therapeutic practices are geared as a way to convey funds and a way to suppress the children’s evidence against the father who humiliated and abused them.

The children have been forced into the hands of practitioners whom we allege are acting against their licensing board’s best practices and damaging to the children.

A word about “Parental Alienation”

“Parental Alienation,” developed in the perverted, depraved mind of the despicable Richard Gardner, became a defense for child abusers and rapists. This Gardner Parental Alienation protocol, debunked, discredited, and disparaged, is the law of the land in Connecticut courts, where mothers are brutally murdered or driven to madness (FN Reference Jennifer Dulos News reports of the bloody proof of her murder May 17, 2019/ Michael Stone MD).

We now see the Gardner protocol deployed by the Connecticut courts, via the so-called professionals using their contrived “expert reports” on behalf of the team that the Defendant never knew they hired in the course of litigation. Protective parents fighting for vulnerable children at risk of being sold to the most depraved litigant have no idea as to how stacked the deck is against them.

For most children, the torture of being removed from the safety and comfort of home and loved protective adults into the isolation and total control of the parent/ authorities associated with fear and betrayal leave children of all ages, broken and hopeless.

We are fighting for the children in this situation to be removed from the hands of their abuser and to be able to return to the hands of their protective parent and thrive.

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