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Connecticut Family Court Isolates Children in the Hands of Their Abuser

Three children in Connecticut’s Madison Township are being held in isolation in the hands of their abuser.

For telling the truth, the two nearly 14-year-old children have been told they are liars and criminals.

Through the family court system in the town of Madison, Connecticut, with collusion of the judge, all attorneys involved in the case, all so-called mental health workers, and the DCF caseworker, have acted in deceitful concert to defame and malign the protective parent, whose efforts to protect the children have been undermined by the phalanx of those who sought to remove the children from her custody.

Madison police have been inconsistent in their reports of having investigated the situation, ultimately saying that there were no findings of concern. Calls to Madison police and state police have resulted in curt dismissals of reporting.

There are reasons to believe that the subject children, their mother, and all reporters on this case are in grave danger, being subjected to abuse daily, being victimized and traumatized. This danger is increased by Madison law enforcement’s insulting dismissal of claims.

A video made by the daughter, with music by the older son, can be seen here.

Grievances with the Connecticut Bar have been filed against Guardian ad Litem Jocelyn Hurwitz, and grievance against the abusive father for perjury are in process with the New York Bar against his license as well.

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