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This Is What Psychopathic Predators Are Like

They instill fear

Psychopathic predators can instill fear in the hearts of even well-socialized victims.

They threaten the opposition with being unable to prove the heinous, despicable acts that they are committing against the children they hold in their possession.

They commit heinous, despicable acts against the children in their possession, who have been given to them by the court actors paid off in cash or in kind. They then threaten the opposition with being unable to prove these acts.

This makes them feel invincible, elated with power, grandiose in their threats. 

They disguise themselves

Psychopathic predators, not unlike serial killers, love to hide in plain sight, to demonstrate how clever they are and how stupid everyone else is.

They often portray themselves as a victim, maligned, abused, financially decimated.

They take pleasure in their charade

This Predator hypocrite congratulates himself on the advice he receives from the police. “You would be better off if she accused you of murder.” “You should sue her for all that she says about you.”

He repeats the words of his sympathizers as he laughs with his inner circle, while he relates the words of the police to those he thinks will these comments will instill fear. 

He laughs with his cohorts and at his hysterically crying children. He takes pleasure in seeing how easily he can manipulate them.

Under scrutiny, a Predator threatener may forget—perhaps because he lives in the euphoria of his own endless grandiosity— certain inconvenient details from his past life, such as that he was fired from the glamorous position he held as a Hollywood writer.

He elaborates on the stories of his anguish as he plans to betray the people he worked with, who hired him, who trusted him.

They laugh at the police, advising and sympathizing with the predator, who is playing victim as he turns cops pledged to serve and protect as betrayers of  helpless children, children whom they were called to rescue.

Following is a Cease and Desist Letter the FCVFC recently received. The letter cites a Connecticut court case in which we have been involved in recent months. Our response to that court case, which is on appeal, is provided via link after the letter.

Cease and Desist Letter from Chris Ambrose to the FCVFC

November 10, 2020

Ms. Jones- Soderman a/k/a “Amanda”:

It has been brought to my attention that you have made multiple, lengthy, unwarranted defamatory attacks against me in a series of posts over time on your website, Child Victims of the Family Courts,

Examples of your false and malicious accusations against me include, but are not limited to (the following are direct quotes; the syntax, word choice, punctuation, etc. are entirely yours):

1. The Plaintiff’s long standing verbal abuse and harassment of the children, developing into far more open, overt, aggressive sexual advances toward each of the children led to divorce proceedings. This Plaintiff exploited and used his wife and children to gain whatever front he wished to hide from the world so that he could engage in whatever depraved carnal indulgences he wished without being faced with the consequences of such acts as having sex with children, or more specifically having sex with young Latino boys.

2. This Plaintiff showed his sons the pornography “teaching” demonstrating the sexual positions that must be learned by homosexual partners entering into sexual relationships.

3. In this case, the adoptive father was credibly alleged to have neglected his adopted children, and then to have verbally humiliated, groomed, and sexually molested them.

4. [Defendant] continues to investigate moral turpitude and trafficking of children, so that [authorities] can investigate the claims of ongoing sexual abuse of the three children being named in this formal complaint.

5. As the children became pre-teens, a libidinal interest seems to have taken hold, and the father engaged in alternate acts of humiliation, sadistic control, and molestation… His preference for “Latin boys” emerged.

6. The adoptive father tapped into his conscious enjoyment of sadistic control and sought to influence his young sons in the direction of homosexual acts. The adoptive father “tickling” his youngest son’s penis, refusing to stop, and forcing him to submit to this practice over the boy’s objections. This action is consistent with the adoptive father attempts to force extensive pornographic material on his children.

7. These children reported stress, fear, and discomfort when their adopted father would get into bed with them, over their protests.

8. The children reported that the father was leaving his address on gay dating sites.

9. The children expressed their fear of unknown men coming to their living quarters, as the father was reaching out to random men as dating partners.

10. The living quarters are filled with electronic surveillance devices.

Your spreading of libelous and defamatory material about me has caused irreparable injury to me, my reputation and professional prospects. I will not stand by and permit your misconduct to continue. In order to avoid litigation, I demand that you:

  1. Immediately remove from your website all defamatory and disparaging remarks concerning me; and
  2. Immediately cease and desist in publishing defamatory statements about me whether the statements are made by you or by third parties; and
  3. Immediately publish a retraction of all of your defamatory accusations. The retraction must appear in a manner comparable to that of your original accusations and must be disseminated to the same audience. Merely stating that I denied your accusations is not enough. Your retraction must be a frank and full withdrawal of all defamatory accusations; and
  4. Immediately apologize to me on your website in a manner comparable to your original publication for your defamatory and false accusations, the distress you caused me and harm you brought to my reputation. A weak, grudging or half-hearted effort will not suffice. The apology must be frank and full.

If you do not comply with each of the above demands by November 30, 2020, this letter will serve as notice that I will vigorously pursue all legal remedies against you, including filing a lawsuit for, among other actions, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy. I will request all damages and attorney fees to which I am entitled as a result of your misconduct.

You know – from recent, humiliating personal experience – that Connecticut courts do not take lightly defamation of the egregious sort that you have inflicted on me. As you are apparently also aware, I am an attorney. Although I don’t practice, I am familiar with the law and the courts. I have the knowledge and incentive, and I will make the time, to work with other attorneys to use the legal system to stop you from continuing to harm me and from causing others similar harm in the future. Making the case against you will not be difficult; in brief:

In Connecticut, the threshold for defamation is quite clear, “To establish a prima facie case of defamation, the plaintiff must demonstrate that: (1) the defendant published a defamatory statement; (2) the defamatory statement identified the plaintiff to a third person; (3) the defamatory statement was published to a third person; and (4) the plaintiff’s reputation suffered injury as a result of the statement.” Gleason v. Smolinski, 319 Conn. 394, 430 (2015).

An allegedly-defamatory statement is actionable per se if it accuses the plaintiff of a crime punishable by imprisonment. Gleason, 319 Conn. at 430 n.31. “In the case of a statement that is defamatory per se, injury to a plaintiff’s reputation is conclusively presumed such that a plaintiff need neither plead nor prove it.” Id.

Many of your defamatory statements plainly accuse me of criminal conduct punishable by imprisonment. For example, you state – multiple times – that I sexually molested my children. This is a crime according to Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53a-72a (compelling an individual under the age of 16 years to submit to sexual contact by force is a felony punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment). Therefore, you have defamed me per se.

To establish a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress, a plaintiff must allege: “That the actor intended to inflict emotional distress or that he knew or should have known that emotional distress was the likely result of his conduct; (2) that the conduct was extreme and outrageous; (3) that the defendant’s conduct was the cause of the plaintiff’s distress; and (4) that the emotional distress sustained by the plaintiff was severe.” Appleton v. Bd. of Educ. of Town of Stonington, 254 Conn. 205, 210, 757 A.2d 1059, 1062 (2000).

Conduct is “extreme or outrageous” if it “exceed[s] all bounds usually tolerated by decent society and [is] of a nature which is especially calculated to cause and does cause mental distress of a very serious kind.” Grisanti v. Cioffi, 38 F. App’x 653, 657 (2d Cir. 2002). “Generally, the case is one in which the recitation of the facts to an average member of the community would arouse his resentment against the actor, and lead him to exclaim, Outrageous!” Perez-Dickson v. City of Bridgeport, 304 Conn. 483, 527 (2012).

If a reader believed the material you posted about me, he or she could only conclude that I am a morally depraved criminal who should be permanently separated from his children and incarcerated. Making such accusations publicly without evidence is sufficiently “extreme and outrageous,” and it was reasonably foreseeable to you (most likely intended) that your accusations would likely cause me – or any reasonable person – severe emotional distress. In short, you have intentionally inflicted emotional distress on me.

Both of these charges are exactly what you were found guilty of in the Powell case, you even make the same false, heinous accusations in virtually identical language. It’s confounding that this very decisive defeat – resulting in Scott Powell receiving a $100,000 award from you! – did not teach you the error of your disgraceful ways.

[We have redacted a paragraph from the letter that is highly defamatory of the man’s wife.]

Despite your claims about wanting to expose truth, you don’t seem to care about it. It’s well known that your professional license was suspended. My research indicates this was because you tried to pass yourself off as a doctor. Even if you don’t care about exposing the truth, one would expect sheer self-preservation would stop you from being so reckless with it again.

Yet with your own reputation in tatters and your organization dragged through the mud because you used your title and its website to defame Mr. Powell, here you are again, knowingly ignoring the law, bringing the same great harm to me that you brought to him. How can you expect concerned people to take you, your foundation or your work seriously when you’ve been adjudicated to be a serial fabricator who maligns and inflicts suffering on innocent parents and seeks to separate them from their children? May I respectfully suggest that in addition to hiring a good attorney, you find a good therapist for yourself (and make sure he/she isn’t just claiming the title).

Please comply with my demands by November 30, 2020 and email me at when you have done so. Please know that the similarities to Mr. Powell’s case – which you oh-so-helpfully point out on your website – make my case very easy for a court to decide. Since you defamed me after you were on notice that such conduct is illegal, I will ask for damages in excess of $100,000. I’ll get them.

Chris Ambrose

Our response regarding the Powell Case

The Powell case that Mr. Ambrose cited is a precedent-setting case, regarding free speech for the public good, the legal ability to speak in order to protect the public.

Also, this case is critical regarding the federal rules of evidence regarding child sexual abuse. The transcripts show that the judge discusses his thought processes as to how he interprets and implies the standard. This provided tremendous insight with which to work in future cases. 

The case is on appeal, and the final brief has been filed. You can read that brief at this link.

Upcoming articles will discuss how to remove the grip of Predators in Possession.


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