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Continuing to Expose the Connecticut Case (Judge Jane Grossman)

We who are working on Connecticut Case #FBTFA196088163S are fully aware of the suffering of the children in this case, even as we document the unlawful process by which children were transferred into the hands of their abuser.

We know that the children are being verbally battered, they are being fed false information to convince them they have been abandoned, and they are being molested and punished in painful, agonizing ways.

 Though we should be receiving help through the Madison, CT, police and DCF, that help is being short circuited via the undue influence of the Guardian ad Litem. She is speaking to the police to pollute the airways of communication by dismissing the children’s mother as crazy: according to her, the father is rescuing them from a sick woman. (Documentation available.)

 When a Detective from the Madison Police met with the children alone and arranged for an ambulance to take them to Yale Forensic Advocacy Center, the children thought that help had finally arrived. But before they could be seen at the Forensic Advocacy Center, the DCF caseworker was called, who is known to be a thug, enforcer of the father’s discipline. He undermined the meeting, returning the children back to the adoptive father.

 The children never were allowed to see a doctor as planned. With the convergence of complicit actors, the DCF case worker and the GAL, the children were returned to the isolation in which they were held.  (Documentation available.)

 Further, punishment included ever-increasing demands and threats for the children to recant their statements to police and other authorities.

Now the Madison Police are referring to the children as “liars.” The children have called the Police, reporting emergencies, but their statements and multiple calls for help have been dismissed.

When the Police see the children, they relate the complaints to the father. Then the children’s phones are taken from them, their Wi-Fi cut off, and their isolation secured in every possible manner.

Similarity to Dahmer and Bundy

The actions of the Madison Police in this situation are all too reminiscent of the persuasive powers of serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy.

Jeffrey Dahmer persuaded the police that his sixteen-year-old victim was simply  drunk when he escaped from the Dahmer residence. Even though eyewitnesses protested, the police threatened those eyewitnesses with arrest, and the teenager was returned to Dahmer. Dahmer then immediately murdered him.

In the Bundy case, FBI and police were so charmed by Bundy that even after his arrest and indictment, he was allowed unaccompanied movement through the prison.

The charm of psychopaths, while mesmerizing, is extremely dangerous, as when Bundy walked out of that prison, he went on to commit the sorority house brutal murders.

Agony over the plight of the children

We write again and again about the suffering of these children, which we are made aware of on a moment-by-moment basis. And we cannot have access to what should be a SWAT team to go in and rescue them.

Again, it must be repeated: we know that these children are being molested and brutalized, and they are witnesses to the heinous acts visited upon each child in the presence of others.

The manipulations of power must end in the Court of Judge Jane Grossman, with the toadies and stooges who continue to perpetrate lies in order to maintain the complete isolation and control of helpless children in the hands of their abuser.

The cavalier attitude of the Grossman court is simply appalling. The city is being overthrown while the army is on paid leave.

This situation must change. This case needs a court, a judge, and court actors who actually care about the welfare of children.

Jill Jones Soderman

Executive Director – FCVFC

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