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Children Must Be Seen, Heard, and Believed


Years before I came to know of juvenile, dependency, family court corruption, I knew that children must be seen, heard and believed, or they will disappear.

Children do not vote. Children do not pay taxes. Children cannot organize to protest against their abusers. Children are commodities, at the bidding of whoever is in control.

The littlest ones have voices and express themselves by their mood, behavior, and vacillations in the above. Cheerful and playful at one moment, then moody, angry, withdrawn.

What thought passed through their mind?  What memory distressed them and took over the good mood that they could not reclaim nor were allowed to express?

When allowed or given the opportunity to express themselves, they do, and wittingly or unwittingly they tend to tell the truth.

Children express the truth

Stories abound about the truths told, or the embarrassing moments revealed. One little two-year-old in diapers was at the pediatrician’s office. Having received vaccinations that were painful and humiliating to her sensibilities, when freed from the grip of the nurses holding her down, she could be heard all over the doctor’s office yelling, “You hurt me. … You are fired, fired, fired.”

In a group of under fives, one little one of about four spoke to her friends who were discussing their secrets. She stated that she sometimes does babyish things like sucking her thumb and wanting her blanket with her. She asked the assembled toddlers how they stopped doing these “babyish” things, imagining that they had “stopped.” Then she told that she had been punished by her father, who took her blanket and stuffed toys and locked her in the garage.

She and her parents lived in the most beautiful fairytale like home. Her fairy princess room would never have revealed the secrets she shared that day.

A young teen paced the hallways of a psychiatric unit for teens considered to be chronically ill, or simply untreatable. She stared in a trance, moving as if in a goose stepping march, stating over and over again, “I am dead. I am dead.”

As inquiry progressed, a story unfolded of a gruesome, brutal, spontaneous assault that resulted in the murder of her little brother, before her eyes. The trauma produced a psychosis that did not resolve as the murder of her little brother was not disclosed. It appeared that other baby / child members had also disappeared and no investigation was made until this child’s psychosis began to resolve and the mystery was pursued.

Children must be seen, heard, and believed, or else they will disappear.

The history of these terrible hidden truths

While psychiatry began to look at childhood depression, schizophrenia, ADD, ADHD, and disorders related to biology, psychoanalysis from the onset came face to face with incest and child abuse.

The exploration of the healing arts of psychotherapy immediately delivered results as per subjects’ liberation from forbidden memories. Women who were catatonic came to life and were restored to functioning.

The stories that emerged, though, were taboo. And so the awareness of the harm caused by sexual assault on children was brought to a screeching halt, by none other than the male heads of households who were pillars of Victorian society.

Truth was shut down, replaced by what would become the hallmark of psychiatry, the failure to distinguish between fact and fantasy. It would be years before the defense of dissociation was recognized as a critical element of trauma. Revelations of sexual assault became “fantasies” and “wishes,” and later, “lies.” Enablers of suppressing early childhood trauma became psychiatrists and court-appointed evaluators/experts in family courts across the country.

And this is the seed that was planted to eventually allow children to be transferred from the hands of their Protective Parents into the hands of abusers.

Society’s love-hate relationship with child sexual abuse

Society’s ambivalent relationship with child sexual abuse has not been adequately addressed. Even stranger abuse has been applied gingerly as a criminal activity, because of the severe penalties imposed and the social disgrace implicit in any prosecution.

The crimes of incest are broadly treated with denial, dissociation, or jokes that hide the real covert approval of incest. The joke that a man rejects his prospective virgin wife because any girl who is not good enough for her father, brothers, and uncles is certainly not good enough for him, imparts a truth of male misogyny and power over girls and women. Such power is amplified in the joke that a virgin is defined as a girl who can run faster than her father, brother, or uncles.

The application of the perversion in family courts and CPS

The modern era of juvenile, dependency, and family courts began with the writings of Richard Gardner, MD, the author of the theory of “parental alienation” whose self-published writing captured the imagination of pedophile enablers and child abuse perverts as of the early 1990s.

Richard Gardner successfully presided over some 500 custody evaluations, transferring children into the hands of their abusers. Then, in 2003, he committed suicide.

His suicide death, however, did not dampen the appetite of court actors across the land from developing the concept of “parental alienation” into a psychological windfall. Now there was a tool to separate “good” parents from “bad” parents. And how are these “bad parents” identified? Not as child abusers. But as “alienators.”

Family courts have become arenas where there is little to no law, where ignorant, presumptuous, self serving judges can override hard evidence and expert witness testimony.

Family courts across the country have become killing fields, monopolized by crooked lawyers who join together to defraud Protective Parents out of their careers, finances and children.

In addition to the local cabal of lawyers and associated professionals, the family courts, another entirely corrupt agency has arisen, bloated with money and power, the so-called “Child Protective Services.” This agency has been known to strike fear into the hearts of those who must interface with them.

Known for their practices of hiring ill-trained staff, and having a reputation as acting more like thugs and enforcers than as child protective officers, they are able to remove children at will and maintain them in situations where they may be irreparably harmed.

CPS has layers and layers of bureaucracy—and at every level, lawyers—to enforce and protect the installed abusers, who then have a license to act on any primal instinct which they may wish.

In courts that are wholesale transferring children into the hands of their abusers, we have an atmosphere of working in the world of child genocide.

Quotes from family court judges, taken from court transcripts across the land:

The parent is seriously, provably psychiatrically ill.

“What does that have to do with parenting?”

A father has been sentenced to prison for child rape, on sex offender lists.

“He has been in jail for ___ years, so he needs to be reunited with his children.”

Children have made statements of lurid physical and sexual abuse, humiliating, cruel behavior, in fear for their lives.

“You are a liar.”

“I don’t care if you say your father is forcing you to have sex with him and his pals. You are going to live with your father.”

The abuser is often treated as a subject deserving sympathy.  Poor guy. He is saddled with such ungrateful kids.

The immoral activities of the family courts

The cost of hiring divorce lawyers is 25, 50, 75 thousand dollars. Then they must have accoutrements – therapists for all parties, an individual therapist and a family therapist, as well as a Guardian ad Litem, along with an assortment of evaluators for testing.

The protective parents thought they were paying for defenders. They had no idea that the outcome had been decided before they began.

The assembled crew will most likely create a narrative that will transfer children into the hands of their abuser, their pornographer, their sexual trafficker, or the original pervert who had crimes to cover and needed to not go to jail.

It is against this backdrop of recent history in the juvenile, dependency and family courts where child abuse is flourishing, along with the dismantling of families, removing helpless children from their beloved protectors, and yes indeed, countenancing the organized, conscious, willful trafficking of children.

Wonderful books and articles rail against inequities, cruelty and damages in the home, but the ones who read these books are witnesses to the travesty of the family courts.

These experts on cruelty in the home MUST come to a place where they can see the cruelty of the court actors in the family courts.

Listen to the children

The children in these situations are broken, and unless they receive excellent therapy as adults, their stories will never be told.

Very simply, what caring, loving parent would willingly, knowingly subject their children to this fully manipulated circus that has come to be out of control?

Children in family courts have no voices, and apparently societal forces would have it no other way.

But children must be seen, heard, and believed.

Or else they will disappear.

We must rescue the children. The stakes are too high to do otherwise.

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