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For the Child Warrior

She stands up to her brutal, well-educated, charming-to-mesmerizing abuser. He may even have access to endless streams of dark money, along with the phone numbers of those with the keys to this dark kingdom.

But she stands up to him.

He may wonder how she keeps going as his confusing assaults continue. “I love you. I would do anything for you – but you are so sick, such a liar, so crazy, you need help.”

She knows he hates her. But she is stronger than any of them.

Documentary film crews await her. They were waiting for her when her promised freedom was stolen by the judge in the courtroom. This judge’s malevolence was witnessed and documented as she denied freedom to the child.

But this only increased the child’s determination. Her courage is enhanced as she knows there are eyes on her abuser and on the enabling criminals who operate at the highest levels.

She knows there is only so much pain and suffering he can inflict, because she knows that eventually he will pay, and the low-level enablers will be disgraced and unemployable.

She will be free and will stand tall and proud.

You Must Find a Way

To all children who have suffered at the hands of their abusers, from the toddler who says “Daddy does not wear diapers when he……” to the children, pre-teens, teens, and adults who have not yet recovered from the silencing of their abusers . . .

You must find a way to communicate the truth.

You must tell friends, and their friends must tell their parents.

You must go to the school authorities with the truth.

You must not give in when your elders say, “You don’t know the whole story, the real story … [emphasis on “story”] you do not know …… and we must force you to comply ………”

Abusers and their enablers are doing their best to silence you, with threats and brainwashing and strong-arming.

But you must not give up and must continue to search for ways to speak and be heard.

When it appears that no one is listening, you must keep records, by word and deed and pictorial display. You can use your boundless creativity and ability to adapt to create a record of events, clearly noted with names, dates, and places. You can use audios, videos, movies and songs.

Abusers may be intimidating, and you must not purposely place yourself in harm’s way. Silence and seeming acquiescence or passivity may protect you from direct physical abuse.

The family courts said they would act in your “best interest,” and they should have protected you. But they did not. Now, you may be on the front line of your own defense.

You are a young warrior. Keep being a truth teller. You are the bright hope for overcoming the riptide of sadism, perversity, and greed that has overtaken the juvenile, dependency, and family courts in the United States.

How We Will Help

Children must speak. Children must be heard.

We at the FCVFC are speaking, publishing, and filing lawsuits against abusers and their enablers.

We will be speaking through our lawsuits, through uncovering “fathers’ rights” dark money, and through launching discovery that no abusers with their enablers will survive.

We want to make sure that abusers know that we know they are criminals. We place bad actors on notice.

We invite any children reading here to call in confidentially to our 24-hour hotline: 888-827-7126. <– This is the number for children to call for help.

An Example of a Letter We Write for the Protection of Children

Please be advised that it has come to our attention that our client ____ (“client” meaning a person under our protection) relates that she is being forced by you, by your agency, to participate in a process referred to by you / by your agency as “therapy.”

Our client has indicated that the person with whom you wish her to engage has been identified by her, very clearly, as her abuser, in every sense of the word.

It is commonly understood by credentialed professionals in this country that forcing anyone into an abusive relationship constitutes a violation of law. In the workplace, unwanted physical, sexual, or verbal harassment has come to be seen as a crime, punishable by criminal prosecution and pecuniary remuneration.

The word “therapy” suggests a healing process. Implicit in such a process is the client’s consent to engagement and trust in the service provider, independence of choice, and respect for the client’s thoughts and opinions.

The client  whom you wish to overwhelm with your authority, to force into invalid “treatment services” for which there is an exchange of money, links you, your agency, and all associated authorities with child trafficking, turning your title into that of a pimp, procurer, or, in your case, madam.

The term “kangaroo court” has been associated with the “pop-up” courts that arose to deal with disputes involving prospecting for gold. Perhaps this is a reasonable metaphor for the current prospecting of child labor in the sex industry, as the juvenile, dependency, and family courts have certainly become gold mines, and their attendant court actors are well referred to as prospectors.

As such, please be advised that all actors engaged in forcing our client into unsavory contact with an individual she has named as her abuser, whom she fears and detests, will be sued for malpractice.

All necessary actions will be taken immediately to protect this child from further trauma and injury caused directly by you and any and all other actors responsible for placing you in a position to harm this child and any other children who are so unfortunate as to be placed in a position to be harmed by you.

Our client will not be participating in the activity scheduled for Tuesday 12/15/2020, and any attempt to coerce or threaten her will be viewed as activity related to witness intimidation, witness tampering, and interference in bringing criminal charges against a perpetrator of crimes against a child, namely, her father.

As you are well aware of the heinous charges articulated against him by his daughters, you must be clear that references to child endangerment brought via charges of witness tampering are prosecuted as felonies under Federal Statute 18USC1512.

Such felony charges are further supported by violation of civil rights charges that will be brought against you and the agency you represent and for which you work, carrying out their immoral, unethical directives.

This case is being referred to our law firm, the Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest, a public interest corporation. The illegal, immoral, despicable actions of every individual who has harmed our client and her family, from the actions of the judge to every associated individual, are being reviewed for prosecution for damages against the child and her family.

Please act accordingly, as will our client.


Jill Jones-Soderman

Executive Director

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts

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