When the “Therapist” Colludes with the Abusers

In the family court system, we’ve seen that children are routinely told that they’re liars and then are trapped with their abusers.

But if the (abusive) parent is as good as the courts are telling these children, then why is the “therapist” reporting to the abuser?

Why is she orchestrating plans with the guardian ad litem?

Why is she looking for the police to take the children’s phones?

Why is she plotting to interfere with and derail critical independent forensic evaluation?

And yet, in the case before us, that is what is happening.

So-called “family therapy” really consists of the abusive parent confronting the child in front of the therapist, denying charges placed by the child.

Then the “therapist” imposes her own psychobabble garbage. You need to please your father. And then to the perpetrator: These children do not care about you. They just want to please the other parent and do what she wants.

The child is beaten down by the constant haranguing for her to give in and accept the false narrative.

The strength she needs to maintain reality and sanity is superhuman.

In the case before us, the “therapist” has discussed with the perpetrator her conversation with the GAL.

She has reported plans the police have made against the children and against the mother.

Criminals with bad acts they want to keep hidden will try to transform children’s truths into scripts that they claim have been written by the Protective Parents.

So here we have a crew of scriptwriters, producers, and actors who engage in producing the film they have created out of their perverted imaginations.

All of them set the scene, and the cameras roll.

The film production process is the entwined, enmeshed interactions of family-court-and-related-services criminals who are engaged in all phases of the child abuse production.

They are all actors in the crime drama, knowing every moment what they are doing.

The children have actually lived the things they describe. But the criminals say the children could not know these things, they are too young, they are being fed these lines.

But these are lines they have been living in real life.

Perpetrators of crimes against children have secrets to hide and false fronts. They can run but they cannot hide.

We know what they’re doing.

The façade that this team of frauds attempts to project is one that we break through and tear down by bringing forth hard facts.

The forensic team of the FCVFC goes after the evidence, taking it to authorities who are responsible to act. We present those facts to the investigative agencies, the FBI, Homeland Security, and the IRS.

Then we publish.

We speak for victims isolated in the hands of their abusers. We expose the crimes committed against them.

We will not be intimidated by those who threaten. We know that you will not be able to stand up to the exposure through the process of discovery.

We continue our work in the public interest.





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