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A Fraudulent Psychological Evaluation Weaponized Against Children

On January 4, I sent a letter to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, offering abundant evidence from the FCVFC forensic team that Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD, had fabricated a psychological evaluation.

This was undertaken by the FCVFC forensic team, on behalf of three children in one of the cases we are working on now. Our goal is to rescue them from the hands of their alleged abuser, to whom they were given by the enablers of the family courts.

The FCVFC requested and paid for a peer review document prepared by a licensed psychologist. This document supports the accusation of fraud.

Further documentation attached includes a statement by Margaret Coffey, MD, attesting to her contact with Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD.

It also includes Dr. Coffey’s assertions as to the lack of “Personality Disorders” fraudulently asserted by Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD.

Upon extensive investigative evaluation of documents and interviews, we have come to a clear understanding that Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD, has created a document that is portable and able to be used to discredit Protective Parents in one arena after another.

The Protective Parent in this particular case has been blindsided by the massive, coordinated corruption of the judicial court process.

To be clear, the court process is moving to award custody of three minor children to an individual who is not only unfit, but a past, present, and ongoing danger to the minor children.

This unfit individual, we assert, has been able to move forward toward his goal via the collusion of a series of court actors. Their multiple prevarications have been supported by a “psychological evaluation” that is a fraudulent document.

We further assert that the children are witnesses to crimes committed by the individual engaged in fraud and collusion with multiple court actors.

The psychological evaluation performed by Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD, was commissioned by GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz. This fraudulent defamatory psychological evaluation / custody evaluation has been consistently used by GAL Hurwitz to persuade those authorities called upon to rescue the children, to back off of any and all independent investigations.

One such critical interference—using the weight of the psychological report to cast doubt on the credibility of the children in distress—occurred early on in what became multiple attempts at procuring an independent evaluation of the children at Yale Children’s Hospital. The three minor children were brought by ambulance, by Detective William DeGoursey of the Madison Police, to the Children’s Hospital at Yale.

Before the children were seen by anyone at Yale, GAL Hurwitz introduced the writer of the fabricated report, Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, to Detective DeGoursey (I referenced the police report that Detective DeGoursey wrote).

Once the children were in Detective DeGoursey’s custody, their father was notified. The children were returned to the custody of their father, and as we came to know, were severely punished for weeks.

It appears that no one who was an independent evaluator (unconnected to the Hurwitz team) spoke with the children.

The fabricated so-called psychological evaluation report has been used in court. It has been read allowed by Judge JK Grossman to the assembled crowd, in order to humiliate the Protective Parent and to provide uncorroborated testimony.

It has been used to violate multiple Due Process rights and pave the way for court proceeding after court proceeding to clear the way for full custody award to the abuser.

The lives of the children as have been reported to mandated school reporters are a daily ritual of torture and abuse, a matter known to be of no interest whatsoever to GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz.

The FCVFC provided this information to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, out of deep concern for the health and welfare of these children whom we know to be undergoing profound trauma and distress.

We have asked that a full investigation be launched immediately, and we will be following the progress made by the Connecticut Department of Public Health, for the protection of the three children.

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