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How the FCVFC Responds to Threatening Correspondence

Protective Parents and children are often under assault by predator partners and  enablers in the family court system.

They are devastated by the wealth of lies/falsehoods put forth via unchallenged testimony and depositions conducted by skilled litigators.

The FCVFC will not stand by quietly, intimidated or silenced when faced with clear and convincing evidence of malfeasance, lies and larceny. Objective, factual evidence must be produced and every act of deception exposed.

When a court actor issues threatening correspondence, the FCVFC does not cower in a corner. Here is the FCVFC’s reply to threatening correspondence. We will not be intimidated into passivity.


Jill Jones Soderman Response to Attorney

Let me begin by addressing my audience of detractors, each one of whom appears to be dedicated to undermining the existence of a suffering child whose cries and outreaches are silenced in the din of their treachery.

In the chorus that sings the praises of the trash concept of “Parental Alienation,” under which heinous crimes are hidden, each individual actor has engaged in the same false scripts written by treacherous conspirators.

But advocacy is enshrined in the first amendment of the US Constitution, which protects speech, association, and the unimpeded sharing of ideas. This right is violated when autocratic controls limit speech, thought, and association.  This right is also violated when court actors collude to limit, control, and manipulate association of children with parents, and when actions are taken against parents for seeking advice to educate themselves and gain insight into the interventions available to them for protection from the court.

Often advocacy is the only hope of desperate isolated youth in the hands of sly, mesmerizing psychopaths who publicly present themselves as misunderstood, forlorn, desperate, loving parents seeking to save their children from the true abuser, the “alienator.”

Behind closed doors the shrieks of the victims are drowned out by the louder shrieks, squeals, and excitement of the monster descending on his prey, while the enablers indifferent to the carnage comfortably chit chat and conspire among themselves.

We have extensive evidence of the conspiring that goes on between collaborators as they support each other with interdigitated lies, producing self-serving statements wherein one lies and the other swears to the veracity of statements that are verifiably false.

This is the case with the miserable account offered by attorney Jennifer Payseno, who has consorted to create a world of misery for our young client and other children who have been so unfortunate as to cross her path.

Background of the FCVFC

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts was tempered and formed in the fires of an arsonist who attempted to burn down my home. This is the home where I, a recent widow, lived with my young child and worked as a psychoanalyst, family therapist, and mediator. Seeing suffering and harm generated a desire to extend support and minor assistance, so at that time I came to help a family of a mother and three children.

The world of hurt that opened disclosed on the one hand a mother who was beaten beyond recognition and children whose tongues were burned with hot spoons. On the other hand it disclosed psychologists and other experts who were paid from briefcases of cash. Judges filed false claims of hearings that were never scheduled, reported complaints to licensing boards consisting of testimony and reports that never existed, and false accusations against an advocate / volunteer who provided therapy to a domestic violence shelter population and a family that included three hyperactive boys all under the age of eight.

The oldest, smartest, most outspoken boy fought against any contact, any visitation with his father. On Oct. 25th, 2005 this little boy knelt by his bed with a belt wrapped around his neck and leaned forward, to his death.

The same judge continued, as has the evaluator.

Then the FCVFC was formed, driven by a promise of advocacy for children, services to protective parents, and prosecution of enablers of crimes against children.

To date, children still call our offices seeking rescue. Isolation in hands of abusers, and their facilitation of arrogant, know-it-all authorities—these are our greatest barriers to child rescue.

As years have moved forward, the FCVFC has developed interventions to make sure that those court actors, perpetrators of crimes against children, are not able to remain in place and are prosecuted for their crimes.

As a student, then employee, then adjunct professor at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, my only “mistake” was getting my primary graduate degree in psychoanalysis (rather than in psychology), an obscure degree that can be easily targeted if one cared to do so, though graduate state professional licensing had been in place since 1972.

Attorney Payseno is no stranger to filing false charges against licensed professionals and experts, a tactic applied to me as I have published multiple articles about fraud and corruption exercised in probate courts and family courts, naming names, procedures and tactics.

Over years of struggle to untangle false allegations and to hold perpetrators of harm to children accountable, as well as the crooked court actors, I have learned meaningful lessons in tactics and techniques to defend, to litigate, and to advocate on behalf of children and protective parents.

Regarding the case in Attorney Payseno’s letter

Attorney Payseno has neglected to state that the subject child has been totally clear with all so-called counselors that she has been forced into by the autocratic demands of attorney Payseno.

The subject child has written long, detailed, explicit pleading notes, which are attached to this document. The GAL has received and explicitly ignored communications from the child and multiple collaterals actually involved with the child. The GAL has chosen instead to receive the manufactured, fraudulent random communications imported for purposes of generating false testimony, such as the so-called therapist whose presence displaced the authentic providers that the subject child trusted and benefitted from.

Physical assault allegations include throwing her against walls as well as pinning her on the ground on her back and sitting on her. This latter act is particularly terrifying because she had sustained a back fracture.

The child describes locking herself in the room to which she is confined, where she is punished for keeping herself from him by being refused any food.

During the week between forced visitations, this beautiful, highly intelligent child must try to prepare herself for the hated visitation and the terror she faces.

This child is faced with sadistic, sexual and physical violence. As per the child’s reports in words and writing, she has moved from an enthusiastic student, horse enthusiast, happy, loving young woman to one who lives in fear and terror, constantly subject to the humiliating, intimate criticism of her father, feeling helpless and out of control as per the autocratic cruel demands of greedy court actors exercising power and control.

Payseno has employed tactics of witness tampering, intimidation, threats, and actualized law suits to licensing boards with false claims against practitioners. These tactics have been successful in isolating the child with providers the child has rapidly come to distrust (with good reason, as they are known to have conspired and colluded among themselves to create false reports and to report lies as to the subject child’s communications with them, with her father, and with her mother).

Correcting the Record Regarding Events of Sunday 1/10/2021

As of the weekend of 1/9/2021, the child subject began the weekend in a particular state of terror which prompted her to contact a long term family friend / therapist / mandated reporter who spoke with the child and contacted the Seattle Police. Her letter and all specifics of the police contact and report IDs are documented and will be sent to all proper authorities with regard to current judicial oversight as well as the Grievance Committee of the Seattle Bar Association.

As to further complaints filed by the Seattle police, I was privy to the sound of this child’s father pounding on the door of the room where I gather that she and her dog were cringing in her bed. I could hear his voice and the repeated pounding, not at all of the nature related by the false rendition offered by attorney Payseno. I spoke with the police who have my complete contact information, as well as a detailed account as to why I called. No child should ever be subjected to what this child has been forced to endure by adults that must be constrained from ever practicing the professions that give them access to power and authority to influence and impact the lives of children.

Actions to be taken

Among the lessons that I have learned in dealing with the malicious, despicable cruelty of those professionals who roam and graze on the bodies of our youth and all who love them, is that they must be eliminated from all possibility of continuing to harm and to profit from the harm they so clearly enjoy in engaging.

The posse controlled and mobilized by attorney Payseno have complained of threats of complaints against their licenses. I am assuring attorney Payseno’s compatriots, as well as attorney Payseno that long, well documented complaints against their licenses are immediately being filed, but more importantly malpractice actions will be filed within the next twenty-four hours. Federal Complaints under 18USC1512, along with associated Federal Civil Rights Complaints, are being researched as we speak right now.

Father Petitioner, whose false narratives reach levels of fancy, will not be left out of litigation placed against him, as criminal complaints will be properly renewed and not interfered with by the judges who appear to be part of the playground gang that subvert criminal filings.

As to attorney Payseno’s request for what she thinks is an intimidating discovery process, she must know that I am very happy to disclose my contact and my experience of what I observed and communicated, will continue to communicate, and will not be silenced by the bullying attempts at intimidation by attorney Payseno and her followers.

Jill Jones Soderman

Executive Director and Forensic Advocate, FCVFC

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