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4 Ways the FCVFC Helps in This World of Hurt

How can a protective parent lose the child custody battle in the family courts? Only by continuing to do the same thing over and over, or by giving up.

However, there are many ways to win.

In this nation of laws and free speech, there are modes of intervention that need to be undertaken in far larger numbers. We cannot imagine why they have been so little utilized.

Here are four that we use regularly.

1. Refuse to give “parental alienation” the time of day

It has been made very clear in case after case: perpetrators find it more profitable to pay lawyers and the relevant group of associated fixers in order to accomplish their goal. This goal is to obliterate their adversary, the protective parent, with claims of “parental alienation,” and to seize the children.

As I have written about in many articles on this website, the parental alienation argument is a ruse used to turn a child over to an abuser. Defending the protective parent against this scientifically debunked, utterly corrupt theory only serves to give credibility to the debunked theory, leaving the protective parent on the defensive.

At the FCVFC, we flip the PA protocol. Instead of trying to defend a client against it, we refuse to give it any credence at all.

2. Bring lawsuits for defamation

Civil and criminal charges need to be brought against those who commit crimes against children—even those in the family court system.

Defamation lawsuits need to be brought against those who have defamed the protective parent.

Claims of defamation must be prosecuted against the perpetrator who is seeking to destroy every aspect of the protective parents’ life – reputation, income, friends, family – and leave the protective parent heartbroken and penniless.

3. Report court colluders to their boards, and more

When evidence of collusion and foul play becomes evident, any lawyers, experts, therapists, all participants in the game plan protocol of “parental alienation” must be reported to their licensing boards.

Evidence of collusion, ex parte case fixing, and abuse of process must be the subject of complaint and ultimately prosecution through all relevant oversight bodies. Prosecution means pursuing removal of licenses for malpractice, pursuit of financial damages, review of criminal activity, and referral for criminal prosecution.

4. Bring lawsuits for other crimes

The FCVFC team includes forensic accountants who are prepared to pursue whatever criminal fraud claims can be proven in order to remove ill-gotten gains from the perpetrator and restore them to those who have been harmed.

Toward this goal of exposing and describing crimes and bringing accountability to all parties, the FCVFC works with a documentary film company. This film group is prepared to come to court to document the court actors and clinicians who have conspired to remove children from protective parents. They will come to the homes of families to capture the first-hand accounts of children before being transferred into the hands of the abuser.

When lawsuits are brought

It is thoroughly unlikely that any perpetrator of lies and crimes against the innocent protective parent can stand up against the Discovery and Deposition process to follow service of our complaint.

We support a frontal offensive where children are about to be held captive or potentially held in the isolation of their abusers, kept from rescue by a phalanx of court actors willing to lie, cheat and steal to protect their paycheck. And just to be clear, we are speaking of the paycheck estimated at the time of the first case information statement – the paycheck from the assets of the Protective Parent.

It’s for the children

Clinical forensic experts are an absolutely critical part of our team. These experts can present complete reports that clearly lay out the issues and the claims as to who did what to whom and how this happened. The clinical forensic expert can discuss and describe the impact on the child and can make recommendations for care and custody in order to repair damages to child and family. Unlike many court actors, they truly have the “best interest of the child” at heart.

Where crimes are suppressed, they must be exposed. Where there is “immunity,” there must be accountability.

At the FCVFC not only do we seek to expose crimes against children, but we seek to have those criminals experience the moral and legal consequences of their actions. Financial recovery is a large part of those consequences, but one of our goals is for the voices and words of the child victims to be heard. These are the most compelling and consciousness raising and conscience searing experiences, not only for the remorseless criminals, but for anyone who is prepared to bear witness to those who have heretofore been silenced.

For the FCVFC, ending one form of intervention doesn’t mean the end of the entire effort. It simply means beginning the next form of intervention. When a case is stalled, we go back to the beginning and rethink strategy. By doing this, we have developed new interventions directed at structural change. We hope that many will follow suit.

Children deserve to be able to live with the parent will provide the most conducive environment for them to grow and thrive. Caring, nurturing, and protecting children—these should be among our highest priorities as U.S. citizens.

The FCVFC is determined to do everything we can to facilitate the protected childhood that children deserve and need.

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