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The Monsters Among Us: A Letter to the Licensing Boards

To:   Psychology Licensing Boards – Clinical & Forensic Psychology


From: Jill Jones Soderman

Psychoanalyst, family therapist

Executive Director, Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts (FCVFC)


Re:    Complaint against an oppressor on behalf of children in need of rescue

Deborah Gruen Ph.D. LLC



To the directors of the Psychology Licensing Boards:

I am writing to you concerning one of the members of your organization.

Who we are

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts is a nonprofit advocacy group serving Protective Parents via overall case analysis as to legal and interpersonal issues, in order to develop treatment and court litigation strategies. We also address the inequities and flaws in courts that should be using the laws to protect children but instead silence their voices from bearing witness to crimes committed against them.

This is with the ultimate goal in mind of protecting protective parents and their children whom we have assessed as having been transferred to a parent assessed to be a child and or domestic violence abuser.

In some cases, the expert witness child advocates of the FCVFC are the only contact, the only voice, the only source of rescue for children locked in total isolation in the custody of their abusers by the authority of the juvenile, dependency and family courts across the country. The extraordinary lengths that FCVFC experts are willing to traverse to save the lives of children on the brink of suicide are well documented.

Further, our concern and a major part of our assessment involves the complaint against and prosecution of professionals who engage in obfuscation and falsification of records, as well as sadistic treatment of children assigned to them by the court. The ostensible reason for court referral is “reunification” with a parent the court has assessed to be the subject of false allegations, except that in many cases this assessment is the product of fraud and collusion with multiple court actors, possibly even including the judge.

Children’s voices are often silenced via the use of proxy reporters who claim to speak for the children but instead serve to advance a false narrative that the children in question are liars, trying to appease a parent removed by the court, and that whatever the child says is false. They continue to advance the myth that the one who has claimed abuse is always seeking an advantage with a dark and nefarious motive. They assure us that we need look no further than the proxy reporter who has generated an atmosphere in which the power of the court appointed storyteller captivates the audience.

In the thirteen years in which the FCVFC has worked to develop and lead with science, documented evidence and support for advancing the voices and truths of victims, parents, children and all who love them, we have seen the development, growth, and now the near perfection of the Faustian deal related to bad parents colluding with court actors to hand over their precious, innocent children to those who will heartlessly abuse them for their own carnal impulses.

Our charge

Such is the case we allege to be taking place with full knowledge and conscious intent on the part of clinical/forensic psychologist Deborah Gruen.

In the case in question in which Deborah Gruen plays a crucial part, extensive documented hard evidence has been gathered, and as a result of charges related to child trafficking and massive collusion between court actors and police, the entire case has been referred for investigation and prosecution to the Attorney General of New Haven, Connecticut.

All the statements made in this document regarding this case are supported by extensive evidence as well as forensic evaluations performed by Yale New Haven Child Sexual Abuse Clinic.

Each of the children has been substantiated for sexual abuse and remanded to foster care placement, yet Connecticut DCF has repeatedly returned the children to the father.

The subject children have heroically spoken out again and again, on social media and directly to school authorities, the mandated reporters whose only reporting appears to be within the gossip and coffee clutches of their school lounges.

Secret recordings were streamed to watcher witnesses who could hear the screams, the “STOP” and then the silence – and then the screams again as the victim is out of sight, but we know with whom the boy child resides.

While professional staff from Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital ordered that the children be removed from the father, the various court appointed therapists provide false narratives.

Constant reports to Police Detective DeGoursey have resulted in aborted trips, interrupted by GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz doing a public reading of the mother’s fabricated “psychological evaluation,” which discredits the mother and the children.

Falsification of psychological evaluations

A central theme in this case has been charges related to falsification of psychological evaluations meant to defame the Protective Parent and remove her children from her custody.

The litigation of this custody case involves fraudulent charges of parental alienation against the protective parent, lodged to suppress evidence of crimes committed by the adoptive father to which the three adoptive children are witnesses.

Deborah Gruen, whom I am reporting to these licensing bodies, is a mandated reporter. Yet her so-called treatment regimen has been to insinuate to the subject child that all she thinks, knows, and experiences are figments of her imagination: the child is told that her father is a good guy, a victim of her mother, and that any sexual touching, verbal abuse, and humiliation to which the child and her siblings are subject are figments of her imagination.

The charges against the adoptive father include brutal physical and sexual abuse, as well as ongoing acts of neglect and grooming behavior. Extensive pornographic material found on the father’s personal technology has indicated teaching material, showing young boys how to engage in homosexual sex. The material in the father’s computers, under his control, indicate connections to child trafficking, nationally and internationally.

Yet as the children report graphic, explicit material to CPS caseworkers, the apologists for the father continue to deflect, waffle, and make absurd statements.

As the boys describe molestation and constant physical touching, the CPS authorities have said “the sexual touching mentioned is over his clothes.”

Deborah Gruen’s part in the case

Deborah Gruen is a psychologist whose superb training and experience have been put to use spewing fabricated psychobabble. Her “explanations” state that the kid says what she says because she wants to please her mother and get away from her father, who is the more “strict” parent.

Deborah Gruen has been placed in charge of the case of this 13-year-old girl. For ten months this child has been experiencing significant frequent panic attacks, major depressive disorder, and cutting. She has been placed on medication. This child who was smart, strong, outspoken, resilient, and a major support to her brothers has been left to struggle with school and with life as her alleged abuser undermines her efforts to cope.

The individual focused upon in this immediate statement, Deborah Gruen, is the Ph.D. clinician assigned to the only girl in the family. The boys, who lean heavily on their sister for strength, are virtually mute and immobilized with fear. The clinical picture of Dr. Gruen is that of a sadist whose behavior suggests that she is driven via her technical, clinical interventions to push the child to suicide. Apparently in Gruen’s twisted mind, her explanation is that the child wishes to please her mother and so play acts behavior that tries to show the mother how much, she, the child suffers and misses her. Gruen, knowing the falsity of this fabrication, offers a twisted version insinuating that the child just doesn’t yet know that the father is the good parent, and so the child rejects the father to please the controlling mother.

This notice to every licensing board, every court actor involved in the fraud being perpetrated against the child victim forced into the interface with psychologist  Debra Gruen Ph.D. and the other assigned so called therapists presiding over the slow and agonizing march through profound despair, the debilitation of painful anxiety and depression and movement toward suicide. The child in the grip of Debra Gruen is well known to be actively suicidal and every visit with Gruen increases the child’s inner rage, despair of rescue, desire to strike out. Her only target of rage has been herself as she slashes away at her own body.

It is nonsense like Gruen’s that transfers children from Protective Parents and those who love them into the hands of predator abusers. Through each scalp she procures, she enhances her worth to those who pander in committing heinous crimes.

While Gruen spews lies and views herself as clever, we know of the collusion between Gruen and the trafficker of children. We have her words and the sound and fury of her vitriol that will indict her.

The danger these children are in

But which will come first? Will the children be freed from criminal authority through the forces they reached out to outside of the corrupt, ignorant, inept Connecticut CPS government programs?

Or will the factotum pulling down state funds from federal government programs fueled by shuffling paper and filling out forms make the machinery grind so slowly that all that is left to tell the story will be the deaths of all three children?

Will the children’s deaths consign the evidence of their lives to the trash heap of the federal rules of evidence? Will it make their words and deeds “hearsay,” even with all our audio and video recordings and their written words all of the evidence of their lives? Will their tragedy be cast into their graves in a sealed court record?

If so, this will leave Deborah Gruen to have the last word.

And so I write to your licensing boards, informing you of the living material at hand. We prepare malpractice actions, daring to investigate criminal authorities and undertaking to liberate with truth. These are the sound and fury with which you authorities are being challenged as we race against death.

These children’s strength is fading. They have told everyone that they cannot sustain their lives much longer under the torment of their court-ordered custodian.

If the children die by their own hand, it is still murder. If this happens, we will not cease to haunt you with your indolence, idleness, and supercilious refusal to question and explore the evidence, to not accept illegitimate speakers, and above all to give these children the rights to have a voice and be believed, and the right to freedom and safety that should belong to all living beings.

We are placing you all on notice that there are monsters among us that must be recognized and rooted out for the rescue of us all.

With due respect,

Jill Jones Soderman

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