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Some Steps We Take in Battling a Corrupt Family Court System


How does the FCVFC go about fighting corruption in the family court system for our clients? Here are some of our strategies.

Always we conduct an initial evaluation of court records, testimony, and evidence, in order to plan a strategy.

We seek if possible to connect with a moral attorney in the state in question. This is an attorney who wants the court to hear evidence and protect children more than wanting to line their own pockets. If we find one, he or she will then partner with our attorneys to form legal strategies.

If review of court transcripts show that the judge is prejudiced in the courtroom, we will file a motion of recusal for that judge and petition for a new judge.

We will often file “complaints”–that is, request for formal action, with judicial boards, bar associations, and other professional organizations that should hold corrupt court actors accountable.

We publish these motions and complaints, so the public can become aware. That is much of what you’ll find on the FCVFC website.

Then, if we find that those accountability organizations don’t respond (or perhaps are as corrupt as the initial court actors), we may begin lawsuit proceedings.

We may also write letters to other people-helping organizations in the local community, to bring awareness of the court corruption, so they can take action as well.

This is why we continue to publish about Connecticut Judge Jane Grossman and her team of court actors, whom we have previously published about no less than six times, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

As we do so, we are preparing lawsuit proceedings.

This is the topic of the letter we sent out today. Here it is.

Letter to the Connecticut Judicial Review Council Regarding the Judicial Conduct of Judge Jane Grossman

As the Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, I have written to this Council on several occasions due to the challenged characters of various judges in the Connecticut family court system.

Over the years I have observed the cruelty and depravity of judges in the family court jurisdictions of Stamford, Bridgeport, and New Haven as they destroy the lives of all too many children and families.

However, to date, I have never seen the likes of Judge Jane Grossman, whose ratings on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist must surely achieve a perfect score in all areas of depravity, because of her indifference (enjoyment) of obvious suffering, concomitant lack of empathy, manipulation and humiliation of children and protective parents in the process of court proceedings, and evident pleasure at the sound of her own voice. No one in court proceedings speaks more than Judge Jane Grossman, who makes her presence more front and center than anyone else, even litigants and their lawyers.

Jane Grossman surrounds herself with a cabal of toadies, factotum, and plainly stated crooks who just happen to be lawyers and sometimes psychologists. The unprincipled, unscrupulous actions of this judge and her racketeering cohorts effectively marshal her victims—children and their protective parents—down the assembly line supervised by the local law enforcement and powered by money.

Just to be absolutely clear, we know that Jane Grossman, as well as other judges about whom we have filed complaints, are engaged in witness tampering, suppression of evidence, and abuse and violation of Due Process.

The Case Currently Before Us

We have evidence that Jane Grossman and her major enforcer, guardian ad litem Jocelyn Hurwitz, are being paid off by the custodian of three children in a case currently before her.

This custodian is well known to be engaging in physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of the children under his control.  In another twist of justice, he is provided his own private security guards from by DCF and the Madison Police.

The children were given over to this custodian in spite of evidence. Yale New Haven forensic team have seen and evaluated the three children three times. Yale New Haven has returned reports stating that the children must not be returned to the father, but must be placed in foster care.

But with the injection of Jocelyn Hurwitz, one child spent one night in foster care, where he finally felt safe, for one night, before he was returned to the father, his abuser.

Included in the racketeering cabal is one Jessica Biren Caverly Ph.D., a psychological evaluator whose hatchet job evaluations are readily available to read to any authorities who question why the children are forced to live with a parent who is harming them, as expert testimony has claimed. Jocelyn Hurwitz reads to them from the falsified piece of garbage prepared by Jessica Biren Caverly to explain that the children want to please their “deranged mother,” and so they complain against their “wonderful father” who is supposedly trying to save them.

The “deranged mother / poor father” scenario for decades has been the bible for corrupt judges such as Jane Grossman, who either refuse to believe or do not care that some parents sexually abuse their children.

The Protocol in Family Court Cases in Which Children Allege Abuse

Here is the protocol:

  • Children seek rescue from a parent who has molested and brutalized them.
  • The abusive judge does not allow testimony or evidence against that parent in the courtroom.
  • The children are handed over to the one from whom they seek asylum.
  • The abusive parent has no need to fear facing criminal charges.
  • The parent who has tried to help the children is accused of “parental alienation” and “coaching” and is threatened with never being allowed to see the children again.
  • The abusive judge threatens these bonded siblings with separation or foster care if they do not comply with the judicial order.

The abusive parent is then free to make the children’s lives even more miserable, holding various creative threats over their heads such as murder of their siblings or mother, etc.

This common, everyday courtroom Scenario of Corruption is held in place by a team that includes the judge, the guardian ad litem, the lawyers of both sides, and the psychological evaluator.

It also includes so-called therapists, such as Debra Gruen, Ph.D., whose role is to convince children that their own experiences of unconscionable abuse never occurred, never happened, it was just a figment of their wicked imaginations or a wild idea inserted into their consciousness by their deranged mother.

As they are forced to deal with this therapist, the children’s depression deepens to active contemplation of suicide as they experiment with cutting. They are driven to despair.

The throwaway children are then written off as “mentally ill.”

Psychiatric problems.

Case closed.

Through stunning fraud and manipulation, Grossman and her court have snubbed their noses and enriched themselves via the blood and tears of children, thus emulsifying any respect or sense of credibility for the entire judiciary.

In addition, the unvarnished avarice of these court actors, almost all of whom are Jewish, is giving rise to feelings of anti-Semitism among some of those who have experienced the unnecessary litigation and exorbitant fees of this court.

The Actions of Your Council

Over the years, thoroughly documented complaints have been delivered to your council. This most recent well-documented case included evidence of colorful pornography teaching kids how to have sex with adult men.

But as soon as the compilation of exhibits was complete, your council contacted Jocelyn Hurwitz, and then you closed the case.

In response to the ongoing massacre of Connecticut’s children and families, at the FCVFC we want you / your council to be aware that through our law firm, the Foundation for Law in the Public Interest, we have been preparing to launch malpractice actions against Grossman and the other criminals who your committee has allowed to populate the Connecticut courts.

These complex litigations take time to prepare, but time has passed since the FCVFC last contacted you and warned you of our continued scrutiny of your unconscionable bad acts. We are closer to our goal of litigations (prosecutions), making clear our outrage, disgust, and demand for this carnage to come to an end.

Toward the goal of ending the carnage, we will be contacting every religious organization in your council’s jurisdiction. We will inform them of the bad acts of those we list as enablers and miscreants who promote child abuse, child trafficking, and overall fraud. This current communication will be attached.

We look forward to seeing you in court, hoping to learn what you knew, when you knew it, and why you allowed it to continue.




Jill Jones Soderman

Forensic Expert, Child Advocate

Executive Director FCVFC


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