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Children Who Attempt Suicide and the Authorities Who Are Responsible for Their Misery

The FCVFC is filing Grievance Complaints against the following professionals:

Commissioner Lisa M. Dubé
Jackson County Courthouse
415 E. 12. Street – 7th floor
Kansas City, MO 64106
Ph. (816)861-3730
Fax (816)881-3787

Dana Outlaw, Esq. – Current GAL
1946 NW Copper Oaks Circle
Blue Springs, MO 64015
Ph. (816)229-6100

Jared Frick – Former GAL
Law Offices of Young, Kuhl & Frick, LLC
3300 NE Ralph Powell Road
Lee S Summit, MO 64064
Ph. (816) 246 9981
Fax (816) 246 9987

This group of professionals is accused of various bad acts, including that they acted in concert to deprive the protective parent mother her rights to protect her child from multiple vile acts visited upon her daughter.  It appears that this collusion occurred once the subject child’s presence became of interest to her father.

The noted parties allegedly acted with prejudice and undue influence to protect the father and his son. Various parties were related to the father and did not disclose the familial tie. Other members of this crew were related by social and business ties and failed to disclose the connections.

The acts of sexual aggression, emotional and physical abuse committed against the minor child, while in the forced isolation of her male parent, were upon multiple occasions covered up and excused by each of the parties above, as well as local police, who participated in lying about events that involved harm to the subject child, danger to her, and implementation of harmful, traumatizing psychiatric “treatment.”

In all, complaints against each of the subjects involve evident displays of malice and bias for no reason relevant to the behavior of the Protective Parent other than that it was within their power to inflict pain, suffering, and financial abuse.

The culprits were shielded and then allowed to exercise power—it would appear for the sheer pleasure of doing so—when they were all fully aware that the subject child, for six months, had begged to see and spend time with her mother.

The child’s love for her mother was used against her as she negotiated her mother’s release from jail via her own concession to live with the person pressing charges to place her mother in jail.

The specific acts of each of these individuals will be detailed in the sections to follow. Our complaint is based on the cruelty and depravity of their acts in their indifference to the welfare and feelings of my daughter.

The child’s repeated pleas in words and deed screamed for attention and action to relieve her fear and pain.

The child repeatedly attempted to escape from the custodian she was forced to live with.

The child repeatedly attempted suicide, which resulted in psychiatric hospitalizations, during which time the mother was not contacted or informed in any manner about her daughter’s circumstances.

Commissioner Dubé was the prime mover in isolating the child, playing a prime role in witness intimidation, threats, and overall suppression of evidence that would provide information that would support proper custody assignment.

Commissioner Dubé transferred this case from one judge to another. None of these judges had any information on the issues in the case and in fact appeared confused about where my daughter was located at any given time and who held custody of her.

Commissioner Dubé and GAL Dana Outlaw by their testimony, interventions, and recommendations created an atmosphere of irrational, baseless hostility toward the subject child’s mother, seeking to punish this protective parent with financial burdens.

These financial burdens included charges to a GAL whose negligence, pure meanness, and cruelty toward the subject child warrant charges against him, not only for incompetence, but for multiple instances of malpractice. These will be listed along with the list of charges to be filed in the Bar Association Grievance now being filed against Commissioner Dubé.

Complaint Against Jared Frick

The subject child, now a teenager, reports having been raped by her half-brother in her father’s home.

After his parents kidnapped her, she told her father she wanted to go home and the Protective Parent Mother filed a Family Access Motion.

On June 26, 2019, Commissioner David Kimminau appointed Jared Frick to be the GAL for the subject child. The protective parent mother says that this appointment was due to the child’s father’s accusations against her of abuse.

Jared Frick, Esq., former GAL, displayed malicious bias on behalf of the father in multiple ways, not the least of which is by failing to disclose his familial connection to the allegedly abusive custodial authority. He also participated in keeping the subject mother from months of contact with her child, isolating mother and child without cause.


Here are the mother’s words (in designated sections and slightly edited for clarity and anonymity):

The one-sided drug test

I first met Jared Frick at the court date for the Family Access Motion on July 10, 2019 at the Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City, Missouri. My daughter did leave with me that day but I was to go take a hair test and urinalysis because my daughter’s father had accused me of being on drugs. I agreed because I knew I had not.

My attorney, Adam Peer, had told me before speaking to Jared, just to be completely honest. I was honest with Jared and admitted to smoking marijuana while I was in high school and that’s how I met my daughter’s father. He sold me marijuana as well as had me try other things later the following year.

I was still the only party having to take a drug test.

Jared was informed of my daughter’s father’s past experience with drugs. This would normally mean that both parents would take a drug test in a typical situation. Some courts will even order both if either party must take a drug test to prevent appearing as a non-neutral party.

Jared Frick should have recused himself

First and foremost, Jared failed to meet the requirement of entering this case as a GAL and a neutral party. He actually causes what should be considered fraud of the Court. Jared Frick is married to a cousin of my daughter’s father. My daughter’s father has a very close family and I can assure they were both aware of this connection. My daughter’s father’s former coworker and relative, whom I personally met, is the GAL’s father-in-law’s cousin. This father-in-law also shared a past address with Jared Frick at 631 E Montclair Street in Springfield, Missouri. The GAL’s father-in-law later had an address he shared with my daughter’s father at his parents’ house at 1804 SE Royal Street, Oak Grove, Missouri. My daughter’s father did reside there at the time.

Jared Frick showed his favoritism and invasiveness

When I had the more formal meeting with Jared Frick at his Lees Summit office on August 14, 2019, I informed him of the abuse my daughter went through at her father’s house and even provided him with a copy of the screenshot between the father and my daughter’s friend. The inappropriate conversation caught Jared’s attention. He told me he happened to be meeting with my daughter’s father later that day and asked if he could keep the paper to confront hm. He stated he would even ask to look at my daughter’s father’s phone.

This screenshot was later brought up in trial, but Jared behaved as if it was something new to his knowledge.

My daughter’s last case manager at Comprehensive Mental Health also reported that Jared Frick had stated to her on the phone that he “just happened to be meeting with the child’s father later that day.” At this point Jared had already spent more time meeting with the father than with his actual client.

Jared requested an email I had mentioned to Kirstin Swann, the co-parenting counselor Jared had instructed us to attend. I told him it was very personal; there wasn’t really anything useful for him in its contents. He however, still insisted on reading it.

The following day I had a conference call with Jared Frick so that I could attempt to explain the impact my daughter’s abuse has had on her life. I presented him with researched statistics as well as expert opinions.

The child’s false accusation

My daughter had been grumpy the morning of August 27, 2019 and began to be argumentative on the way to a morning doctor’s appointment. When leaving there we headed to her school. Due to her disrespect I asked her to give me her phone. She hopped out of the car when I had stopped the car due to surrounding traffic. My daughter later reported she bumped her lip on the car door in this process.

She reported this as the truth during her forensic interview with CPS. The day of the occurrence, however, out of anger and her father’s previous guidance, she reported that I hit her. She quickly recanted, but nobody listened to her at that point. A new safety plan which Jennifer Jackson, the CPS caseworker, credits Jared Frick’s assistance in making, was sent to everyone involved with the case on September 13, 2019. This safety plan placed my daughter living at her father’s where she even reported to Ms. Jackson that she did not feel safe.

It also restricted me to supervised visitation. When acquiring information about making arrangements for these visits, Jennifer Jackson told me to contact Jared Frick. His secretary informed me, after reportedly speaking to Jared, that the father or an adult he approves of can supervise my visits.

Jared’s first invasive home visit

A scheduled home visit from Jared Frick took place September 16, 2019. Jared arrived two hours early, when I was about to shower after cleaning all morning. The only thing unprepared was my broom and dustpan were propped on a chair and my mop and bucket were in the middle of a room. I had a few items gathered on the kitchen table but other than that, my house was spotless.

Jared reported it as cluttered and untidy.

My fiancé let him in as I quickly changed my clothes and went upstairs to greet him. He was already in my daughter’s room, pulling out every single book to search every inch of the room. He completed doing this to the entire upstairs in about 5 minutes after arriving. He was behaving erratically and almost psychotically. He even searched my purse. He began asking me random questions, I’m assuming to throw me off from the fact that he was illegally searching my home. When speaking to me he had a mischievous grin.

He walked around my fiancé at the top of the stairs and began his search downstairs, even as my fiancé told him he did not have permission to do so.

He found in a little organizational drawer on the top of the desk, a glass marijuana pipe that I was unaware of its presence. I looked at my fiancé, who immediately claimed it. He said it was old and his father had brought it over. He had been having a hard time because I had been working a lot to cover attorney expenses.

Jared then tried to open our bedroom door, which Michael had locked due to Jared’s invasion of our privacy. He reported this as there being drugs hidden in the locked bedroom. I walked him outside and explained I knew nothing about the pipe and I was not ok with its presence. He called me a liar and said I had to have known it was in my home. But when four people live in a home, it is almost impossible to know the contents of every single drawer in the home. I don’t go around checking every drawer every day of my life. Jared told me this would be reported in a negative manner. Not excusing its presence, but marijuana is legal in our state. I don’t want it in my home with my children but it was put up hidden somewhere that the kids never go around, but Jared Frick reported it as being accessible to my daughter.

The supervised visitation that felt degrading

I then arranged a visit with my daughter’s father, who suggested lunch at Panera Bread one day, early October 2019. I brought my son to see my daughter as well. The father and his wife (as well as my daughter) sat down at the table where my son and I were seated and began to tell me how good my daughter was doing in school. They were showing me her grades on a mobile app. I asked for access to this myself, to which I was denied.

Every time my daughter would ask me something, after I responded, the father’s wife would answer as well. I left this visit and once in my car, was very upset. This means of visitation felt so degrading and humiliating. I called Jared’s office again to request another means of visitation. I was then informed about Empowering Parents.

Empowering Parents provided visitation for my visits from November 13, 2019 until December 11, 2019. I was to pay $20 an hour but when my daughter’s father learned that the parent aid was willing to help with transportation, it became $40 an hour. (The father had moved to a more rural area that’s 30 minutes there and another 30 minutes back.)

The child out on the streets

On December 17, 2019 I received a call from my daughter that awoke me at about 3 AM. She said someone needed to talk to me and handed the phone to Officer Lockhart of Odessa Police. He explained my daughter had been walking around the streets when it was past curfew but wouldn’t give him her father’s phone number.

I explained the custody situation and had to call my parents to go pick up my daughter when her father didn’t answer his phone. School had been canceled for a few days prior to this due to inclement weather and my daughter had been staying at a friend’s the past 5 nights. She reported that her father texted her only once during this time and had never spoken to her friend’s parents.

When I called my attorney later that morning, I asked if this safety plan was even ordered through court with a judge’s approval. He told me no and I should have called him; he would have told me to get her. My parents brought her home after that new information.

My transmission had gone out on my vehicle so I tried to handle everything by changing her school back over the phone. December 20, 2019 I had called Odessa Middle School where my daughter had been attending while staying with her father, to acquire information about turning in textbooks and cleaning out her locker. They told me to come to the school and asked when I might arrive.

I had already spoken to the Independence School district about transferring her back. They had told me since winter break was only a couple days away as well as the end of semester, to just call back after the new year.

Going to Odessa Middle School to make the transfer

When my father drove my daughter and me to retrieve her belongings, Mrs. Cowman, the school social worker, told me she just got off the phone with Jared Frick. Then Mrs. Malizzi, the principal, very rigidly asked why my daughter was not at school today and that was neglect since she was ill.

I asked her if she asked the same thing of the father when he brought her there, allowing a few days’ gap between attendance. She did not answer, and as I explained she wasn’t even supposed to have been enrolled with them, Mrs. Cowman grabbed a paper and stated “well this paper from Jared Frick says she is.” I asked to see the paper but was denied and later told this paper didn’t exist.

They then said she didn’t have anything in her locker, and we left to head home, a 40-minute drive, without a purpose to have come from the start.

Jared Frick’s second “home visit”

About 5 minutes later my attorney called frantically asking my location. Jared Frick was at my house to do the second home visit. I explained I had just left the school and Jared Frick knew this because Mrs. Cowman had just got off the phone with him.

I attempted to get there as fast as possible, but Jared was gone before I could arrive. Jared reported he was not able to do a second home visit and someone was home and refused to let him in and this must be because drugs were there, possibly being hidden. This was even told as a fact during the trial; it’s the most absurd and unprofessional means of evidence I have ever heard as if a child was trying to build a case against an individual.

The subject child ordered to stay at Odessa Middle School

The next court date, a pretrial conference which was held December 30, 2019, Commissioner Kimminau reacted confused to my lawyer’s request to reinstate parenting time. This was because it was never taken away.

However, Jared insisted that she stay in school in Odessa, where she had been illegally enrolled. Opposed, but commissioner Kimminau, who behaved as if he didn’t know she was ever taken from my care, ordered her to stay in Odessa schools.

I could not afford a different car right away. I had to rent a car to take her to Odessa Middle School, 40 minutes from my home, every morning of school and then attempt to have my son to school as quickly as I could get there from Odessa. This was expensive and I could only approach it at a week-to-week pace. I could not attempt to buy a car because the rental took my income and my daughter was tired at the thought of being able to live there again.

Jared Frick’s lack of care for the subject child

Jared Frick hardly ever spoke to my daughter the entire time he was her assigned GAL. She even called the courthouse to complain about her GAL where someone told her to write the judge a letter. She did this without my knowledge. She was 14 and very intelligent, perfectly capable of doing something like described. I was later accused of telling her to do this.

Jared Frick came to Odessa Middle School and Mrs. Cowman spoke to my daughter. My daughter reported telling him she didn’t feel safe at her father’s because of her half-brother raping her in the past.

Jared replied “Anything else, or is that it?”

During the trial Jared Frick behaved as if he was the father’s attorney, leaving the father’s actual attorney with a minimal work load.

Jared even yelled at my only witness, Ashley Carpenter, who was my daughter’s 1st case manager at Comprehensive Mental Health. They all seemed to attack Ashley as she even stated they were reading her reports in segments and out of context. Jared pushed ahead with all his fabricated “facts.” He even asked me if I thought my daughter’s father loved her, and what are two good things about him as a father. I knew if I did not list anything I would look confrontational but Jared twisted my words into the judgement to make it seem as if I were complimenting the father for being such a good parent.

Following the trial and awaiting the judgement, the assigned schedule continued. A few individual employees of Odessa Middle School even went as far as harassing my daughter to make it appear as if she were acting out, now that she was back at home with me. Jared sent out an email addressing this accusation on March 6, 2020, describing my daughter as “spiraling out of control.”

This was following an email written by Mrs. Cowman per request of the father and his wife. They even went as far as accusing my daughter for being high on marijuana, sending her home early. I didn’t even receive a call, just her being dropped off at the door. I quickly put an end to that accusation by taking her to have a supervised urinalysis which came back negative.

My daughter had a chance to slightly express her feelings in court at trial, limited to answering Commissioner Kimminau’s questions. She expressed them more in the letter she told me about after the fact, explaining Jared was supposed to be having her best interest in mind, but how can he do that without talking to her?

He seemed more worried about making the father happy, and he shouldn’t get to decide where she goes. She was never even given any means of a way to contact Jared during this whole time.

Jared Frick has done great disservice, acting in a fraudulent manner. I currently have a garnishment that Jared put into place for the amount of $4,103.18, for a GAL that has caused my family great pain and suffering. He never seemed to have considered what was best for my daughter. I am supposed to pay this fraud who acted as an officer of the court and simply violated my rights and repeatedly abused his power.

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