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An Anniversary Not to Celebrate

April 24th was the one-year anniversary of when three children were ripped from the loving arms of their very good mother into the dark lair of their accused abuser, whom the children fear as the source of their misery, soul murder cruelty.

This is a day of mourning for those three children and all who love them. Undoubtedly, once they are free of their captor, their surname will be shed, relegated to the unmarked grave of forgotten lost souls because of the ignominy it has earned.

The only solace for the children, the only source of communication and contact with the outside is not the mother, who is constantly falsely accused, berated, and stalked.

But there is a way to communicate about life in the gulag, a way that the Monsters among us cannot unravel. How did they know that? Where did that come from? Will it stop? No, it will never stop.

The court cronies, Grossman, Hurwitz, and Caverly, are shown below.

Judge Jane Grossman
Judge Jane Grossman


Jocelyn Hurwitz
GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz


Psychologist Jessica Biren Caverly
Psychologist Jessica Biren Caverly


We have formerly written about them in the following posts:

This cabal has been drawn together by what can only be described as a breathtaking, unnatural hatred of children, jealousy of happy family units, and an unholy appetite for the desperation of terrified parents.

These terrified parents seek to grasp for some opening, some sign of a reprieve, a relief from the gnawing terror knowing what their children face.

Because these Protective Parents understand what it is like to live with the Monsters that they escaped.

Can the mysteries of the origins of their evil be found in MRIs of their brains, the inactivity of one lobe, the over activity of another lobe?

We do not know, but surely each kind of Monster—the ones in the home and the ones in the court system—deserves its own chapter in a book such as that by Michael Stone, M.D., The Anatomy of Evil.

 But we do have a way to cause this batch of Monsters their own nightmare. Damages lawsuits will soon haunt the dark world of the Monsters among us.


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