Children Must Be Seen, Heard, and Believed: Powell v Jones Defamation Case Elucidated (Part 2)

Judge Erika Tindall, the judge in the case in question
Judge Erika Tindall, the judge in the case in question



Yesterday’s article gave the first part of the story behind the Powell v Jones defamation case. Today’s article finishes that story.

The FCVFC Intervenes to Help the Girls

The escape mission was accomplished with the help of grandparents in their mid-80s, whom the girls hadn’t seen in over five years, and then with the assistance of the local police.

The girls met and spoke with police briefly prior to appearing in court on Monday morning to secure a protective order against their father, taking refuge with their grandparents as their only guardians.

When their father sued the police for keeping the girls from him the night they escaped, the police testified in their depositions that they had no question that the girls appeared terrified, were telling the truth, and needed to get to court on Monday morning.

Prior to appearing in court to secure the Protective Order required to remain with their grandparents and not be returned to their father, the girls wrote detailed complaints relaying information about life with Father.

Judge Erica Tindill (pictured above) referred to these crimes as “heinous” as she granted the temporary Protective Order.

Attorney Alex Schwartz then made an appearance. He spoke with the girls by phone and met with them in his office Monday morning with their grandfather, just prior to the Protective Order hearing.

He had in his possession detailed descriptions of the girl’s complaints, as they had dictated to me and sent to him prior to their meeting.

During the meeting the sisters personally committed to these statements detailing the degrading, despicable acts to which they had been subjected by their father.

Alex Schwartz wrote up the Protective Order form with the girl’s statement. Then without my knowledge or anyone’s consent, instead of having the two girls sign the complaint, he had the children’s grandfather sign the form, as if the complaints had been reported by him.

The children’s grandfather, a graduate of the Naval Academy (Annapolis) was in his mid-80s. Because of an injury related to his service as a naval officer, he was extremely hard of hearing.

Attorney Alex Schwartz had just set up the grandfather, having him sign a document under oath where he had no idea that he was signing or what he had been questioned about.

Together, in the custody of their grandparents the two girls, ages 14 and 16, were willing to testify in court, before their father or anyone else.

But Judge Erika Tindill refused to allow the girls to testify against their father. They were kicked out of court and again called liars.

The grandfather was found to be in contempt of court.

The girl’s allegations of abuse were declared to be unfounded.

All of this was because their lawyer, Alex Schwartz consciously, maliciously completely undermined the proceedings within a couple of hours Monday morning before the hearing. He simply put a form in front of an elderly man who trusted his lawyer.

What Happened to the Girls?

On the record, the victims were silenced, discredited, humiliated, and abused again by the authorities and court system who were appointed to serve and protect them.

When the children were turned back to their father-abuser’s custody, Judge Tindill ordered cameras to be placed in the house. But not in the bedrooms or bathrooms. These were locations where his crimes were perpetrated.

In addition to engaging the same controls the father was able to employ, Judge Tindill added another prohibition.

She said that no party to this proceeding could bring any further legal action without that action being reviewed by Judge Tindill. If it appeared impossible to make a bad situation worse, Judge Erica Tindill did in fact immensely worsen the situation for the girls and their grandparents, at least in the short term.

Not long after the children were returned to their father, the older daughter left the household and was ultimately emancipated. The younger daughter remained in the father’s custody.

In the short period of months where both girls were forced to live with their abuser, the action taken to protect the girls has provided insight into the violations of First Amendment Rights Applications and the profound deficiencies of the US court at all levels.

Who Were the Judges in the Powell Cases?

Exposing the Real Story Behind the Frazer Character Assassination

For years, the FCVFC has worked with Protective Parents in Connecticut (their state of residence).

Until the defamation court hearing began (Powell v Jones), the facts of Frazer’s interaction with the children were never revealed.

At that time, letters were presented that contained aspects of the reasons the girls reached out to me. It was shown that they reached out because they were aware of our position on Eric Frazer and our assistance to other children in the community that these girls knew.

Powell’s Accusation of “Defamation”

The Defamation Trial of Powell v Jones was a sham trial conducted by a kangaroo court that promoted the interests of judges and various court toadies who suppressed and tortured evidence from victims at every stage of this trial process.

The writing referred to as Defamation protected the girls and ultimately a timid community from the abuses of the named perpetrator.

The writings about this perpetrator of crimes against his children placed a spotlight on him, which resonated in his consciousness and in the greater control he exercised in dealing with the child who remained in his custody.

We find that in dealing with DV abusers, the only thing that works is oversight and control. That oversight and control was never exercised by the authorities with the money and power to protect these children.

The Judges in charge at every level of hearings thoroughly abrogated their authority and responsibility to protect children and all vulnerable populations. The hypocrites in black robes circled the wagons and protected their own.

But their bad acts will not be buried in misleading documents and the false narratives, made up, altered testimony of acts that never occurred.

Failure to properly address acts of incest and child abuse—this is creating generations of home bred criminals and adults whose lives are forever severely damaged.

Erica Tindill – Stamford Family Court

(Presided over Protective Order and Appeal of Protective Order)

Not only did Tindill refuse to have the girls testify in court, which would have allowed them to make a true and accurate record for the first time.

But also, Tindill imposed her own version of events, twisting and distorting facts, leaving out critical elements about their lives and functioning.

She found fault with not reporting to DCF, referring and deferring to Eric Frazer, and exhibiting incredible ignorance of how abused children and DV victims function.

Tindill inserted herself on the record as an expert, commenting and drawing conclusions for which she was entirely unqualified.

She made up “facts” that did not exist, such as her statement that she was sure that the grandparents were in fact in contact with their grandchildren. But the grandparents were never in contact with the children under any unauthorized meeting over the period prior to assisting in the girl’s escape.

After making up these thin-air “facts,” Tindill drew conclusions from them and then ruled according to her novel, inaccurate conclusions.

Her support of agencies that harmed the children as well as supporting an evaluation that she was equally unprepared to comment upon, should have been grounds for an appeal.

Prior judges created a similarly fabricated record, false narratives based on biased, prejudicial legal representations. These harmed the children as the court consistently condemned the children to life with their abuser.

The fraudulent record had been created by a credentialed, licensed evaluator whose reports were professionally unacceptable, scientifically invalid, and filled with hearsay bias and lies.

Sadly, this report followed the girls over time, providing/supporting one false narrative after another that was scooped up by judges, whose penchant for false rulings failed the “sunshine test” of truth and light.

The pattern of judges playing fast and loose with facts, creates a record that they then rule upon – incorrectly – because they ignore the voices of and create their own fabricated “fact patterns.”

This is unacceptable on every level of jurisprudence.

Judges’ support for each other’s erroneous decisions, over time creating an entirely false narrative, undermines the entire credibility of the judiciary.

It also destroys children’s lives and the entire fabric of society.

Robert M. Spector – Federal Court Magistrate Judge

Trial Judge – Powell v Jones – June 20, 2019, Oral Argument -2nd Circuit Judges

Second Circuit Court Judge Robert Spector
Second Circuit Court Judge Robert Spector

The Defamation Trial

Wanting the daughter to appear

I had made accurate differential diagnoses, correctly interpreting what was an emergency and what was not, but this was ridiculed. The draconian interventions deemed necessary by the court sent a terrible message of betrayal to the girls.

Judge Spector wanted the older sister to appear in court, the one who had escaped her father’s tyranny. However, it was made clear to Judge Spector that she could not appear because her little sister was in the custody of their abuser and any negative disclosures would severely jeopardize her little sister’s safety.

Further, whatever financial advantages she could glean from her father, she wished to protect. She knew her father wished to appear as if they had “a good relationship,” as depicted when he assisted her when she was stuck on the road with a flat tire. She had no spare tire because he provided no money for her subsistence. She works and she does not “attend college,” as the father indicated in his testimony suggesting what a good Dad he is. The child who was able to emancipate herself from him takes college courses online as she is able to afford them.

What was their evidence?

In the defamation court hearing, Powell quoted the precise statements lodged against him by his daughters in the Protective Order first granted by Judge Erica Tindill.

While the federal court judges exonerated Powell, the record upholds the fact that he was guilty of every act of which he was accused by his two daughters.

Judge Robert M. Spector nodded smiling approval as testimony was read from the children’s documents (diary) relating events of sexual abuse by their father as well as their feelings about what happened to them, stating the impact on each child.

Once read, the diary was subsequently excluded from testimony.

What evidence was used to exonerate the perpetrator of harm against his children?

It was the proxy reporters with their own agendas, whether it was to make money or preserve their relevance in the positions they held.

Proxy speakers for victims, who are able to alter or indeed falsify the truth, should never be allowed to speak when it is possible to procure direct testimony from victims.

Proxy speakers in the form of defective DCF caseworkers and hired gun “experts” prevent victims from speaking, reporting for themselves, and then being believed because what they are reporting is true, according to the analysis of law enforcement and trained psychological experts.

Any system that promotes testimony filtered through proxy reporters, all of whom have financial investment and motives in providing a self-serving outcome, cannot possibly be relied upon to seek truth and justice, especially for vulnerable children.

Embracing false narratives provides for the growth of “cottage industries” of professionals trained to lie, cheat, and steal undermines the entire justice and court system of any nation.

All evidence from the child victims were dismissed in favor of agencies and judges who betrayed their responsibility to the children.

Judges and agencies criticized were held as authorities in opposition to findings of abuse and neglect brought by an independent expert brought into the case by the victims themselves.

Fraud and malfeasance

All the agencies I had filed complaints against stated that I was negligent and malicious because I hadn’t contacted them. But I HAD contacted them multiple times and then filed complaints against them because of their fraud, incompetence, negligence. They made false statements that were contrary to the record.

The FCVFC filed complaints against every individual and every agency that handled this case.

There was extensive evidence related to fraud and malfeasance on the part of almost every court actor and agency caseworker, including the attorney first retained to deal with the Powell case, since he had not taken action on the case he was originally retained for. By default he handled the Protective Order case, but he betrayed my clients.

The Second Circuit Court judges are guilty too

Second Circuit Court Judge Dennis Jacobs
Second Circuit Court Judge Dennis Jacobs
Second Circuit Court Judge Joseph Bianco
Second Circuit Court Judge Joseph Bianco





Second Circuit Court Judge Michael Park
Second Circuit Court Judge Michael Park

The Second Circuit Court judges reviewed the brief and responded to it by ignoring it and then creating “evidence” that was non-existent.

They then supported a verdict of guilty in regard to the defamation accusation.

The intensity of their insistence on these things is contrary to their pristine reputation. They have created a violation of the law and a stain on their reputation and a blow to children’s rights.

The First Amendment must be unshackled, not only used to promote and protect wealthy criminals.

Children—the victims themselves—must be seen, heard, and believed.





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