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What No One Knows and Everyone Needs to Know about Family Court Criminality

What No One Knows and Everyone Needs to Know about Family Court Criminality

I want to address an issue that I believe remains unclear and perhaps never properly addressed in the public arena.

This issue has to do with the utter venality, depravity, and remorseless crimes committed not only by perpetrator predators who commit crimes of domestic violence, etc.  but by the authorities within the US court systems, judges, attorneys, and court-appointed functionaries who serve as “eyes and ears of the court” to facilitate fact finding and evidence by which the judge can come to a decision/adjudication of the case.

I want to address some fundamental misunderstandings with regard to the specific population served by the FCVFC.

The diagnostic divide in pathology and criminality is defined, in the cases we serve, by hardline criminal behavior, committed by psychopathic personalities parading as “misunderstood, misjudged victims,” being prejudiced by false allegations, by “lying spouses” cooking up false charges and pressing children into an alliance of false allegations.

The population of predators and severely deranged personality disordered individuals addressed in family courts are those who move with conscious intent, a clear understanding and will to plan out and engage in behaviors that harm, that cause pain and suffering. Their intent is to engage in whatever behavior they wish without interest or concern for whomever crosses their paths.

Terms like empathy, compassion, concern, or love apply only to emotions directed toward them, not expected FROM them toward others. Doing whatever they wanted, under the radar, without consequences to them is their only concern. The toadies they retain are concerned only with the funds extracted for their services.

I want to address the population of criminals committing crimes of family violence in all forms, with conscious, malicious intent to spin a false narrative into a legal strategy that defames, degrades, and humiliates spouses that entered a relationship, often under false pretenses with partners with a long-term agenda.

We often see closeted homosexual men who drum up the testosterone long enough to act the part of a straight partner to engage a naive partner in becoming a beard and a brood mare, ne’er do well men who seek to present a picture of maturity and stability by marrying to impress a wealthy parent, insecure in passing on the family empire to their heir to for dilettante son; marriage and the promise of an heir can be seen as signs of maturity, settling down, instead of another permutation of his psychopathic, conniving nature.

We also see predatory pedophiles who choose naive spouses to bear children for them that they can then use for their own perverted carnal ends.

Cases such as the notorious McMartin Preschool case in the 1990s have served to dull the mind of the public to think that severe abuse “never happens.” This dullness of mind has developed a legal environment, especially in family court, of protection for child abusers.

But in case that wasn’t enough, Richard Gardner MD created a treatise of “parental alienation” with the naked intent of defending men accused of child sexual abuse. Then a tsunami of child sexual abuse cases came out of the closet, opening an era of attacks on children and protective parents.

Then an entire industry appeared, of professionals willing to trade professional integrity for the status of highly paid hired guns. The racketeering nexus begins with the attorney who then connects to the judge, who then appoints the GAL, the evaluator, therapists, on and on and on.

Family law became less about law law and more about horse trading. It morphed into a highly lucrative field of bottom feeder lawyers who were better known for their trafficking contracts as opposed to their skills in fighting for their clients, less concerned about due process and fighting against abuse of process than concerned about lining their pockets.

Well coordinated racketeering squads, known and identified in states like Connecticut, Maryland, and Missouri have become increasingly secure, brazen, and pricey.

The FCVFC is fully familiar with the cast of psychopathic predators who parade as licensed professionals. They are equal opportunity abusers who have no bias in taking money from men or women to slowly, painfully exsanguinate the life blood out of their victim—men, women, and children—probably separating platelets from other blood products for the highest rate of return.

The FCVFC does not sit by quietly, passively watching . We know with whom we are dealing, and we know how to intervene.

The vast majority of divorce proceedings proceed with reasonable equanimity. Estimates that suggest that 90% of the divorces that take place in the 50% of the population that seek divorces move along with minimal acrimony.

The 10 % of the population that are referred to as “extremely high conflict” divorces are cases that depart from the norm, have a uniqueness not addressed by the standard that everyone is equal under the law.

Take a case in which a child accuses a parent of a crime of battery or sexual abuse.

It appears that the judicial system cannot incorporate the concept that certain acts constitute crimes and the allegations require proper investigation by qualified professionals.

In the circumstances of crimes committed within families, other than murder, the events prior to the incontrovertible event were most likely present and ignored within the community. Child sexual abuse in the family—incest—is too often suspected, ignored or dealt with as too controversial a subject to address.

When allegations of interpersonal violence arise between adults, or abuse and neglect of children there is a massive tendency to meet these allegations with blanket denial. Such allegations are met with a clearly paranoid stance, charging undue influence and false allegations between accuser and accused.

Let us be very clear here, children have the ability to clearly, cogently and completely reveal experiences of abuse when sensitively, gently, and carefully allowed to communicate. It is more likely that children are terrified into silence by threats of the harm or murder to a parent, sibling or pet.

The collateral signs of abuse must be recognized and documented. Then a full forensic examination of the child’s movements, contacts, and scheduling must be evaluated before any questioning is identified.

Mood changes, behavioral interactions, regression, all are as clear and reliable symptoms of the presence of abuse as are changes in the coloration of a mole on one’s body when evaluating for melanoma.

Relying on disclosure by artificially rigid, stringent parameters more geared to ruling out abuse, than being clear about exactly what a child might be experiencing arguably constitutes malpractice and professional malfeasance in serving the interest of child clients.

The environment advocating for careful, well conducted forensic evaluations of children’s complaints of abuse or adult’s concerns based on behavioral observation has never been properly developed.

It seems that in a materialistic, self-absorbed, avaricious society the needs of children and all those presenting with dependency, vulnerability needs are met with disdain and outright hostility.

Richard Gardner MD popularized the defense of incest, stating that there was no incest or child sexual abuse within families because he denied that incest was a crime and categorized it as a right of the father to have sex with his children and that jealous mother’s objected to this primal right.

The Court cut-and-paste edited version of the Gardner doctrine known as “parental alienation” has been handed down in the shortened version: jealous, toxic mother, innocent father. This version has been propelled by the profitable industry of fraudulent psychological / psychiatric evaluators that develop reports that lie, distort, misrepresent, offer false histories and create findings of toxic diagnoses against the targeted parent and a cleaned-up version of twisted history that advances a false narrative, giving custody to the parent accused of crimes against the child.

The Protective Parent is removed from the equation  – kept from seeing or speaking to the child, except under the stringent supervision of parenting supervisors chosen by the legal team vested with the right to control the narrative by the judge.

This cover-up of crimes has  generated a massive industry vested in stating that all mention of crimes against children are false, children coming forward to report crimes are liars, coached by a parent who is seeking an unauthorized advantage in whatever proceedings are moving forward.

The modification of the extreme position is that a child is caught in the middle and the child is seeking to please both parents and so gives some version of the truth to each parent.

When the overseers of justice are themselves the doppelganger, mirror images by character and deeds of the abuser the Protective Parent and subject child – victim – then when the naive seeker of justice appeals for relief from crimes noted and described, they are left helpless and at the mercy of what can only be described as “kangaroo Courts” where racketeering, favoritism, and prefix outcomes are managed by the flow of power and money.

Another aspect of this dynamic is that the perpetrator of crimes is also subject to the source of decisions and are themselves caught in the same vice of tyranny, because the “dispenser of outcomes” can squeeze their “mark” for more and more money, slowing decision making, extending hearings or trial dates, extending trials for weeks and months, and then writing temporary orders that, theoretically cannot be appealed.

The power and authority of autocratic judges and the legions with whom they work eviscerate any and all hope for justice for victims by controlling all ends of the spectrum, trapping the actual victims as well as the perpetrator of crimes, seeking coverage for their own crimes through their pact with the devil they think they know.

The crimes being discussed include – but are not limited to:

  • Incest
  • Domestic Violence
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Economic Abuse
  • Psychological Abuse
  • Threats
  • Cyber Stalking

The crimes we are noting are crimes that involve access, proximity, and availability of subjects. The prime variable is structural inequality within the relationship, which limits access to funds and information, as well as access to authorities to report and have allegations investigated.

Charm, attractiveness, and glibness of speech are used to engage sympathy of friends, family, neighbors…… “this poor guy / girl saddled with that crazy wife/ husband and those awful, selfish, unappreciative kids.”

Or as one Family Court judge stated in a private conversation where she commented on the brutal felony murder of a toddler (the autopsy report stated that the mother used the child’s ears as handles to bang the child’s head against the hard wood floor): “She was just too pretty to have committed such a horrible crime.”

The biomechanical ordered detailed what this pretty woman did, how she did it and the Forensic Team put together exactly why she did it. The murderer should have gone to jail for life. The pretty woman was charged with manslaughter and sent to prison for five years, less years than the age of the beautiful, loved child she murdered.

The ability to mesmerize listeners with a soap opera-like saga, where trials become theatrical productions—this is a dynamic that we see as central to these high conflict litigations.

We refer to litigations conducted through violations of Due Process, Abuse of Process, witness intimidation, suppression of evidence, failure to allow children to speak, excessive use of proxy interpreters of evidence (psychological evaluators, therapists, reunification therapists, supervised visitation therapists), wide ranging judicial discretion to insert evidence and facts that are not only not present in the court proceedings but can be factually proven to have never taken place.

These theatrical productions are orchestrated by the team that the Protective parent and subject child never knew they hired.

We view these manipulated proceedings as means of extracting huge amounts of money. They bury facts and truth under piles of paper. They allow inserted “facts” placed by judicial commentary and meanderings to fill loopholes the judge knows may be brought up in Appeal.

We view these circumstances as the ravings of sound and fury that deafen the listener, blind the viewer, and silence child victims and Protective Parents.

We address these proceedings as the killing fields of the US kangaroo juvenile, dependency, and family courts.

The ubiquity of smugness is driven by the campaign of those who have crimes to hide and assets to forge, through a legal and social campaign that smothers the atmosphere, extinguishing oxygen to breathe truth into the unfolding events of life with an abuser, and the audacity of attempts to fight back.

This is exactly the story we wish to elucidate and bring to public attention.

We wish to not only pose the problem as we see it, but to discuss the interventions and remedies to these problems, none of which reach a level of brain surgery complexity, but are actually very simple, common sense, easily, readily accessible remedies to that which is not an insoluble problem.

The remedies and interventions are addressed in ongoing articles here on the FCVFC website and in discussions of our continuing, tireless work.

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