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Like a Frog in Boiling Water: How Protective Parents are “Set Up” in Family Court

Like a Frog in Boiling Water: How Protective Parents are “Set Up” in Family Court

The general public may not know the horrific state of the family courts. But this secret is well known to the experts who advocate and litigate for the clients of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts and the Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest, a public interest / whistleblower law firm.

Over the past twenty years the anti-intellectual, anti-morality concept of parental alienation has been opening the gates of hell for protective parents to lose their children to abusers as soon as they call attention to child abuse of any kind.

A society governed by the premise that money can buy you anything, including sex with children, has engendered a court system that promotes it.

This court system has come to be defined by anti-evidential, double talking arguments that use circular logic to halt any advancement of an actual case. This system is ruled by autocratic judges committed to controlling and shutting down litigation, limiting case backlog, and setting an ever increasing standard for the cost of custody litigation.

The standard of custody litigation in juvenile, dependency, and family courts across the country is the pre fixe litigation model in which known marital assets define the winner and loser before court complaints are fully formulated and the team that no one knew they hired has been picked. That team includes the Judge / GAL matchup along with the parental alienation “expert” evaluator, along with the attendant team of therapist / coordinator / facilitator.

Are you a protective parent? Then this is what you need to know.

This new crew, who could be characters out of something written by the Marquis de Sade or Kafka, or perhaps some number of Shades of Grey, will now determine your future. At some point you may well feel that you have entered “another dimension” such as that in The Twilight Zone. It will be small comfort to learn that the same courtroom scene, the same court scenario, is played out in every state in the Union, in every family courtroom in the country.

In this travesty of justice, whatever you thought you and your children knew, felt, planned, and hoped for, will not be. The lawyers, who know their places and their lines, routinely line up their clients like frogs in water, turning up the heat as the client tries to understand what’s happening.

Then the water reaches the boiling point: The court and associated minions will teach you what it is to lose your autonomy as well as any sense of justice. Lawyers that you thought were fighting for the children, will inform you that if you do not do as directed you will find yourself in jail and your children expedited into the hands of their abuser.

You will then be offered the glimmer of hope—if all the rules are followed—of supervised visitation.

The experts at the FCVFC understand that the path to this foul family alignment begins with the engagement of the court-appointed psychological evaluator.

In the case before us, in the court of Judge Bergin in Arizona, our first focus of intensive review has been on the work of a psychologist who, in the name of “psychological evaluation,” has submitted documents that can only be viewed as reckless disregard for all standards of evaluation production, decency, respect for human life, dignity, and protection against harm and suffering. He has used his professional license to commit fraud, as well as to libel and defame subjects under the control of an autocratic court.

We at the FCVFC know the history of the family court corruption, and we know how the game is played. The family court system can expect to receive their ultimate checkmate.


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