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Note to Children: Speak Your Truth . . . Except in Family Court

Note to Children: Speak Your Truth . . . Except in Family Court


Because if children speak about abuse in a Family Court, they will be accused of lying. Of the protective parent having “coached” them and alienated them from the abusive parent.

These screen shots are from a child to her DCF case worker. Why didn’t the DCF case worker ever reply at all, over the course of several days? Could it be because the court had determined that the child’s claims of abuse were “coached” by her protective parent?

Two years ago this child told her story to the police. She gave specifics of what she was required to do to strange men in strange houses, under the care of her mother. It was without a doubt abusive, according to her description.

Can you guess what happened to that official police report?

It was dismissed in the family courts. “Sounded like she was reciting a script.” “She wasn’t emotional enough.”

And in addition, the child was turned over to the mother who had allegedly taken the child to these strange houses. And the father, the protective parent, was assigned supervised visitation.

Children are told all the time to “speak their truth.” But when it comes to the family court system, their truth is ignored.

This is a dire situation in the family court system in the U.S. today. It must change.






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