You Don’t Want This Man as a Lawyer

You Don't Want This Man as a Lawyer

To:    James Wees, Esq.
3216 N 3rd St #201
Phoenix, AZ  85012

Re:    Notice of Filing Bar Complaints Against You
Notice of Preparing Malpractice Complaints against You
Notice of Malpractice actions being written against Raymond Branton

Document Attached – Complaint to Arizona Psychological Association,  Raymond Branton – AZ Practitioner

Attorney Wees,

In your communications with our client, you have had a jolly time mocking him, taunting him, and savagely belittling him while you have colluded to deprive him of affording care and protection to his beloved daughter. You are fully aware that this child lives daily in fear, terror, and suffering.

Attorney Wees, you have suborned and continue to suborn perjury as an officer of the court
. You continue to work for a client who has not lost her liberty or her ability to fly any place in the world she cares to go. She is free to speak, to lie, to abuse and intimidate her daughter, to neglect her in any and all manners she pleases. Your client is free to beat her child, to starve her. Your client is allowed to deprive her child of every meager pleasure she seeks, and yet your client is charged with no crimes.

Your client is free to continue to lie, cheat, and commit crimes in the public arena. She is not charged as a criminal, and you are not representing her as a criminal lawyer, defending her right to freedom, protecting her from jail. You have no need to contrive, manipulate, prevaricate, to suppress evidence, to go that extra mile to canonize your client and then to denigrate, villainize, and humiliate the ex-husband engaged in a post-divorce custody suit.

Attorney Wees, you are culpable of consciously and maliciously participating in a fraud, a scam, by conveying libelous and defamatory information to Family Court. As an officer of the court, you have a responsibility for the introduction of experts who are characterologically and professionally competent to present evidence before a court.

The services of Raymond Branton have been engaged, a “psychologist” who writes “evaluation” reports to courts clearly for the sole purpose of separating a parent from the subject child. Raymond Branton is a shill, put in place to write fabricated reports to harm a targeted subject, any targeted subject, as a review of his professional history demonstrates. The prefix order is placed and Raymond Branton throws together a jumble of technical words that are set forth to give a court the ammunition needed to separate targeted vulnerable subjects from their targeted subject parent. The subjects of Branton’s hit jobs, we can surmise, are uniformly Protective Parents. These parents are seeking to protect children who have been, and will continue to be as per Branton’s intent, victims of a parent committing criminal acts that require hiding from the authorities.

Raymond Branton, as is noted in the complaints filed to date, uses technical language that he clearly does not understand, that make no psychological or psychiatric sense or meaning, that has no relationship to the subject of the report or even as presented, as the string of words is simply untethered and technically meaningless dither.

Further, Raymond Branton is a criminal, engaged in contract trafficking of children, placing them across state lines in institutions, which are deemed as “psychiatric facilities” but are actually and factually torture chambers for children, as will be demonstrated by the evidence to be presented to the correct authorities.

Attorney Wees, with all your education, professional licensing, cleverness, training, and worldly wisdom, I have no doubt that you know exactly what you are doing. You have trotted out all the names of your “friends” in your taunting, belittling notes threatening your adversary. The level of needless hostility, venom, and zealous glee in your communications are symptoms – but also evidence. It is quite clear that you are fully familiar, no doubt, through your “friends,” of any connections Raymond Branton may have to “Christian” cults that engage in child sexual abuse and trafficking nationally and internationally.

We will see for whom the fat lady sings and exactly where a final justice takes us.

Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director FCVFC
Administrator FFLPI








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