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Letters to Lawyers Who Enable Criminal Behavior in Family Court

Letters to Lawyers Who Enable Criminal Behavior in Family CourtTo: Gregg R Woodnick, Esq.
Woodnick Law Offices
Phoenix, AZ

Mr. Woodnick, 

I am Jill Jones Soderman, Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts. I am the forensic expert and child advocate for the children toward whose lives and welfare you have demonstrated a shocking level of depraved indifference. 

You are not a criminal lawyer seeking to protect the rights of a defendant attempting to avoid prison. You are in fact, as an Officer of the Court suborning perjury, engaged in multiple counts of child endangerment, colluding with a custodian parent who has committed incest, physically beats and neglects her children, and exposes them to danger as per the reckless, aggressive, brutal behavior of her infantile husband. 

You appear confused as to your role, as instead of discouraging the bad behavior of your “criminal” client you have joined in the “folie a deux” that you are continuing to create. Further, you have engaged the service, actually paid for the services of a criminal organization, Family Bridges, which masquerades as a treatment center, as opposed to a center for mind control, torture, and domination. 

We believe that we can demonstrate that you are part of a racketeering enterprise, and we will be promptly developing malpractice actions against your legal license and damages actions for as many tort actions as we can define. 

Contempt is raised as a threat to our client? The contempt you display for your profession and the practice of law will be noted in ad nauseum detail as we file complaints with the Bar Association, noting your extensive bad behaviors. 

We would suggest you think again about moving ahead with such charges, as we will be seeking charges against your client. 


To: Keith Evans, Esq.
Schill Law Group
Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. Evans,

I am Jill Jones Soderman, Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts and the forensic expert / advisor to [my client] as well as being the advocate for the children. 

I am reviewing the entire legal file, and I am confused as to exactly where is the defense for this father and his abused children, clearly not present in any actions you have taken. 

Our experts are prepared to bring suit against the mother who has committed incest and continues to beat and abuse the boys, now also subjecting them to the harm of the infantile stepfather. 

We cannot sort out who is more cowardly and incompetent and exactly who has lost their minds in allowing this behavior to continue to date. 

Judge Astrowsky has been documented as being in an impaired mental state, functionally incapable of adjudicating cases, and certainly not cases where children’s very lives are at stake. The negligence and irresponsibility in entrusting such critical responsibility equals the shocking negligence and cowardice of the lawyers representing these clients. 

Your record is, to say the least, disappointing. We would like to see you step up to the challenges of the case or, to begin with, return your entire fee before we move to sue you.












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