When Your Lawyer Makes Things Worse

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To: Keith J. Evans, Esq.
Schill Law Group
8700 East Via de Ventura, Suite 210
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

John Schill, Esq.
Phone: 602-595-0536/480-525-8900
Fax: 480-522-1966

Renee Ellison, Judicial Assistant Judge Mark Brain
Maricopa County Superior Court
125 W. Washington St
Phone: 602-372-1141
Fax: 602-372-8934

From: Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, FCVFC
Administrator, Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest (fflpi.org)

Mr. Evans and Mr. Schill,

You served as the legal representatives of [my client], entrusted with the sacred duty and fiduciary responsibility to present facts to the Family Court that should have and would have reversed custody of my client’s sons.

Our client paid you an agreed-upon amount of 18K before you disappeared and failed to return numerous emails, phone calls, and visits to your office, all of which are documented. Even ignoring, as you called it, “[My Client’s Name] Day,” a day that you promised to set aside to work on the case. Once again, you failed to contact your client. That should come as no surprise, as you failed to include my client in your dialogue between opposing counsel, therapists, and the BIA. The fact that you sent my client all of those emails via Dropbox only after he complained, shows your lack of professionalism and commitment to his case. Your failure to execute the request of a statement from Dr. Butler, after telling my client that you were doing so, further shows a complete disregard for him and his sons.

We can provide the emails from my client outlining the multiple requests relating to Dr. Butler.

You were aware of the facts of this case via the direct testimony of your client and the massive amount of data and reports that substantiated the crimes being committed against the two boys, your client’s sons. The brothers, who are devoted to each other, are now daily continuing to be threatened, abused, and isolated in the hands of truly monstrous, depraved individuals.

Your retainer, which our legal team is reviewing now, presents the grounds upon which we will be filing complaints with the Arizona Bar Association, requesting the removal of your license, as you clearly present a danger to the public interest, not only by failing to protect our client and his children, but then further damaging our client’s image before the judge with your misleading, spurious statements, seeking to acquit yourself of all blame for abandoning the case.

Attached is the legal filing you presented to withdraw from the case in question.

Your “hiding in plain sight” tactics, again suborning perjury, seeking to defame our client with vague phrases of knowing something terrible about our client that is causing you to flee from the case for his protection, is suggestive of rather serious pathology on your part. Defenses of primitive denial with the psychopathic earmarks of indifference, defiance, and arrogance will most certainly be explored in discovery, as well as through depositions that will accompany the malpractice actions being developed and to follow.

We will be correcting the misleading, veiled derogatory statements that you have published about our client, while gathering your emails, phone records, and affidavits from our client to document the egregious acts of malpractice, theft, and fraud to be presented to the Arizona Bar Association, with the demand that your license to practice law be immediately suspended.

Jill Jones Soderman







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