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Letter to the Attorney Who Switched Sides and Now Promotes the False Narrative

Letter to Attorney Who Switched Sides and Now Promotes the False Narrative

Background information: I found the attorney Derek Zazueta in Arizona to help a protective parent client of mine there. He was enthusiastic about the case and helping other clients of the FCVFC. But then, after meeting with Gregg Woodnick, attorney for the abusive parent, this attorney, who claimed to be working for the protective father, made it clear that he had switched sides and had incorporated the false narrative of the court being used against the protective parent to destroy his children. This is my response to him.


To Derek Zazueta, the attorney who has claimed to represent my client:

[My client] was referred to you by the FCVFC, as per my recommendation.

The email you forwarded to [my client who became your client, the protective father] is a discussion you obviously had with the attorney for the opposition, Woodnick. I want to see the entire discussion as put forth in all emails between you and your new buddy Woodnick.

As per my recent conversations with my client and your clear move to affiliation with the attorney Woodnick who is factually, provably, demonstrably a liar, a thief, a trafficker of children, the so-called doctors referenced are another bunch of hacks, crooks, liars, and thieves engaged in racketeering, child trafficking, and fraud.

My client was referred to you in good faith because we fully understand the grave nature of the matter before us. It appears that you have lied, misrepresented your positions in joining the FCVFC on bringing malpractice actions, complaints, and ultimately criminal charges against this crew of miscreants.

It is clear to me that [my client] cannot get a fair trial before this court, with this crew of liars, cheats and thieves – all documented. My greatest concern is that you have found “your people” amidst this crew of criminals and have thoroughly, completely misrepresented your representation of [my client], alliance with the FCVFC, as well as your billing practices. You may have located your cohorts if being an absolutely lying, cheating, thieving, misrepresenting crooked attorney, engaged in child trafficking, pillaging your client defines you, as a part of Judge Brain’s court, with Woodnick as entre spokesperson. I gather Woodnick welcomed you warmly, not a good reference from my perspective.

You should have read the article you were informed was forthcoming – along with complaints, about to be published, to licensing boards.

Also – I am about to follow up with our contacts with the FBI and federal marshalls to send detailed documentation and psychiatric reports related to [Woodnick’s client, the abusive mother] sleeping naked with her oldest son and attempting to engage him in sexual acts – all completely documented. [This abusive mother] slept with both of her children, naked in her bed. This is called incest – and Judge Astrowsky has this testimony documented, and I have the transcripts.

Astrowsky clearly acknowledged that [the abusive mother] allowed the boys to play with her breasts, yet blamed father in some off the wall, stupid commentary – all on the record – all about to go to the Federal authorities.

You stated that [your client and the client of the FCVFC, the protective father] is dealing in conspiracy theories. I can assure you that under color of law lawsuits are about to be drafted against Judge Brain and other child traffickers who live in the delusion that they will not be exposed or prosecuted. I strongly suggest that you look up the profile of Judge Edward Maggio of Faulkner County, Arkansas, and dare to tell me I do not follow through on threats to those who threaten my clients.

I can assure you right now that if you continue in this line of joining with the enemy, betraying my client’s trust, that the FCVFC and the attorneys whose work we hold in high esteem will take every necessary legal action against you to make sure that you never pull a fast one against another client again.

Jill Jones Soderman








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