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Whores Of The Court: State-Sponsored Violence Toward Women And Children

Whores Of The Court: State-Sponsored Violence Toward Women And ChildrenChildren and their Protective Parents are always our North Star. This article is dedicated to a truly exceptional four-year-old whose indomitable spirit, capacity to speak on her own behalf, and INSISTENCE ON BEING HEARD is truly exceptional. The cruel and malevolent court system that has attempted to silence and intimidate this child and her amazing family has met worthy adversaries.


Richard Gardner MD Forensic Psychiatrist published his theories on the rights of fathers to have sex with their children over the “jealous” outcries of interfering mothers as he achieved a modicum of wealth and fame for the theories created in the defense of a coterie of child abuser men.

The buzzwords “parental alienation” and “coaching” became stand-alone phrases, with a wink and a nod acknowledging the mutual, no-need-to-say-more understanding that came to be formally packaged and given standing by such organizations as the Association for Family and Conciliation Courts, AFCC.

The AFCC is now an extremely wealthy, well-organized nonprofit that sponsors and organizes conferences taught by “experts” – evaluators – PhDs who have cornered the market on identifying toxic parenting, alienation, false allegations of abuse and the associated “treatment” interventions meant to diagnose, treat, intervene in the process famed for the use of terms like “triangulating,” brain washing, isolating, and re-training the alienated child, toxic parent.

As a result of their intensive marketing campaigns and clever blending of professionals from the clinical world of previously condescended-to “soft sciences,” suddenly collaborating with Judges, lawyers, therapists and the unlicensed, lacking any credentials or training until developed by the marketing and hegemony of the AFCC marketing geniuses and their amoral lawyers, the cottage industry spawned by the defense of pedophiles, perverts, child abusers raised from the ranks of generationally hidden in darkness and shame, emerged as something between NAMBLA – Man / Boy Love and simply put – the “Father’s Rights “organizations, whose prior authentic civil rights complaints were wrapped up in Tender Years Doctrines, giving exclusive rights of women to custody of young children.

The pendulum swung like the blade of the dreaded guillotine from righteous civil rights arguments to unscrupulous shorthand with associated protocols for separating sexually abused children from Protective Parents (at first mothers) by elaborately developed protocols with layered teams of authority, “expertise,” and court-codified practice generated by amoral lawyers focused on the profit motive of suddenly escalating family court fees in the arena once known for courts driven by little law, lots of judicial discretion, and bottom-feeder schmoozy lawyers.

The “secret sauce” of the family court system across the United States is fear – the terror struck into the hearts of protective parents who know that their child / children are being tortured and abused by a sadistic psychopath, harnessed to an equally sadistic psychopathic lawyer and associated court officialdom of the out-of-the-closet products of abuse.

Amoral lawyers, who learn the sophistry lessons in law school but leave the morality stripped away, warn their clients, “Do not raise the issue of sexual abuse,  Do not piss off the judge …. just listen to me – as I guide you down the path of losing your dignity, your reputation, your fortune, your children……” Comply till you have lost the memory of who you once were and what you stood for as protectors of your child, asserting truth, law and civil rights, a relic of history, lost in the dust of bitter tears.

The US courts have made a journey from Gardner and their Mein Kampf over the past twenty years, wasting at least two generations of children – some irretrievably lost as victims, some morphed into pedophile abuser and psychopaths / judges, lawyers, or supreme court judges whose vile smirks are emblazoned and etched across the landscape of millions of victims that they so conceitedly feel absolutely no concern for.

The FCVFC is a witness to history. Pre Gardner – before apologists spewed defense for incest, child torture, and unbridled, unconscionable, depraved immorality, we do remember when good judges took off their robes and met with little children in playrooms set with clay and paints and crayons and spoke to children, listened to them, and ruled, unapologetically, frankly, on the record, in defense of the children, addressing a courtroom of the concerned and engaged.

We also witnessed the change – when judges overruled sworn testimony, Affidavits, and statements of fact testified to a moment etched in time. “That is not my signature on that sworn statement. I have not ever seen that document.”

But the FCVFC was not quiet when Johnny was given to his smirking abuser father, and eventually custody was transferred to his grandmother. The FCVFC was not quiet when our lesbian client police officer was viciously harassed by fellow police who placed her without cover or support. in life threatening circumstances, had her psychiatrically committed as unfit to serve as her PTSD / Situational Stress Disorder took over and she thought she was finally broken. When in a triumphant final hearing our petite, “closeted” lesbian police office walked into court with her hair fashioned in a mohawk we experienced the rumblings of a personal triumph for our client as her full official status as a police officer was renewed with restoration of guns, back pay and significant settlement.

On the other hand – on Oct. 25, 2003 a child who represented the dawning of awareness of the venality of court corruption and depravity lost his battle with the court as he ended his life on his terms – not theirs. A recidivist criminal, Paul Dasher, PhD of Ridgewood NJ continues to practice within the family court system under the cloak of qualified immunity as per court appointment.

The crimes of this child’s brutal father against his children and brutal beatings of his wife were fully documented by major, formidable psychiatric experts. Reports ignored were buried in sealed court documents. Dasher has thousands of complaints published by Protective Parents who never had a glimmer of what they were facing in being forced to pay Paul Dasher to lie and connive. Dasher was responsible for the suicide death of a 12 you child as Dasher labelled the child’s mother as a “parent alienator”, stopping her from rejoining her family away from NJ as per Judicial approval for the mother’s ability to rejoin her family across the country with her three sons.

Expanding the scope of custody litigation, experts act as apologists for criminals, devising fanciful, fraudulent defenses to erase the evidence of child sexual abuse, battery and financial fraud. Judges, GALs, and hired gun appointed “experts” continue the fraud. Follow the money, not the evidence, as evidence disappears into the judge’s chambers, as chain of custody is broken and manipulated to support a false narrative with abuse charges negated.











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