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Notification to the Presiding Judge of a Complaint Against the Trial Judge in our Client’s Case

Notification to the Presiding Judge of a Complaint Against the Trial Judge in our Client's Case

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual abuse.

Honorable Judge Raúl Vega,

I am writing to you as the Executive Director of the FCVFC, a nonprofit that litigants and advocates for the protected civil rights of vulnerable children and protective parents.

Preliminary complaints are being filed to place various court actors on notice that their reports indicate conscious, malicious attempt to obfuscate, attempts to deny the presence of life threatening, criminal abuse of a child, and attempts to discredit testimony of an insecure young mother who is struggling with attempts to give her abuser the benefit of the doubt to deny the truth before her eyes.

The outspoken truth of a child in her own simple, direct words charged by so-called “court experts” as “coached” clearly have never themselves attempted to “coach” children. Experts who in fact know that attempting to place the words of an adult in a child’s narrative is best described as like herding cats – it all comes out in a jumble. Many amusing shows that feature the narratives of “Kids Say the Darndest Things” have provided hours of hilarious television shows. The ineptitude of experts who can only slap on the pejorative, inarticulate term “coaching” do not have the skill to in fact describe the dynamic of what has gone on in the interaction between a child and the abuser.

The detailed, diagrammed, dissected analysis of who said and did what and why this happened in this manner is the work that will follow in the form of detailed complaints to licensing boards and in the form of malpractice action complaints against so-called experts who have attempted to undermine the credible complaints of a child, Protective Parent who would do anything to be wrong about what she fears is going on before the eyes and ears.

Quite frankly those reviewing reams of documents articulating detailed statements of complaints have never heard a child describing a male parent eating a pineapple blueberries and various other fruits from her vagina and then describing the pain she was feeling in her vagina. We have also frequently seen children trained to assume certain sexual positions and to begin to engage in certain sexual acts when the child was positioned before a camera, as was the case of such video film located as part of video visitation between this subject child and her male parent. The plethora of documentation of raw material evidence, dismissed, disregarded, not included in experts reports not even alluded to in reports submitted to the court, but residing in the police, medical and other documentation is indicative of attempts at fraud and deception on the part of court actors clearly placing a child’s life in grave danger.

The court actors and representatives of the child, her Protective Parent and an arena of spectators / witnesses and reporters of direct eyewitness testimony who witnessed behaviors of concern have subjected the child, her mother and others closely involved in seeking to protect the child into a world of terror, confusion as to whether to reveal or not reveal what they know, have heard, seen and have proof of physical injury. This is an untenable position for all surrounding a child subject to harm. The obvious criminal and legal statutory elements of crimes subject to prosecution of those who attempt to suppress evidence of crimes is quite obvious and well known.

The population served by the FCVFC are vulnerable subjects targeted by predator abusers who seek custody transfer of children subject to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Our subject population is scrupulously, meticulously evaluated by experts who peruse documents as well as engage in full forensic clinical evaluations of all relevant subjects.

Once an evaluation reaches initial formulations and a case is accepted for engagement, child advocacy and full-scale intervention strategies are deployed. When there is an assessment that the life of child is in grave danger, as is the case with the child and a Protective Parent, our client as noted, we take emergency action to protect the lives of our clients. When such action involves rather combative interaction with authorities, such as courts, court actors, experts, whom we assess to be engaged in activity designated as collusion to foster obfuscation of criminal activity that involves child abuse, domestic violence, witness intimidation, or threats, we immediately take action to notify players in the scheme to defraud, deconstruct child protection, isolation of children in the hands of abusers.

We wish to notify this court, licensing boards and oversight agencies that extensive documents, records, witness statements have been reviewed. The documents so far reviewed and still in process of dissection indicate that there is an extensive amount of hard evidence that has not made it into any records by professionals evaluating the threat levels to the subject child.

The nature of the evidence not given the respect of admission to the record for proper review has been prematurely and improperly dismissed out of hand. There is clear evidence that critical specimen collection of sexual abuse has been interfered with as per direction to wash away physical specimen which if allowed to have been examined from the child’s genitalia may have revealed saliva, semen, skin cells, hair that the forensic lab needed to corroborate or rule out abuse. Instead, the directed destruction of evidence leaves the situation improperly moot. The parent was so intimidated to not raise issues of child sexual abuse, clearly articulated on multiple occasions, in multiple forums, before multiple witnesses, by the child, that the child’s caretakers followed thoroughly ill-advised direction of the authority indicating the need to give the child an “oatmeal bath” before a medical forensic sexual abuse examination by police.

Documentation that critical chain of evidence of child sexual abuse was compromised is fully articulated from the accounts of a variety of Court actors blithely engaged in removing material from locked, secure placement. Judge Maritza Martinez and Cory Blalock, the “legal representative of the child” engaged in tampering with, moving critical evidence from secure, locked circumstances, compromising the integrity of the evidence and potentially causing the entire court process to be stricken. There is extensive documentation from multiple sources and statements from multiple witnesses describing the events tampering with / compromising the evidence.

Throughout the entire court file we witness an extraordinary scrubbing of all references, mentioning multiple episodes, events, circumstances, eye witness accounts of behaviors that clearly indicate the presence of extremely serious interactions of domestic violence between the child’s parents, sexual abuse accommodation behaviors automatically triggered by the child’s presence with the father. Continued documentation is presented by the child’s mother as the child is turned over to her care showing “cut marks” on the child’s body, bruise marks in the shape of a finger, or grip mark indicating a body part is being gripped.

We have reviewed detailed descriptions of activity dealing with the presence of guns owned by the subject child’s father – guns related to have been used to threaten and intimidate the child and her mother and to threaten and intimidate the child directly by the father. These are events documented not simply by a discrete inner circle, but by a variety of collaterals who were interviewed and provided written statements of what they observed. Of particular interest in the descriptions of the affect of players is that events that would normally be regarded with intense emotion and distress are “normalized”—they do not appear to elicit intense emotion or distress. The interpretation is that this extreme behavior occurs all the time. One clinical interpretation, circumstances to be dissected is that the traumatic impact of highly pathological interactions have become “accommodated “to with a highly pathological response because there has been no interruption or censure of the behavior.

The multiple, documented events related to the child’s outcries of sexual and physical abuse have been clearly described and articulated by the child, documented by police reports, medical records and witness accounts. Multiple witnesses are dealt with by various so-called authorities such as Kerry Smith PhD. The evaluator provided a contentless, he said, she said hearsay filled script that contributes nothing to an understanding of the meaning of a normally meaningful technical document that omits all critical content provided in the presentation of an MMPI report. The MPI is meant to lay out how the report was administered, scored by MMPI technical analysis provided by the parent company that provides meaningful interpretation and analysis. Kerry Smith offers some puerile, useless, meaningless commentary copied from the indications provided by some scores that are part of MMPI instructions in the company package. The MPI as provided is a boring, useless, meaningless document whose only significance has to do with the reports presence as a witness to the undermining and obfuscating of enormous amounts of excellent documentation.

If Kerry Smith felt that the MMPI testing did not provide adequate material to assist in meaningful diagnosis, clarification of key issues related to violence and abuse, she easily could have undertaken more sophisticated testing such as Rorschach testing, HARE scales to review Psychopathy Scales, a variety of scales that probe interest in sex with children, especially when scoring. This would have probed key issues left totally disregarded – and essentially by default – “unsubstantiated.”

The Smith report is clearly meant to undermine and exclude material that in fact, properly admitted and presented would indefatigably support and protect the claims of the child that her life is in danger and that she has been subject to repeated physical and sexual assault. The adverse representation of the so-called representative of the child, Cory Blalock, will be addressed as to his heinous, criminal alliance with the child’s abuser and his clear, documented adverse representation of the child, continually placing her in life-threatening danger as well as—not to minimize the issue, ongoing—continual mind-numbing trauma, distorting reality testing as to what is healthy, much less normal.

The environment pushed by the so-called representative for the child will be addressed in preliminary form but documenting initial terms to be forwarded to all licensing agencies that govern his practice will be developed, documented with exhibits to be used to remove Mr. Blalock from this case and hopefully limit his appearances in any cases in which he can be expected to function in a biased and destructive manner.

As this specific complaint is directed at Judge Maritza Martinez and her biased direction to court actors, her instructions to insulate the child’s charged abuser from any criticism, it became clear that objective, above-board expert testimony was critical to provide an independent, objective overview of the case. The emergency request for exceptional circumstances based on acute child-at-risk evidence was presented in court to Judge Martinez.

The timing and demands on the court, court actors, parties, not burdened by financial demands should have been viewed as an exceptional, goodwill gesture in support of the court, the judge, and all seeking child protection, particularly in the presence of massive child abuse and child at risk.

We noted that Judge Martinez has functioned in her role as a “Finder of Fact” with a level of unvarnished indifference to inquiry, discovery, and any and all fact finding. Her overt hostility to the child, subject of grave concerns brought to the court’s attention by no less than the internationally known forensic expert Dr. Michael Stone MD is more than evident.

Dr. Stone’s preeminence as a clinician, diagnostician, expert in not only diagnosing but detailing the personality dynamics of psychopathic personality disorders, calibrations of sadistic cruelty, laced with genius, charm, humor and affability, scaled and tuned into a scientific, reliable, palpably understandable measurement for the “Finder of Fact” to absorb. This feature of Dr. Stone’s nationally and internationally famed expertise that makes him welcome in every intellectually curious, scientifically attuned Court System and teaching facility across the entire world is rejected in the Courtroom of Judge Maritza Martinez In the courtroom of Judge Martinez, Dr. Stone is shunned, barred from testimony or representation of the urgent, critical, life-threatening circumstances related to the exigent circumstances so well described by the subject child at risk and their Protective Mother, similarly at risk.

Judge Martinez and Mr. Blalock have made a clear agenda of decimating the character and fitness of the child’s mother, whom the child adores, along with autocratic demands that the children must be directed into the custody/control of the father that the child has come to fear and be intimidated by. This highly intelligent, articulate, spirited, outspoken, loving child describe articulately the events to which she is subject. The very fact that the child is a “thinker”, “speaker” spirited, independent with pride of authorship of her own ideas with an audacity that claims a right to be heard, respected and accommodated. She ignites an atmosphere of rarely, if ever before seen unbridled hostility and retribution towards her.

Detailed complaints listing, documenting, describing on a cellular level the cruelty, inimical, vicious actions taken by Judge Martinez and those who follow her lead will be forthcoming. The continuation of joint custody, with the father’s supervision by supervisors who are less than objective or protective is not only an outrage but presents a clear and present danger to the child and ads to the daily torment experienced by the child, her Mother, Protective Parent and all who love them.

Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director
The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts











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