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No Mercy for Child Victims Pleading for Rescue

No Mercy for Child Victims Pleading for Rescue

Complaints against Attorney Cory Blalock

Update on this case: Family Court Judge Maritza Martinez recused herself from this case after viewing child interview tapes that had been secreted from evidence over the entire past year.

Honorable Judge Raúl Vega [Presiding Judge],

I write to you as the Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, a nonprofit that litigates and advocates for the protected civil rights of vulnerable children and protective parents.

The case before this court has been subject to extensive analysis and investigation, document review, inspection of eye witness affidavits, medical records, police reports, and expert reports.

The immediately available material includes hundreds to thousands of pages of well-organized, certified documents that clearly and reliably develop a progression over time of the life history of the custodial parents, the life history / development of the subject child, and all relevant collateral family actors, eyewitness reporters, and experts.

The preliminary complaints filed, following review of extensive documentation and analysis, include initial complaints against the trial Judge, the psychological evaluator (complaints attached) and the court-appointed attorney representative for the child, attorney Cory Blalock.

The complaint against Attorney Cory Blalock is that he completely failed to perform any due diligence on the part of his child client. Attorney Blalock failed to collect case files, notes, reports from critical observers and informants working with the child. The nature of attorney Blalock’s interactions with such direct informants as the clinician/therapist meeting with the child is not discussed, mentioned or memorialized in any report developed to present the “outcries” and multiple articulations of the child.

Documentation reviewed and preliminarily reported, created an immediate concern based on clear and convincing imminent harm to the child as well as clarity around collusion to suppress critical evidence. Among the elements most disturbing as to material evidence suppressed was that of physical and sexual child abuse, as well as the disturbing relationship between the biological father and his mother, which is suggestive of intimate partner perversion. Clear behavioral and functional evidence of domestic violence threats, abuse, intimidation, manipulation on the part of the husband / father toward his wife / mother of his child point to the stigmata of the verbal and nonverbal elements of coercive control. The beautifully descriptive language of nonviolent violence that underlie the elements of domination and the constant emotional undertow of the threats of violence directed at the child or her mother, supported by the spectator (jealous) mother-in-law are present for all who wish to be cognizant or wish to redirect attention toward the truth.

The record shows elements of deep-seated perversion, brewing murderous violence, overall significant intergenerational dysfunctionality documented in the detailed reporting of family members and observer of interactions at family gatherings, for example, documenting arguments, parenting interactions, fights, violence, ongoing interactions on the part of the child’s father and his mother. Reports from so-called experts and professionals omit meaningful content. The statements and descriptions of unexpected observers via affidavits and reports are revealing of serious clinical syndromes, not by labeling, but simply by describing interactions between family members being observed in the course of time spent together at a variety of events.

On the other hand, given the amount of time and energy expended to exclude, suppress, manipulate, coordinate stories, interfere with chain of custody evidence, drag out proceedings, a more malevolent, yet unimaginable process appears to be at work.

The level of family court experience by the professionals involved in the case who have undoubtedly dealt with, over time, the most difficult, complex, disturbing cases, all known to populate the realm of family courts, makes it seem quite unimaginable that this seasoned team would not pick up on the multiple levels of toxicity, psychopathy, violence and simmering rage in this case. The exclusion, suppression, denial of the evidence present / “dismissed” “unsubstantiated,” stated to have not been known, has diminished, dumbed down the case to a bare scintilla of the actual hard evidence presented, documented, argued over.

The credibility of the failure to even follow the most basic procedures of gathering / presenting reports, including the presence of events or material to be discussed, debated creates a major crisis of credibility on the part of all actors dealing with this case as presented in the court of Judge M. Martinez, to date.

Specifically, because the court was offered an opportunity to correct errors to omissions related to unexamined stigmata of peril, as discussed with the attorney for the protective parent / Mother, who then offered the court the profound concerns of forensic experts reviewing this case, the court could have taken the opportunity, out of an abundance of caution to explore issues raised by experts of considerable credibility. But the court of Judge Martinez out of hand dismissed any and all concerns raised. Though Judge Martinez herself stated that the video proceedings in which the child victim was interviewed at the CAC were “disturbing,” she did not pause to hear the very significant concerns being raised by Respondent’s counsel and refused to hear from a world-renowned forensic expert.

As was made clear to the Respondent’s counsel, the only impending crisis was to the life and safety of the victims, mother and child, as per evidence suppressed by key court actors named in complaints filed to document egregious acts, referred for both disciplinary review, malpractice litigation and potentially criminal indictment.

Attorney Blalock may have consulted with psychologist Kerry Smith PhD, but we have no report from Mr. Blalock to understand the basis of his thoughts, reasoning, and recommendations. We are fully aware of attorney Blalock’s bias, dismissiveness, condescending disinterest and impatience with the child whose pleas for rescue from abuse he has steadfastly been clearly irritated by and ignored.

The patterns of behaviors and the scripted musings offered by Kerry Smith and in fact not offered by attorney Blalock, are meant to say nothing, to lead nowhere. Meaningful statements and interactions on the part of many parties are in fact left unexplored by those who lack training, experience, education…. or those who do not give a damn or cannot be bothered.

Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, FCVFC


Mr. Blalock,

As you are aware by now, your child client is the subject of Advocacy under the engagement of her mother with the Foundation For Child Victims of the Family Courts.

Documented concerns for the five-year-old child’s health, welfare, and safety have been ignored by you. Your continued support for the child’s unsupervised visitation with a father  and grandmother whom she has clearly, articulately, and consistently described as viciously physically and sexually abusing her is troubling, to say the least. You fail to recognize this child’s superior intelligence and capacity to communicate consistently and articulately and have barely, if ever acknowledged her in any manner, an issue not lost on the awareness of the child.

The child’s full-throated brave cries for help and protection have not only been ignored by you, but you have facilitated her abuse by failing to support critical evidence of her abuse as well as secreting a forensic interview videotaped by a CAC Center  never  evaluated or disclosed by this court as per your suppression of evidence in conjunction with Judge Martinez. The critical evidence ignored appears to have not been discussed in your communications with psychological evaluator Kerry Smith PhD, though this evidence has been in existence for well over one year.

The hallmarks of your biased, hostile communications regarding the child, your negligent, reckless disregard, biased representation, tampering with / suppression of evidence, and overall failure to document your investigations and communications with other professionals pale in comparison with your intent, as developed with Judge Martinez on Monday 11/28/2021 to interview the child without the transparency required in absolutely all child abuse interviews.

The Court Order attached suggests that Judge Martinez has appointed you to evaluate the child’s veracity with regard to the most egregious reports of sexual and physical abuse despite the fact that you have absolutely no credentials or training to qualify you as a child Forensic Evaluator or criminal evaluator of physical and sexual abuse. The profundity of the malpractice that you appear to plan to engage in by reporting on a child without the proper video and audio transparency required by any and every sexual abuse evaluation is astonishing.

If you suggest that the Court Appointment immunizes you with immunity, you might remember that fraud, deceit, and collusion strip away that immunity, and charges of collusion to commit a crime, to suppress evidence, threaten and intimidate witnesses, if upheld, expose you and other Court Actors / Officers of the Court to a whole other level of charges. Malpractice charges against you will be the least of your worries. There are currently criminal case charges pending, awaiting full forensic expert reports being engaged on behalf of the child to be shared with the criminal authorities with whom we are in contact.  DCFS has received additional Mandated Reporter Complaints from professionals. Further Complaints and investigations will be held open as long as necessary and required to collect all independent reporting that has continued to be reported to DCFS.

Your failure to be in contact with these agencies, to properly collect reports, is another issue of your negligence and bias. Your suggestion that the child’s accused abuser should have the opportunity to confront the child’s therapist to dispute the child’s accounts of abuse now that reports of abuse have been filed by professionals is a gross misunderstanding / distortion of your role as a legal representative of the child. The detailed, extensive review of the course and progress of this case reveals gross, disturbing patterns of malicious malfeasance, malpractice, reckless, depraved indifference to your role as the legal representative of the child and a court proceeding by virtually all parties that is geared to prosecute the Protective Mother and the child.

The direction of removing this child’s custody into the hands of all too well documented abusers who have harmed the child, committed acts of Domestic Violence and Coercive Control of the Mother, are in the clearly documented statements of this reporter a recipe for total destruction of the mental and emotional state of the child, risking the potential acute physical harm and death of the child. The environment to which this child has been exposed at the hands of her abuser is able to be fully documented and will be fully documented as an extremely high risk for child injury and death.

The utter disregard / contempt for the fear, anguish, and suffering of the child’s mother and attendant relatives who love and care for this child is notably palpably present in the Court proceedings of this case. Cruelty and sadistic, contemptuous condescension are consistently the pernicious characteristics of the manner in which this case has been conducted by Judge Martinez and all court actors engaged in this proceeding, which we mark as a risk to the public health of the Cook County Community.

Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, FCVFC











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