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The Family Court As A Purveyor Of Genocide

The FCVFC is entering its fourteenth year of work engaged in the defense  of Protective Parents seeking to fend off the incursions of family court actors across the country whose practice over the past twenty years is and has been to transfer children into the custody of the (accused) abuser.

We have seen a particular pattern play out over and over and over. This is how the uninitiated can come to understand the killing fields called family court.

Family life with an abuser

The scene begins with the Protective Parent at home with a new and much-loved child, along with a loved but confusing spouse who turns out to be an abuser. The Protective Parents’ enjoyment of the brief period where the infant experiences the parent as all good, giving and protective, where life is reasonable and assumes a stable rhythm of anticipation and fulfillment of needs, that health inducing experience is totally disrupted as the presence of the abuser introduces a dissonant engagement and destroys the bond of trust and safety forever.

Before the child develops the skills of managing a complex life environment, challenges way beyond their capacities, they are forced to develop coping mechanisms to deal with their own survival. The view of the abuser from the child’s psyche must be mediated to encompass the emotions of intense fear, hatred, helplessness and the need to come to terms with coping with their oppressor who now has total control of their being. The moments of feeling totally safe with the beloved protective parent slips away, perhaps, hopefully, not into oblivion. The bliss once experienced by child and parent in that holding environment of love is now rippled with sadness to grief and terrible anger at the once unambivalently loved protective parent.

The protective parent, however sophisticated and knowledgeable as to the dilemma, is also caught up with the experience of profound grief and loss of a once seemingly unambivalent bond of love. The irrational experience of the presence of anger and disappointment with the child is accompanied by profound guilt and great struggle to reconcile the feelings, to find peace in a relationship that may never again be peaceful, and certainly not in the manner it began or to which it should have resolved.

Eventually in the midst of the mind games, gaslighting, mental manipulation, and abuse of all forms a divorce ensues and the matter of child custody comes into the family court arena.

Trying to get help in family court

Trauma bond and Stockholm syndrome are not terms with which the ignorant CPS caseworkers or to say the least insensitive multiple court actors have any familiarity, interest nor training. These terms and the nuances of emotion and thinking that form the interactions of subject children with their abuser and the parent they love and trust as much as possible are the fluid ingredients around which children’s character is built.

As you try to explain your children’s fear, terror, and abuse at the hands of the predator you wish to evade for yourself and the children you find to your horror that the tables are being turned and you have become the person under suspicion. The rug is pulled out from under you, and the children are suddenly, inexplicably, thrown back into the custody of the abuser.

Be clear that you have entered the world of the kabuki dance, where like kabuki syndrome, all systems are abnormal. At the onset of the litigation process there would be no reason to suspect foul play. Clarity begins to set in when the court cabal orders the psychological testing by whatever hired gun assassins are picked to divest you of any sense of mental health, sense of self and competence you once enjoyed.

Anyone who has suffered in another country through the indignities of being subject to the corrupt alternate upside-down universe of mind control, forced adjustment to watching your children’s and your own lives destroyed in front of you, would not have been able to imagine that such repressive, wrongful autocratic impositions could exist within a democratic society. As you become engaged with the family court system in any jurisdiction in the USA you are most likely to have entered the world where conspiracies are constantly taking place, but try telling that to your friends, family, and colleagues.

“Parental alienation”

The false narrative associated with the debunked concepts created by  Richard Gardener MD forensic expert, “Parental Alienation” and associated buzz words “Coaching” and “Alienation” were developed to present a defense for a particular cadre of Gardner’s clients who were charged with sexual abuse of their children. The terms “alienation” and “coaching” have taken on a life of their own now as the condensed terms in and of themselves may be  held up as flash cards to warn not to ever raise allegations of sexual abuse, or for that matter any other form of abuse accusation.

Incidents of incest are under-reported because incest has been and continues to be a crime of access, power, and shame. Given the under-reporting of incest and all forms of family sexual abuse, the magnitude of the crimes must be viewed with grave concern for the seriousness and impact that has motivated the Protective Parent and child subjects who seek protection against an abuser.

Entry of a protocol to defend pedophiles, psychopaths and the mentally ill who suddenly became another class of deranged litigants deserving of the largesse offered by parenthood in the form of marital assets and child support opened a class of paying parties that shifted the burden of parental fitness and best interest parameters to whom will pay the most money for easy, available access to sexual objects.

Family Court is an arena governed more by judicial discretion than actual law, thus allowing indiscretion, abuse of power, abuse of process, and virtually no oversight to create a practice of profiteering which has become in essence a practice of child trafficking.

Elected and appointed judges have in fact become a class of the anointed judges who engage in the unprecedented practice of literally transferring children of all ages into the hands of abusers, regardless of how venal crimes against children are articulated and substantiated by objective evidence. All abuse allegations are denied, evidence suppressed, witnesses intimidated and threatened as a matter of course. The abuse of process has come to be recognized via the issuance of contempt charges to unlawfully retaliate against those who engage the legal process in  the attempt to protect vulnerable children.

Thus, if you say, “my child / children were abused….” custody would immediately transfer to the accused abuser. No defense, presentation of evidence necessary, the accuser is mocked as a liar, as are the children. The accused abuser is exonerated by the mere mouthing of claims that children are being abused.

You, the accuser, will be immediately severely punished in a multitude of ways beginning with immediate custody transfer and imposition of absolutely no contact with the subject children. In effect, your civil rights, such as your first amendment right to free speech, the right to association and representation of choice are abrogated.

How the process proceeds in family court

You may begin to feel that you are in fact insane as you cannot believe that the statements of your children, the evidence of abuse you had until moments before, when you viewed such evidence compelling and clear beyond any doubt, has suddenly thrown you into a position of suspicion, doubt and ridicule.

The defamation process begins with referral from the list of court-approved psychological practitioners whom the court can be assured is  familiar with whatever types of highly toxic diagnoses to  be assigned to destroy the Protective Parent’s sense of self, relationships with friends and family, and careers.

The financial punishments imposed associated with deprivation of custody rights include the loss of access to all marital assets and imposition of cost payments for everything the new custodian required in order to make sure that the fight to reverse custody would not ever occur.

The catastrophic impact on the children of ignorant, belligerent, court orders is massively destructive, destabilizing, and deconstructing all the work that has been done to grow healthy, happy, thriving children who are on a trajectory to become good people, good students, and good citizens. The hubris of the court actors is evidenced in the autocratic directives that treat litigants as chess pieces on a board to be moved at the discretion of the judge with implementation of the court factotum for end results that are exclusively and reputedly inexplicably incomprehensible. The children are left in survival mode, having to fend for themselves, being totally at a loss to know who to trust.

Court induced pathology, confusion, interference with object constancy and all elements of trust and loyalty are the products of trauma bonds created by the court-forced unification with an abuser. Forced placement of children with abusers makes the Protective Parent an object of hatred, along with the actual abuser because the child must fend for themselves in the most dangerous of circumstances. The child feels abandoned by both parents and finds themselves in a position to negotiate some sort of pathological relationship  with the abuser for their own survival.

What must be made clear is that whatever positive trajectory seemed inevitable is disrupted enough, subjected to adequate trauma to be able to say that whatever the child might have become as to all things good, the malicious elements intruded by the psychopathic indifference of the malevolent court presence has altered that path in a most negative manner never to be forgotten.

Over the past twenty years, two generations of children whom have interfaced with family courts have been subject to the abusive practices of judges who deny the existence of crimes against children, thus making it impossible to accurately report the number of suicides, “accidental” deaths, homicides, incidents of family violence that stem from the injuries inflicted by cruel and sadistic judges and associated court actors.

Male and female judges are indistinguishable as to their level of cruelty. What is clear is the entitlement they feel to do as they please and the lack of consequence for the harm they have caused. In fact we see a pattern of greater and greater brazen behavior, arrogance and risk taking on the part of judges and their cohorts

We refer to the psychopathic presence of the court because of extensive up-front, close and personal encounters with an indescribable, irrational and unconscionable level of purely sadistic cruelty on the part of innumerable judges and zero experience to the contrary has been noted over fourteen years of uninterrupted, intense practice. The literature is filled with accounts of brutal child murders, murder/suicides and suicides of children who stated that they “could not take it anymore.” The suffering of survivors who emerge from isolation in the hands of cruel and sadistic abusers, placed in such circumstances via the alignment and collusion of a judge who set the path for separation of children from a Protective Parent was always clear as to the deterioration of the child/children in the hands of the abuser. They think of the children as spoiled brats who need to learn a lesson.

The results of this corrupted court system

One such “spoiled brat” came within hours of nearly causing her own death by starvation because she was beyond desperate to escape the ongoing sexual abuse by members of her household. She contacted the FCVFC in time for intervention to be arrages, so she was rushed to the hospital in a jurisdiction apart from her paternal custodial parent. Her life was saved by medical intervention and an Attorney General who took appropriate action, resulting in very rapid custody transfer.

The trial court / family court judge took fourteen pages of a transcript to rail against the intervention of the FCVFC and levied massive financial retaliation against the mother for the mother’s audacity to defy her directives that would have cost the child her life. Custody transfer was issued by a criminal court as per criminal charges threatened against the father if he did not relinquish custody.  The family court judge was the final arbiter releasing custody and dealing with marital asset issues.

The Protective Parent goes from being the person in charge of their lives, taking action to make things better. To their great shock and dismay, they suddenly find themselves disenfranchised from every single aspect of their lives, in the grip of a malevolent presence. They find themselves in the position of being a puppet whose strings are being pulled as they are in fact characters in a not at all humorous Punch and Judy show.

The once independent adult has become a character in a marionette show, subject to the whims and merciless indiscretions of a cruel presence known only to those who have experienced it, the Family Court Cabal, the racketeering crew, the mob boss judge who is impervious, unmoved and largely indifferent to your child’s and your own pleas. The cold indifference gives way to pure retaliatory rage if utter obsequious obeisance is not on display at all times by attorneys and clients, though the prefix winner performs glib, jubilant obeisance, while the prefix loser performs out of fear and trembling, while the court rules the client with an iron hand.

All litigants are marched through the gauntlet of meaningless hearings meant to extract fees from those Protective Parents who are grasping at every opportunity to be in contact with their children, just as the abuser is taking advantage of every opportunity to withhold child contact.

The solution

What will bring such a travesty to an end? Nothing less than accountability for those who are so carelessly flouting the law, removal, and replacement with honest judges who uphold the law. This accountability will come through complaints to higher authorities, and through lawsuits. The totally unaccountable system of the killing fields of Family Court Genocide must be brought to an end.






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