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“Confidential Family Court Matter” Exposed: Dark Money and Dark Deeds

“Confidential Family Court Matter” Exposed: Dark Money and Dark Deeds

We have written about a high-profile family court case in New Jersey, because the sadistic, autocratic family court is directed by the authority of an accused abuser who has the financial resources and the back-channel clout to direct unconscionable unconstitutional actions.

Impressive credentials, professional achievement, and personal character on the part of the protective parent appear to count for nothing when there is back-channel dark money and a judge’s willingness to abuse the position of authority, acting in a manner that suggests not only revenge but also a lust for power and control of children who don’t cheerfully comply with embracing the allegedly abusive parent and rejecting the protective parent.

These actions have resulted in the isolation of the children with the accused abuser and away from their protective parent, causing inconceivable suffering, both to the children and the protective parent. This isolation has been promoted and directed by attorneys for both the plaintiff and the defendant, attorneys who have exhibited unethical and even spineless behavior, failing to confront the abuse of process implicit in the authority that shields the court.

Judge Gallina-Mecca is in default of responding to a federal complaint, and default damages are being pursued against her in the amount of 3 million dollars.

Recently the FCVFC received the following letter in regard to this particular case:


Attention:  Jill Jones Soderman

I recently became aware of at least two public postings on your website, titled “Complaints in a High-Profile Family Court Case in New Jersey Part 1” and “Complaints in a High-Profile Family Court Case in New Jersey Part 2”, that falsely describe and portray details and court records in a confidential matrimonial matter.

As you may be aware by now, the court docket is sealed and the court records associated with this matter are confidential to protect my children.  Therefore, any manner in which you came into possession of “court filings” you reference or any details regarding this matter would have been in violation of court orders, and I am directing you to remove both articles immediately as well as any additional postings regarding this matter on any site or platform whatsoever, and to refrain from publicly posting or disseminating any future content referencing this matter in any way.

Thank you for your immediate cooperation.

[Name Redacted]


The FCVFC scholarly legal intervention to follow will address both constitutional issues and due-process violations of the court, with directed attention to this matter as symbolic of the autocratic courts across the country to disenfranchise the parent that files a complaint an alleged abuser.

Charges and legal action against the accused abuser (the plaintiff in this case) are being pursued. We are also pursuing presentation of this case as symbolic of the abuses of power against vulnerable children and protective parents across the country.







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