“Reunification Therapy” Destroys Families

The following redacted complaint was sent to the licensing board of the person we are calling “Ms. Therapist.” Copies were sent to other professionals who need to be informed of the unconscionable activity going on under the name of “therapy.”


Please be advised that I write this most serious complaint against Ms. Therapist, not only as the Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, but also as a psychoanalyst, an expert in child, adolescent, and adult analytic psychoanalysis, individual, family and group treatment. I also write as a mediator, forensic expert and advocate for the protected civil rights of children and their protective parents.

The FCVFC was first born of the blood and suffering of one child, our first known victim of the family courts (suicide death Oct. 25, 2005). Before we knew of the Richard Gardner, MD,  ushering in of the ages of perversion, embrace of incest, child abuse and trampling of constitutional values and rights all in the name of “Parental Alienation,” we who work with severely traumatized children could identify a pattern of family court litigation. The terms “parental alienation” and “coaching” are sum and substance of the witch hunt for the “coacher” and the denial of child abuse in all its most base, venal forms.

Just as the Victorians denied the presence of sexuality, the Gardnerians denied the existence of sexual abuse of children as sex in all perverse forms. Introducing children to sexuality was embraced, “integrated” into family life as a good thing.

Those mothers who decried the father’s “right” to have sex with children, who tried to protect their children from such behavior ,were marked as “Coachers/Alienators”  or ” Bad Parents.” The parent identified by the child as the “Protective Parent” would be marked by the family court team of evaluators, therapists, parent coordinators, as the “alienator.” Then that parent is isolated from the child.

Reunification Therapy

We have extensive experience defending parents and children from engagement in so-called reunification therapy.

“Reunification Therapy” in this context refers to the connection/reunification with the rejected (identified abuser) parent.

“It is in the best interest of the child/children to have no contact with  X parent or other family members, relatives, friends  or other associates who pose a potential threat of interference with the progress repairing the relationship with the rejected parent.” (Court Transcript from Custody trial).

Those parents separated from their children, desperate to do anything to gain contact, are culled into the ranks of the predators who graze and forage on the desperate. “Reunification Therapy” at this juncture deals with the  former accuser parent submitting to “Reunification Therapy” to be allowed to be in contact with the child. Parents who submit to “re-orientation” and supervised visitation monitoring of their contacts with their children, are engaged in training as to correction and education as to thinking, speaking, and encouraging the relationship of the child with the parent accused of abusing the child, both by the Protective Parent and the child.

The tactics of this so-called therapy are completely antithetical to every  principle of engagement in a therapeutic relationship and what it means to be engaged in a therapeutic process.

Part of the therapies in this context involve inoculation of the subject child to the parent who molested or sexually abused the child, by forced tolerance to touch and intimacy with the parent and the re-orientation to what “good touch/bad touch” means. Negative reinforcement is accomplished by starvation, deprivation of all forms of technology, books, all forms of expression by writing, drawing, painting, music, other than that which is mandated, supervised  and monitored. Movies are used that involve subliminal messages through hypnosis; “A Trip To Pluto” is one such intervention in which multiple children whom we have interviewed describe remembering nothing. The shared experience is one of vomiting at some point and waking with a severe headache. These video tapes are composed for subliminal messaging and are followed by additional tapes and structured program monitoring.

The actual progenitor and solicitor of the so-called reunification therapy programs was Richard Warshack, PhD, author of Divorce Poison, an excellent representation of a significant facet of high conflict divorce. The descriptions and discussions of the dynamic of retaliation, vitriol and destructive enmity that arise out of the reasons couples seek divorce or out of the elements of the process itself that pits one individual against the other in the fight for marital assets and property are addressed very well.

Dr. Warshack is also the Founder and Director of the Family Bridges program, managed by a former psychologist Randy Rand, who has assisted in the development of the mobile treatment center.

Here, court orders are the admission gatekeepers, and the transport team are thugs sent to physically strongarm children into transports by car or airplane, against their will. Onlookers call the police as children are screaming that they are being kidnapped, which they in fact are. When police arrive, the “transport” agents display the court orders, initiated by one parent and ordered by the court, and the police are then powerless to act or intervene in any way.

The FCVFC views the practice of “Reunification Therapy” as not only a dangerous fraud money-making scam, but a form of child trafficking.  We view the connection between the court transfer of children into the hands of abusers as a unilateral, well-organized practice of child trafficking, with connections in every case to some form of racketeering.

For this reason we write up these cases for FBI referral and referral to the Office of the US attorney general. The chain of corruption requires intensive forensic investigation.

“Devastation” cannot begin to describe the dictatorial, disrespectful, overpowering nature of the assault on children, but the term “broken” children does apply. To suggest that this system of adding trauma upon trauma is anti-therapeutic, anti-democratic, and in violation of the UN treaties defining the rights of the child.

This is a minimal statement when one looks at the rate of deaths among children and adolescents in the US as well as the severely deteriorated functioning of a democratic society. We lay this at the feet of the vile practices of family courts across the country, as well as inadequate investigation by licensing boards, which tend to be entirely to politically driven to trust for independence.

Psychological-sounding theories surround the idea that children must have relationships with both parents whoever the parent is – serial killer, pedophile, daddy/grandfather, etc. What appears as further illogic/contradiction is that the child is forcibly separated from the parent the child most wishes to be with and can have a relationship with that parent based only on the dictates of the rejected parent. The child is then separated from that parent they most want to be with until they are dead, either by murder or suicide, or until they reach the age of majority.

We have no idea as to the actual numbers of children who have died by murder, suicide or “unknown” because for the past thirty years the Dependency, Juvenile and Family Courts have denied the existence of “abuse” and domestic violence or coercive control that leads to murder or suicide. This is consistent with the development and growth  of Gardnerian perversion theories.

The courts have also perfected the methodology of isolating children who speak of abuse, sealing court documents, intimidating witnesses via the implementation of  contempt orders, jailing  those who do not obey, and overall implementing an autocratic, authoritarian rule.

Just as authoritarianism is the anathema of a democratic society, so is the intrusion of doctrinaire, authoritarian theories of who must do what, how one must think, how one must adhere to a strict set of thinking, feeling principles that are not consistent with one’s experience or with a personal sense of love, life, and liberty.

Parental murders of children and child suicides occurring in the course of divorce/custody litigation  has exploded to numbers that must not be ignored.  In such states as Connecticut, where an intense number of murder-suicides so horrendous cannot go unnoticed, some knee jerk reactions have resulted in some changes that still largely miss core issues. But the numbers of children who have disappeared in “Reunification Therapy ” remains a mystery.

The upcoming book, Speaking Truth To Power, to be published by the FCVFC Press, will chronicle the experiences of multiple children and Protective Parents who have lived through horrendous abuse, approved and ordered by courts, delivered under the authority of PhD clinical professionals directing lower level licensed and unlicensed practitioners. The crimes committed against these children and their protectors by their parental abusers and  then by the practices of “Reunification Therapy”  have been defined as “torture” by the United Nations under the international treaties dealing with violence against children.

So called “Reunification Therapy” is an unmonitored, organic movement,  using behavior modification practices associated with reinforcement, mostly negative, and thought control techniques that follow the maneuvers of MKUltra military training, practiced on vulnerable children in hotel rooms, guarded by thugs.

There is no campus, treatment center or organization, yet the practice of a mobile mob has become a billion-dollar industry.  The FCVFC is extremely familiar with the mobile mob via defense of victims and assistance with prosecution of vicious, destructive practitioners such as Ms. Therapist and her operation.

Ms. Therapist, MSW, LCSW, NCCE, NCPC

A brief review of Ms. Therapist’s cruelty to the point of sadistic communications with the Protective Parent and attempt to exert a death grip over the subject children in the case at hand matches the numerous complaints against Ms. Therapist online, and driving requests for assistance from the FCVFC.  Ms. Therapist’s ignorance, arrogance, and imposition of control over lives of vulnerable subjects, sold for power and money, have destroyed the lives of many.

Ms. Therapist and her company are about to be sued for malpractice and claims of malicious harm to three children, brought by the children’s mother. The children’s father is an undiagnosed alcoholic, suspected to be afflicted with bipolar / schizoaffective disorder. Experts through the FCVFC, working with the twenty-year-old first child are preparing lawsuits against the father for years of unrelenting psychological abuse, similarly experienced by each of the youngest children.

The mother and children escaped from the father after what has been described as too many years wasted and years of planning how to leave. They now live in Washington state but have been called into court as Ms. Therapist has assisted the father and his counsel in every form of privacy invasion, control, and manipulation.

Assessing the father and the current state of the children, we view the current arrangement as placing three of the children at grave risk, not only to their mental health but to their lives. The factotum of this organization are totally ill-equipped to provide any form of assessment. They have no idea what they are doing or what they are looking at, and under these circumstances they are placing the lives of the children at risk, not only for continued suffering, but also for death by murder or suicide.

Of critical importance to note is that each of these four children are exceptionally intelligent, high functioning, achieving as athletes, and beautiful. The conundrum is that the three girls are deeply depressed/ suicidal, struggling to keep going as faced with pursuit by their alcoholic, abusive father from whom they escaped only to be dragged back into his sphere of control.

Their thirteen-year-old brother is diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, and he does not understand what he is experiencing with his father. His father says, for example, you don’t have to take those medications, there is nothing wrong with you. But without the medication the child displays a whole different temperament, becoming belligerent and oppositional. Further, stopping the medication places the child at risk for cardiac arrest.

This young man has an exceptionally skilled and talented therapist whose combination of medical expertise and clinical acumen are unparalleled. Her concerns for his welfare and long-term development are heightened by the fact that the father denies the child’s medical and psychological conditions, choosing to prefer for him to not take medications that help him to be the highly functioning child he would not be in the father’s care. Reports in more detail are documented in the report of his therapist.

The client understands that Ms. Therapist has a social work degree and is soon to graduate from law school. It is understood that Ms. Therapist has social work training and has stated that her training for the counseling she provides for children and families in acute crisis comes from the AFCC – Association Of Family And Conciliation Courts. However, the AFCC is a nonprofit whose mission is to develop conferences, to present speakers who promote the integration of the social sciences, law and psychiatry, and to stimulate the meeting of the minds of multiple disciplines. The AFCC does a marvelous job in the areas of conference development and presentation of speakers but it is not a training institute.

Ms. Therapist demonstrates neither interest nor concern for the feelings or therapeutic needs or wishes of the children. As she is aware of their suicidality and panic over the prospect of being ordered to see their father, she has informed the children that she will see them daily for a suicide assessment. Ms. Therapist is also aware that each of the children hate and despise Ms. Therapist and that her presence in any form is thoroughly rejected as can be seen in the writing of the three sisters.

Extensive documentation exists on a weekly basis as per the psychotherapeutic treatment providers, highly skilled, extensively trained medical/psychiatric providers/therapists whom the children adore and are holding up as to basic ongoing functioning because of the treatment they receive. Ms. Therapist wishes to remove these practitioners and replace them with her factotum.

Complaints have been filed with Ms. Therapist’s Social Work Licensing Board with  regard to Ms. Therapist’s  “Reunification Therapy” practice in Indiana. Those Complaints are attached as exhibits to this immediate complaint. Prior complaints have been shared directly with Ms. Therapist and the court.

Also attached are the responses to these complaints, to the mother of the children whom Ms. Therapist was engaged to see if her therapy applies to them and their situation. Further, the contemporary statements of the children forced into contact with Ms. Therapist are attached to this complaint against Ms. Therapist.

In Closing – Final Comments

It is critical to note that Ms. Therapist has filed false reports against all members of this family. She has knowingly presented inaccurate, false statements clearly meant to prejudice the positions of the four children and their mother.

She is incapable, by training and experience and character, to conduct any form of anything approaching a sound, ethical psychosocial or diagnostic assessment. Ms. Therapist’s assessments have been shown to exclusively revolve around her own self-interest, suggested as currying favor with the prevailing unconscionable custody decisions of the court, placing children in the hands of abusers and denying the claims of children around abuse. Ms. Therapist has come to reveal herself as a cruel, calculating predator whose concern for vulnerable subjects by evidence before us and numerous similar statements describing her cruel betrayals place the public subject to her authority at grave risk.

The experts dealing with this case, with the profound concern for the immense danger in which these children are now placed, are bringing our concerns to the Social Work Licensing Board as well as every agency and court educational center in which Ms. Therapist is engaged.

Let me be very clear, we have evidence that indicates in our opinion that Ms. Therapist is a danger to the public interest, to vulnerable adults and a clear and present threat to children.

We hope that the authorities responsible for allowing her to prey on the public will take appropriate action with regard to her license.


Jill Jones Soderman

Executive Director, FCVFC





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