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Letter to the Monster Guardian ad Litem

The following letter was written by an FCVFC client to her child’s Guardian ad Litem. She has given permission for us to publish it.


You don’t know the first thing about child psychology, but I do, and I wonder: what kind of mother must you have had to become the monster you are today, who likes to feed mice to snakes?  Did she hate you, did she display her love for other children but not you, or did she take your toys and give them to those children?

Perhaps you could not give up your love for your mother, and so you turned your bitterness to other children—innocents who did nothing to you.  Did your mother lie to you, did she say these other children needed her more than you?

Does your jealousy of my children drive you to such hatred of them that you wish for them to suffer by depriving them of me, just as you must have been deprived yourself?  Otherwise, how can one explain the twisted, sadistic monstrosity you turned out to be, pretty on the outside but contorted and hideous on the inside?

My children are suffering because of circumstances beyond my control.  They are suffering from the loss of my presence to hold them and to comfort them.  They are barely surviving because of the cruel impulses you wielded to enmesh them in the torture you called “therapy” and as the nourishing memory of their mother wanes.

You are so fueled by a drive to destroy lives, you do not see the professional hole you are digging for yourself.  Tell me: doesn’t the “therapist’s” recusal of herself “interfere with the therapeutic process,” as you used to accuse me of—or did you find someone to do worse than lock my children in her office and traumatize them?  Is it because she is about to lose her license and be indicted for what she has done that she became inconvenient to you?

Don’t worry, you have worse coming, even though nothing could be worse than what obviously happened to you in your childhood.

My children are in the vise of the power and control of this court.  The illegal removal of my children you orchestrated through a “legal” process must now be addressed through proper correction of the abuse of process you and Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca enacted.  It is not in the interests of my children to join in any manner, shape, or form with their jailers, or for me to “cooperate” with your plans to create more fabricated “treatments” with more providers appointed by this court.

My one consolation is that the extensive documentation of this case, including medical records, photographic evidence, family member affidavits, and expert testimonies that you aggressively suppressed, explicitly to cover up the children’s abuse by their father, will produce justice for my children and all others you victimized.


Protective Mother






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