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Another “Crazy Mother” Loses All Access To Her Child: Family Courts Move Into The Power Position Of Equal-Opportunity Abusers


The secrets driven by shame and humiliation that haunted women / mothers who lost custody of their children, historically, has been a known psychological and sociological fact for generations

But never before have women (and now men as well) had to live in terror that children would be seized by government authorities as good parental custodians fought, legitimately for the welfare of their child /children against clear and convincing harm to those children.

Courts across the United States have become organized, integrated, and mobilized around the Richard Gardner “parental alienation” model that provides a simple, compact defense explanation, an explanation that eviscerates claims of physical, sexual, emotional abuse.[1]

The protocol that has become well established in the system across the board denies all allegations of child abuse, automatically accusing the Complainant of making false allegations.

Child abuse—physical, sexual, and emotional—has a highly consistent model and parameters describing the sequelae of abuse. Models for the functional, emotional, behavioral abuse sequelae have been consistently described.

Treatment models for intervention have been consistently described as well.

The first and most obvious treatment intervention for abuse victims is to get the subject to safety, though contrary to such common-sense intervention, the Gardner model denies the existence of abuse and orders “treatment” which consists of a drive to reorient the subject of abuse.

When the court insists that there was and is no abuse, then emotional intelligence and conscious reality testing find themselves on a collision course as confusion floods the psyches of victims of all ages. When they are told to ignore what all of their senses and intuition tell them is reality, this gaslighting then places them within the twilight zone of madness.

The process that begins with contesting initial complaints continues with a process that is geared to ensuring compliance by dismantling the very mental stability of victims and witnesses to victimization in order to suppress evidence of crimes and to plunder marital assets and property.

The “reorientation” process prescribed by the jerry-rigged “treatment” process now named “reunification therapy” puts in place a system of “enforcers” (not therapists) dedicated to wiping out the testimony of victims and witnesses to abuse.

The growing cottage industry of “reunification therapy” consists of the chorus of the ignorant or those simply willing to be inaugurated into an assembly line process that is initiated in family-court-contested custody litigations.

There is a technical, diagnostic term for those who are impervious to any basic emotional or intellectual engagement with feelings, rights, emotions of others and whose concerns are quite exclusively geared toward accomplishing their own ends as to all dimensions of human existence. That term is psychopath. To them, the concept of empathy is trite.

“Narcissism” is a hackneyed term that does not begin to encompass the intensity of the emotion that the ennui of the dulled senses of the bored psychopath wishes to be jolted. Money can buy material goods, but not sensory stimulation. Sensory stimulation in the form of shock and awe, indulging in guilty pleasures, or evading discovery through the pleasure of outsmarting pursuers, all of these are fair game for the psychopath, helping him or her feel “alive,” within the realm of something between extreme sports, risky discovery adventures into the wild, and the nether world of such creatures that occupy the mind and life space of the Jeffrey Epstein predator model or serial killers.

The market for a stage on which to conduct such crimes has grown through lust for quick money, huge fees willingly paid by those clients with secrets to hide and anti-social tastes to be satisfied. All levels of providers and their protectors have grown to indulge the ever-expanding lust to get away with the most inconceivable, unspeakable crimes never before admitted to public inspection.

Exposure to acts and deeds that are revolting / unspeakable has in fact developed audience appetites for more – not less – as perpetrators have grown audiences to engage in more and greater despicable crimes involving all levels of sexual perversion and violence. Failure to condemn and criminalize such atrocities, described in muted terms as antisocial acts, means that these acts are not being simply tolerated but propagated within the family court system and the criminal justice system. The imbalance between “Us,” the civilized population, and “them,” the psychopaths, is growing, not lessening, as the population of the well-socialized is rapidly diminishing by drowning in fear and confusion. The “We” is rapidly becoming a community of at best amorality.

Monster Judges Populating Juvenile, Dependency Family Courts

Judge Jane Kupson Grossman, “Trier Of Fact.” Except when the fact is that she is creating the facts that she then rules upon. The brief scripture below is typical of the self-serving, biased positions taken by Grossman, whose court is in itself a crematorium for destroying lives.

From the court record:

“The court has received credible evidence indicating the mother is suffering from a condition which impairs her judgment and ability to accurately perceive reality. The condition specifically impairs her perception regarding the parties’ minor child.

“Based On this Evidence the Court Issues The Following Temporary Orders”:

1 – The father has sole physical and legal custody of the minor child,

2 – All access between mother and the child is suspended,

3 – the mother must stay 100 yards away from the child, his school, the location of the soccer program, the home of the father and the paternal grandparents.”

The court has “received evidence” of what and from whom? A solipsistic argument Grossman seems to never have a problem posing, answering and benefiting from.

We have no question that Grossman and others of her entirely disreputable ilk receive benefits in addition to the pleasure she clearly receives from sadistically separating good mothers and children who love them, placing the babies into the custody isolation of predators who can be easily proven to abuse, neglect and prey upon them. The children are treated like caged animals, removed from their encapsulation to be toyed with and then returned to incarceration, kept just enough alive to continue in service.

–Did the court receive evidence that the father, an active, practicing homosexual, though on the “down low” while dating a young woman of meager means allowed her to become pregnant and then married her.

–Did the court receive evidence that the father, a member of the medical community, was practicing on a restricted license? His license to prescribe pain medications was removed by the dental/medical board.

–Did the court receive evidence that the little boy (age 5 at this juncture) born of the union indicated symptoms of sexualization to such a degree that in situations with other little children he would pull his penis out of his pants for display and engage in sexual behaviors that indicated grooming for sexual positioning?

–Did the court receive evidence that when the mother of the child expressed concern, then objections and complaint she began to experience unusual acute dissociative episodes related to sudden bouts of extreme anxiety causing her to suddenly require psychiatric hospitalization? In hospital she recovered rapidly, returned home, only to again suddenly experience acute episodes of panic and dissociation which she came to suspect as related to being drugged while in the company of her husband.

–Did the court receive evidence that when the mother made arrangements to separate from the husband, on terms that were extremely detrimental to her personal and financial interests, that joint custody and visitation agreement in place were immediately violated and the child was blocked from seeing his mother until intervention reinstated visitation?

–Did the court receive evidence that when the mother was engaged in unsupervised visitation with the child she learned that he was in great pain related to the fact that his baby teeth were literally rotting out of his mouth?

–Did the court receive evidence of the level of neglect of dental care via full examination and documentation of the child by a pediatric dentist and study by DCF that indicated need for immediate intervention and care?

The answer to all of the above questions are YES!

This court, headed by Judge Jane K. Grossman, was fully aware that the child was being sexualized and molested by the father, that the child’s emotional state was being severely impacted. The court, in the person of Judge Jane K. Grossman and Guardian Ad Litem LaLiberte, harmed the penniless defendant and child whose rights to a fair and impartial hearing and adjudication were violated by Abuse of Process / Abuse of Due Process, bias and palpable prejudice conscious, and malicious intent on the part of Jane K. Grossman.

With the mother having no funds to mount a defense or file an appeal, another child whose life has begun poorly will continue to suffer and grow–not to be the person he might have been, but rather some tortured variable departure of a truly beautiful child who was once bright, happy, and loving.

He is now nervous, anxious, ever fearful, and anticipating his father’s wrath.

The issues noted are the surface features, easily recognizable, as is suffering and that of the mother who adores him and misses him terribly.

These are but vignettes of the mortal cruelty, mendacious lies asserted, and credible evidence excluded from the court record. This travesty of justice was enabled in part via the incompetence and insecurity of the Defendant’s lawyer, whose bouts of alcoholic imbibing were hidden behind Zoom screens and her eager complicity to become part of the inner circle of the enmeshed cabal of Judge Jane K. Grossman.

Another in this cabal who was utterly incompetent and thoroughly ethically challenged was the court-appointed evaluator, Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD. She was recently anointed with “absolute immunity” against her dastardly, heinous acts involving providing false testimony against Protective Parents. JBC has been appointed as the evaluator in multiple cases to perform a hit job / indictment against the parent who has become the target to discredit because of having lodged abuse claims against the parent where credible claims of abuse exist. Her rambling, undocumented, biased statements, which lack clinical as well as technical skill, tend to be sealed so that no one who knows what they are looking at can even begin to pass judgment on the credibility, much less veracity, of the content. Even the client is not allowed to view or take notes on the document created to indict them and intentionally transfer the child/children the parent is seeking to protect into the custody of the accused abuser.

The intellectually challenging and profound constitutional issues that haunt the legitimacy of fraudulent evaluations such as that provided by Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD, are exactly the grist offered by scholarly challenges to potentially dismantle and ultimately remove the licenses of such fraudulent practitioners.

Connecticut is exceptionally heavily populated by disgraceful court actors such as Judge Erica Tindill, Judge Mark Gould, Guardian Ad Litem Jocelyn Hurwitz esq., and psychological evaluators Eric Frazier PhD and Linda Smith PhD. All are court actors subject to documented, palpable fraud and corruption as per cases reviewed by experts of the FCVFC.

However, we are compelled to note that Connecticut is just one of innumerable compromised jurisdictions. Judges, lawyers, Guardians Ad Litem, so-called reunification therapists, and a variety of court actors can be named, their bad acts documented, in nearly all fifty states and multiple jurisdictions across the United States. On a case-by-case basis, complaints are filed with licensing boards, and all recognized oversight agencies are documented to create a record and warn prospective clients subject to the services that may seal the fates of innocent children and Protective Parents.

The legal experts of the FCVFC are deeply and immediately involved in challenging and removing the tactics available to those court actors engaged in transferring children subject to abuse into the hands of their accused, demonstrably culpable abuser. We challenge the collusion between the enmeshed cabal of court actors, each theoretically anesthetized against lawsuits, from the outset of litigation prepared to carve up the victim parent and child with a pre-fixe menu of intervention.

Litigation is dragged out to increase the agony of trial based on the assets of paying partners in crime. Mothers / fathers, the court perpetrators of unspeakable heinous crimes against innocents, have evolved to become equal opportunity abusers, fully conscious of their actions, impacts and consequences, all too often emerging in child suicides and a more recent spate of custodial murder suicides of truly unhinged subjects who were awarded custody but were not anticipated to have gone beyond the realm of the unspeakable into the clarion call that no one could escape.

One might ask how such bold statements can be placed in print. The answer is multifold.

First and foremost, the evidence in hand speaks volumes as the court records, emails between court actors, and documents that were to be hidden from view are secured. Fraud, collusion, incompetence, malpractice in volume, committed by the brazen, driven by hubris and greed, eventually cannot be confined to the netherworld that they populate. The fetid crimes committed by victims turned into perpetrators of crimes (of which they were once victims) surface in the detailed depositions of those whose criminal actions can no longer be confined. The multiple murders, suicides, and murder-suicides, “bad outcomes” of parental alienation custody suits, surface in bits and pieces, but not quickly enough to stem the suffering of immediate victims–and the generations of victims to come–from broken hearts and broken families.

There is another impediment within the court system dynamic of innate systemic corruption.  This impediment interferes with uncovering fraud, collusion, corruption, racketeering, child trafficking in multiple forms that have currently thoroughly, through and through, across the United States infected the family, juvenile and dependency courts. That impediment is the incomprehensible nature of crimes committed by honored members of society. Once the shock has worn off, that which “lying eyes” have revealed is the shame that accompanies the events that unfolded. Next to shame is fear, an acute sense of vulnerability, helplessness, real-time financial exhaustion, and debilitating emotions such as grief and rage.

In some cases, the identified Protective parent who, in the course of righteous confrontation of all that is recognizable, plunders their own case, most often just as the keys to freedom and safety are about to be accessible and deliverable. The reasons for this awful phenomenon are many and analytically interesting, but this is also lethal in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as all of the other downfalls to saving child victims and all who love them.

Accompanying the above is the fact that essentially no one in the court-connected legal community is going to represent or even argue these cases lest they compromise their own ability to ever win another case in court again.

Do Not Despair

Beyond the Pandora’s box release of all the evils in the world, hope is left to fly and slap the face of despair, as the legal process is good and the tools exist to confront, to confound, and ultimately to restore justice.

The experts of the FCVFC labor tirelessly and bravely on behalf of the heart-rending, gut-wrenching child victim clients. We have a commitment to explore every possible avenue for defense of the child and protective parent. We also have a commitment to prosecute those who are sworn to serve and protect children but who instead use children to serve and protect only their own criminal, venal interests.

In such pursuit of answers we look to every dimension of the problem, including ourselves, seeking the insight into the secrets of our own psyches. Toward this stated end our writing and reporting cannot be confined to simply finger pointing, blaming, and condemning our adversaries, but we must look at all participants to the conundrum: How do we stop the infestation of the corrupt criminal enterprise now known as the family court system in the United States.

Jill Jones Soderman


[1] For more information about the Gardner Model of “Parental Alienation,” see this article:








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