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To the Principal at the School Where Traumatized Children Attend

To the Princiapl at the School Where Traumatized Children Attend

Dear Principal P,

I write to you as a psychoanalyst whose training and experience of many years has focused on child, adolescent, and adult psychoanalysis and psychotherapy as well as individual and family treatment.

My venture into forensic work in the area of child physical, sexual, and emotional abuse came about when I was rendered helpless to save the life of a young boy who ultimately committed suicide at age twelve because a family court judge, in collusion with other court actors, isolated the child in the hands of his abuser. As a result of that case, which began in 1999, the FCVFC came into existence in 2008 as an organization that advocates and litigates on behalf of children who are facing a malevolent court system motivated by spite, malice, and greed, where children are bought and sold under the false allegations of the Richard Gardner debunked theory of “parental alienation.” [*]

Gardner espoused and now family courts across the country employ the dogma of false allegations: mothers are spiteful, fathers are pitiful, victims of “false allegations of abuse.” Children are brainwashed and must be kept away from the toxic mother until she can be “re-educated” to be “judged” as safe to have contact with her children. Of course the history of the Gardner genesis in creating and defending reasonable doubt, for men who were largely charged with incest and then ended up with custody of their children is not a fact commonly disclosed, even though it is readily available by reading Richard Gardner’s books, self-published until his suicide in 1993.

You may wonder why this introduction is relevant to the children of concern, students in your school who were once thriving, brilliant, healthy, happy children until a malevolent judge violated every canon of ethics and every oath as a court fiduciary. Multiple constitutional due process violations have been given leeway to violate the children’s mother’s Constitutional and human rights. Your staff has surely noticed the massive deterioration in the children’s physiognomy and overall functioning.

I am fully aware of how much in grief and suffering these children continue to bear.

The judge in question has placed a gag order on the children’s mother, refused to allow her lawyers to have access to any of the court records related to her case, and has placed her under the further restriction and control of a guardian ad litem who is placed in the position of speaking for the children’s mother and making recommendations upon her psychological competence in order to have access to the children for whom she used to be the sole caretaker.

The judge in question is now laboring under a three-million-dollar default judgment for failure to reply to due process violations filed against her as per the judgment in federal court.

Litigation is taking place of federal court complaints related to due process, abuse of process, civil rights violations, and civil complaints for witness threats and intimidation. All this is in order to prosecute the complex claims to be litigated against this judge. Articles posting the complaints, nature of the charges and judicial violations are published under the Rogue’s Gallery,

The children are under a gag order as well, gagged by a maniacal Guardian Ad Litem who lies to the children, lies about the children, and is the spokesperson of the court to lie to the world. The children have been plagued by a so-called therapist who locked the children into her office to force them into “meeting” with her. The children refused to speak with a person who they said would not relay their feelings or support their desire to be reunited with their mother. They reported feeling enraged by the appearance of contact because of time lapsed that made them appear to be communicating with her. The children wrote letters to the court complaining about this therapist in detail and asking to be relieved of her presence. The children’s descriptions of her behavior, her visible outrageous lies in reporting about the children, resulted in our complaints to her licensing board resulting in action to remove her license.

In December, the mother, the Protective Parent, was to have her first parenting time weekend in months. But as she was on her way to pick up the children from school, with no notice to her, the judge on an ex parte basis placed an order withdrawing custody from the mother. The order was placed without cause, without notice, and without any provocation. The judge sent the police to take the children into custody with the threat of arrest if she resisted. No crime or breach had occurred. The children had not been removed from the state, from their home, school, or contact with their father. No danger could be identified.

The children were removed by the local police by an order by the judge, an unprecedented move in which the police threatened to arrest the mother by order of the judge who threatened the mother and children as if they were criminals. All parties were weeping and wailing as the police brutally removed the children from the mother’s presence.

As a result, the mother has not seen or spoken with the children since that day: there has been no contact through the holidays, birthdays, or any school events such as the school play that just took place.

Principal P, I reached out to you as we spoke briefly with regard to the children, pupils in your school, whose lives have been and continue to be in grave danger as they are held incommunicado, in isolation from their protective mother and extended family. However, I am aware of the nature of their physical and emotional deterioration and the physical life danger related to their waning strength. The children fear that they will never see their mother again, and that is indeed the apparent plan.

The false narrative fed to the children and to all who will listen to the tales circulated by the parent who has stolen custody is that the mother the children knew as beautiful, brilliant, and talented is “mentally ill” and refuses treatment, while their poor beleaguered father is lovingly caring for the children who have been taught to reject and hate him.

But the children’s public displays of enthusiasm for the father are forced performances currently taking an ever-greater toll on them to maintain the pretense.

A false narrative has been generated by an entirely corrupt court and a parent who has viciously injured the children, repeatedly, as babies and toddlers. These injuries are well documented in medical records that could have sent the father to jail for child endangerment, neglect, and serious injury. The father demands a level of pandering adulation and selfishness that is described best in the acts of deprivation, failing to feed the children, even when he has fed himself, leaving them to forage for candy or fast food, which leads us to fear that their weight loss and dwindling body mass is indeed related to starvation neglect.

The father is the parent who has been psychiatrically evaluated and medically diagnosed by internationally renowned forensic psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, experts in the field of diagnosing psychopathy. The mesmerizing fascination, charm, humor, flashes of brilliance, and showy displays of generosity and wealth are all propped up by secrets, suspicion, and a capacity for inspiring empathy and concern of others. But that this man is incapable of authentically experiencing these qualities goes without question, even though those in his social milieu do not seem to question oddities that do not make sense.

The false narrative supporting the factual lacunae of all that does not make sense is explained by the doctrine of “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree,” which states that when a case is built on the fabrications of one party and that false narrative can be proven, then all of the evidence in place to prove a falsity is thrown out.

None of the court-appointed court personnel have training or experience in the areas of evaluating, diagnosing, or treating personality disorders, domestic violence, or child abuse. The so-called therapist who the children were forced to see was brutal to them. The lies, threats, intimidation, and manipulations of the court record, the collusion promoted by a judge whose heinous acts will not exempt her from prosecution for fraud, malfeasance, multiple civil rights violations and child endangerment, promoting child abuse and causing the children to be the subjects of documented violence, abuse and neglect, witnesses to their mother’s abuse at the hands of their father, will be proven. The children have been diagnosed not only as trauma victims, but also as subjects of torture inflicted by the court as proxy abusers jettisoned into action by a psychopathic child abuser exercising an unwarranted level of unbridled sadistic abuse. This is demonstrated by the exercising of needless cruelty in keeping the children’s mother even from the reasonable presence at the school for a performance.

We would like the children to survive the deliberate terror and abuse campaign conducted by the children’s father for no greater reason than to exact the immense pain and suffering on subjects who have dared to defy demands for submission and unwarranted adulation.

The school has been kept in a state of complete ignorance of a situation in which the children are deteriorating as to their health and their overall intellectual and psychological well-being. We are alerting you to a problem in your midst. We know you will act as independent stewards of the children’s welfare, mandated reporters and child advocates as is your role, to investigate and inquire, and not silent witnesses to pain and suffering remembered in retrospect.


Jill Jones Soderman



[*] Please see this article for more information:








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