How Lawyers Lie to Defend Corrupt Psychological Evaluators Before Their Licensing Boards

The FCVFC received a request for a case evaluation involving psychologist Raymond Branton, PsyD, of Mesa, Arizona.

Raymond Branton was referred to the court by our client’s ex-wife’s lawyer to conduct a psychological evaluation of our client and to engage in family therapy with the four children of the marriage. The basis for the proffered intervention was “parental alienation.”

In initial discussion with our client, he indicated particular concern for one adolescent son who over the past seven to eight months had become increasingly withdrawn, visibly distressed, but not speaking, and “bottled up.”

Our client related that all the children were in an uproar, complaining that their mother continually “yelled” at them, criticized them, and blamed their father for acts the children knew he did not engage in. The children stated as per designated comments per child, related by our client, that their mother wanted the children to make false statements against the father. The children indicated that the insinuations of “acting out” toward the father, not attending school, allowing grades to fall, engagement in physical violence on the part of the children to the mother, acts that never occurred, appeared to come from some other source that was not clear to him.

Our client stated that he felt something was terribly wrong and barreling out of control.

An extensive document review, narrative of timeline history, court proceedings and overall detailed review was followed rapidly by a meeting with the child about whom our client was most concerned, his 15-year-old son. Our client and his son gave me permission to speak confidentially with his son. Our client informed his son about the work of the FCVFC and that he was free to independently explore the work of the FCVFC. Our plan was for me to speak with the son and then for us, with the son’s permission, to discuss matters further with his father.

Following several hours of meeting and document review with the adolescent young man, “therapy” client of Raymond Branton, PsyD, I had a significant grip of the events that had transpired over the past year or more, the overall family dynamic and the plan of action being put into play by our client’s soon to be ex-wife.

In my in-depth, detailed, rather emotional discussion with the teenage son I felt that I had an excellent grip on disturbing, dark, malevolent acts of fraud, intentional child sexual abuse, manipulation, actionable threats of intimidation and coercion under Criminal Federal Statute 18 USC1512.

The teenage son, prior to the immediate meeting with me and proximity with his father, had never disclosed either the facts of physical touching he said Raymond Branton had engaged in, or the acts of masturbation he said Mr. Branton had engaged in during sessions with this young man.

A detailed recorded verbal history and personal writing has documented this adolescent’s thoughts and observations of his experience with Branton as well as noting Branton’s recommendations for how this young man should behave toward his father and mother to create chaos, confusion, and family disruption.

Both father and son were observably in considerable distress at the disclosures, but also relieved of a burden, as clarity and direction of next steps were discussed. Planning for litigation strategy and police contact were immediately agreed upon as discussion of steps to debrief other children will be under review.

Raymond Branton has been given the keys to the rich killing fields of family courts in Arizona over which he has been allowed to roam and graze over the bodies of tender victims and all who love them. Branton has not been alone in the racketeering that has been engaged in, supported by, advanced by, and protected by Court Actors, including judges, GALs, and lawyers, who gave Branton the keys to the kingdom and then barred inspection of his work by lining the corridors that should have protected such vulnerable victims with so-called professionals engaged with the Arizona Psychology Board.

The Arizona Psychology Board appears to have developed a protocol to protect the criminals who appear before them by stocking the ranks of co-conspirators who exonerate perpetrators of heinous crime against children and Protective Parents.

The attorney’s inaccurate statements included statements that I had a videorecording that I did not have and that I claimed that Branton exposed himself when I did not claim that. The current audience of naysayers to the abuse they know occurred include Heidi Quinla and Barb Kiffmayer. The ability to prove fraud, collusion and conspiracy among guilty actors has established a bar to compromise the immunity of this panel who should never been entrusted with the sacred right of protecting the public interest.

Plans moving forward to protect this family will involve extensive court action to disengage and remove Raymond Branton from the case, seek proper custody of the children, and pursue extensive litigation against all guilty parties for malpractice, collusion, and conspiracy to harm children.










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