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May Our Children be Resurrected

By Guest Co-Contributors (expert witnesses to the Courts)

When a father was diagnosed with psychopathy and declared a danger to his children by two top national experts, the Court of Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca did something extraordinary: she declared the mother a danger and placed the children under full, unsupervised custody of the father.  The mother was to be placed under a gag order, not even be able to access court records on her own case.  No one from her side of the family, including an 83-year-old grandfather, was to have access to the children.  No evidence of danger was necessary for usurping the mother’s parental rights; abundant proof of abuse by the father, on the other hand, got buried.

Worse, no further proof can be created.  Hence, the children, as they are brutally and abruptly separated from their mother, cannot be allowed to see any medical professional other than those the Court has approved.  The pediatrician they were seeing, who previously recognized the abuse and recommended a psychiatrist, soon changed her story.  Nine months later, the children have still not seen a psychiatrist.  Instead, a Court-mandated “therapist” locked them in her office if they refused her “therapy”.  A Court-appointed guardian ad litem intercepted all emergency room follow-up appointments after the children tried to burn down the house.  Despite all this orchestration, medical and school records do not lie: the children plummeted in height and weight from 50-75 percentile to 3 percentile, and they went from perfect attendance to missing half their days of school this year, with plummeting grades despite genius-level intelligence.

Psychopathy in a father means he will lack the normal human qualities we take for granted—such as the ability to love.  A masterful disguise easily fools adults, but not children, as they depend on the real thing like food.  This is how we know these children are dying: once they give everything they have to their famished father, they will have nothing left.  We just hope the one emotion that drives a psychopath—revenge for whatever he did not receive as a child—does not actively harm them, although we know this is a tall order.

As it turns out, the playbook is well-known:

  1. The rich husband—rarely the wife—tricks the wife into believing she is the crazy one.
  2. Family Court picks up the cues and drives the wife crazy by design—usually by pushing her to her limits, such as by taking her children away and deliberately torturing them (in the above case, the Court actors taunted the mother with details of what they were going to do while prohibiting all contact).
  3. The Court, Court actors, and their overpaid, unqualified—and otherwise may be unemployable—“experts” declare the wife crazy and the husband sane.

The more psychopathic the husband, the more effortless the process, since the most psychopathic persons are also the most skilled at eliciting sympathy (and acting normal) while covering up atrocities.

These children have now been consigned to their abuser for five months, when they used to find even a few hours with him to be “torture” and “worse than death.”  “Gesetz Macht Frei” ought to be the sign at Family Court’s gates, for the principle is the same as, “Arbeit Macht Frei.”  Few on the outside will wish to know or to believe what is happening on the inside of those gates, and so collusion is automatic.  The Allied soldiers had to bring the German people to the camps, so that they might see for themselves what they refused to believe.  We will no doubt discover in the aftermath of the current war that what the Russians are doing to Ukrainian civilians is far more horrific than what we are currently capable of believing.  It is little different for the countless child victims of the Family Courts.

Corruption in Family Court is a fantasy fulfilment for the psychopathic parent.  Just as a world order weakened by corruption allows despots like Vladimir Putin to aggress as if they were king of the universe, a court system weakened by corruption allows the despotic family member to violate as if he were ruler of the household.  Rather than being held accountable, or the rest of the family receiving protection, a psychopath fantasizing about having godlike power over others—as many do, to overcompensate for shameful inner feelings of worthlessness and inferiority—gets to act out his fantasy when the Court is merely a weapon for hire.

The scam would be seamless, except when there are clear-eyed observers.  While the victims have been rendered voiceless through “gaslighting” and intimidation—and what child can prevail against the mind bending of a masterful psychopath, when even adults cannot?—experts and journalists can step in.  The mother of the said case now has three experts on her side, all highly trained and internationally renowned, unlike the hardly trained and shockingly rotten (if caught, few would keep their license, but meanwhile they make millions) Court-selected “experts”.  That is why the Gallina-Mecca Court deems us “dangerous”—it should now be clear that this label means “dangerous to its plans”—and why it is so fixated on gag orders, when our justice system is supposed to be transparent.

Family Courts, awarded with absolute immunity and impunity under the law get away literally with murder.  Last week, they tried to murder the mother of the above children a second time (and this time, the husband did not even have to participate).  They are the very reason Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes prayed: “May justice triumph over law.”  And may Life over Death.





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