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Healing Cannot Proceed Without an Understanding of Sickness

Healing Cannot Proceed without an Understanding of Sickness

There is not now nor has there ever been a golden age for children.

There are no civil rights for children, no laws to protect them, no authorities, even parents, allowed to authentically, authoritatively speak for children, as children have no rights.

Children have always been the first indentured servants. Children were used as workers in the mines, in the fields, in factories. Children were slaves before there were slaves because parents enslaved them. Children were the first and most easily accessible sex objects (other than animals, and even animals gained rights to protection before children were recognized as subjects worthy of and requiring legal protections).

Children are not loved by many in our society, not protected by our courts. Children are propagated, their bodies cultivated by breeders for breeding. The breeding agenda is then driven by those who control the currency and the currency controls the narrative, the imagination and then power to motivate the masses. Once a death grip is secured, the body (politic) is overpowered.

Laws and statutes can be stolen, bought with dark money in back rooms. Or no longer even in back rooms but rather in the vestibules of courts, where criminals openly ask, “How much for your testimony.” Over many years the FCVFC has experienced this disease of the family courts.

Childhood for many is in fact the road traveled from the lust and carnal knowledge that conceived them to the sickness of the minds of criminals that cause them to be exploited in the pornography field, where adult “members” (body parts) are pushed and shoved into baby parts at a time when the testimony of victims cannot be secured. The small victims cannot describe who did what to them, when or where. Questions such as “Were the perpetrators tall or short, fat or thin, black, white or other. What time of day or night, where was your mother. . . . Did your mother tell you to say these things,” and so on and so forth.

When children are too young to speak, this makes them perfect victims, both for the sick perpetrator of crimes and for those ignorant of developmental stages and that there are more than the limited, hackneyed forms of questions to gather evidence and prove that crimes have been committed posed by the supercilious “gotcha” crowd.

In today’s world of equal opportunity abuse by old and young, men and women, any ethnic or economic group, crimes committed against children, babies to late teens, any household beset with the misfortune of having to appear in a United states Juvenile, Dependency, or Family Court may expect that the criminal will be exonerated of whatever beastly crime he or she cares to indulge.

To the abuser goes the spoiled, desecrated children, to indulge appetites of the depraved, to silence complaints and protests, to destroy the person, the promise of who they might have been, to destroy core relationships of primal importance as the source and vehicles for nurturing trust, independence, the freedom to think, explore, be curious, be brave, be confident.

If you are a father, mother or sibling with appetites from the crude to the most depraved you will find refuge in the kangaroo courts populated over years of testing the boundaries of depravity set loose through the writings of Richard Gardner MD. Gardner, whose private population of men accused of engaging in incestuous behavior within the context of a marriage dissolution, became the testing ground, the small “n” for the test population he created to support the theories he constructed to provide (fabricate) evidence for a theory that defended and proved to exonerate men accused of sexual abuse of their children.

“Reasonable doubt” based on what has evolved to the edited theories reduced to the buzzwords “alienation” and “coaching,” accompanied by the infamous protocol of separating and isolating children from the beloved parent, these words have become as terrifying as the slogan “Work sets you free,” appearing over the entrance to Auschwitz, propagating the disease throughout.

The theory that Gardner constructed and then elaborated upon—for purposes of injecting probable cause into testimony that would have once been considered ironclad proof of guilt—came from no place other than Gardner’s own imagination. Gardner’s hateful view of women as expressed throughout his writings, his never-vetted, never-tested theories that described women as spiteful and vindictive, in need of removal from the household if they interfered with the male prerogative—all these grew to become the prevailing method for dealing with all custody dispute, all custody litigation. The cottage industry that snowballed as a result took over discretionary law and hired-gun expert witness testimony, not driven by science or expertise, but the laws of street mobs.

The ravaged bodies of babies, toddlers and children trafficked through the pimps and madams of family courts, their bodies chattel, comestible and consumable, ravaged, reused, ravaged, ignored and disposed of, has become the law of the land as ignorance, arrogance and concealed court rule has advanced from the 1980’s to the present.

Have no illusions, hostility toward vulnerable, dependent subjects is in the DNA of survival of the fittest. This is the sickness of the family courts.

In today’s world, the controller of the narrative, the message that grips the imagination and motivates unfiltered rage, not blocked or even slowed by education, knowledge, science that drives impulsive action, this narrative intimidates, terrifies and overwhelms the controls that put the brakes on impulsivity. The thoughts that inform any public sense of decency, civility and good will never have a moment to take hold as they are trampled, pulverized into oblivion.

The white racists represented by and through the original doctrines envisioned by Adolf Hitler and subsequent white racist ideological protagonists who orchestrate prejudice, force ignorance, such as Richard Gardner, represent agendas directed by ambition and greed.

Authoritarian, autocratic ideologies cause self-aggrandizing “leaders” to exalt themselves as superior powers. But this is not the only way this sickness manifests. In the family courts, lusters after power content themselves with identification with whatever bully seems prepared to protect, appoint and reward followers for sycophantic adulation and grunt work. Why work hard when you have money to pay others to cripple a populace through the family structure and through undermining the potential of children?

Yes, their vision appears to be to rule an injured, crippled populace, crippled by the injection of children whose minds and bodies have been destroyed by the abuse and the denial of the existence of abuse in any and all forms.

What we are in fact witnessing via the forced denial of adult abuse of children, adult on adult abuse through Domestic Violence to which children are subject, is an induced societal insanity driven by witness intimidation and mass terror.

If the role of the Dependency, Juvenile and Family courts once geared to support, regulate implement, teach citizens to function in a Democratic society has become redesigned to in fact tear down the fabric of protecting the family system, the democratic ideals once espoused, then terrorizing adults and torturing children into shadows of whom they might have been is most certainly an effective vehicle for undermining a Democratic Society in a most sinister manner.

It is a lie to tell children that parents are part of you so you must come to terms and come to deal with even a “bad” parent. We would like to point out that a cancerous tumor is “part of you” as well. But when that tumor attaches itself to a body part or an organ, the tumor must be cut out in order for the body to survive.

The cells of that tumor do not need to be embraced or given the run of your body. No, they need to be treated, such as with radiation and chemotherapy, so that the infected cells may be hunted down and removed.

However, carrying their own sickness, courts across the US function with horrifying unanimity of language and design, committed only to bellowing the Big Lie that any abuse claimed does not exist, never existed and is purely a fabrication of some false claim, some spiteful vendetta by the accuser. The toxic application of reunification therapy is then compelled by the courts as criminals conspire for mind control.

Do Not Believe Them. This is the same way cancer spreads through the body, to cripple it and kill it. Instead, it must be eradicated.







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