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Children’s Lives Destroyed by Contact With Abusers Court Ordered By Judges And Enforced By Lying Lawyers

Young children who are forced to have contact with their abusers are known to regress significantly following these interactions. They display further evidence of residual trauma, displaying such obvious signs as losing their bowels, urinating, lapsing into baby talk, or acting out with classmates displaying behaviors enacted upon them, such as suddenly displaying genitals or grabbing the genitals of a child in class. All of this is behavior not seen until after the child has been pressed into contact with the abuser by the malevolent, colluding court actors.

And yet, court actors will still insist that children have contact with their abusers, apparently hell-bent on the children’s destruction.

The following is a case in point:

The Lawyer for the Protective Parent (LPP) wrote to the Lawyer for the Abuser (LA) to say that the child did not want to participate in video calls with the abuser, and was volatile about it. He asked for suggestions as to how to remedy this situation.

LA said that the video calls are to go through as scheduled, and that they had been “successful” to date (unless, according to her client, the mother “interfered”).

LPP replied—serving his clients as he should—that frequently the young child adamantly and vociferously refused to participate in the video meetings.

Court actors across the land have already seen the damage that is being done to these children—they would have to be imbeciles not to have seen it. There is something far darker at work here—through accusations of “parental alienation” and “coaching,” through the hellish “reunification therapy” with abusers, it seems that they want the children to be destroyed.

The mission of the FCVFC is to stop this systematic destruction of the lives of children.






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