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When Will Truth and Justice Prevail?

This is a letter I wrote to Presiding Judge Peter Melchionne of Hackensack, New Jersey. It was copied to the Advisory Committee on Judicial Review, the Bergen County Bar Association, and the New Jersey Professional Counselor Examiners Committee.


Please be advised that it has come to my attention that you have once again engaged in an attempt to slander, threaten and intimidate our client.

It appears that you forget that our client is a witness to crimes committed against a Respondent defendant in your court, whose rights you have continued to violate in multiple ways, with excruciating consequences to the children.

It appears that you filed a Report that implies threatened violence against you as per a letter communication from Expert Witness / Witness to crimes committed by an accused abuser, the subject of your continued Civil Rights Violations and biased rulings on behalf of an individual who has abused and continues to massively abuse the children in his custody and his wife.

The Report filed by you to the Central Security Unit of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office based on false accusations by you against our client is being reported to the Judicial Review Board of New Jersey, with our prior complaints against you.

The current action taken by you to persecute and attempt to prosecute our client will be included in the Constitutional Civil Rights Actions being prepared for filing against you. Further, we fully intend to take action against you for witness threats and intimidation, and we are looking into the full panoply of criminal and civil actions to be taken against you for your vile acts of heinous disregard for the rights of a Protective Parent to PROTECT their children and seek justice in the courts.

You continue to disregard the perils in which you have placed these children and their mother. Any and all who attempt to illegally isolate the children and suppress evidence of their suffering will themselves suffer legal charges. This includes such agencies as the school they attend and NJ child protective services, whom you appear to have corralled under your malevolent influence. These agencies will now be subject to institutional review by the experts retained by the FCVFC who deal with credentialing of institutions for licensing in preparation for lawsuits against them to follow.

The children’s waning health, literally threatening their expectancy bears witness to your disregard for their documented suffering, suffering that has been prolonged by your abusive directives.

You will be held accountable for the violations and abuses of your authority.


Jill Jones Soderman

Executive Director, FCVFC






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